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All You Need to Know About Minimal Risk Wagering

Minimal risk wagering can be attributed to several strategies in casino games and sports betting alike. While it is generally frowned upon or outright prohibited at most establishments, it remains popular with players. In this guide, we will be covering the various aspects of minimal risk wagering. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that a site may take measures against certain strategies. This can lead to a forfeit of winnings gained from using a minimal risk strategy or even account closure.

Minimal Risk Wagering In Casino Games

Minimal risk wagering in casino games is generally employed to more easily complete the wagering requirements of bonus funds. Many online casinos have specific terms and conditions in place to prevent players from adopting various strategies. Even so, not every promotion or terms page is airtight. Also, players still find ways to circumnavigate certain wagering restrictions.


Online slots don’t leave much room for strategy. The best way to ensure you take on minimal risk in a slot game is by first checking its return to player (RTP) percentage. The average RTP for online slots levels out in the mid 90s percentile. You can, however, find some slots that feature an RTP as high as 99%. This means that for every €100 wagered, you are expected to see a return of €99 on average and over an extended period of time. Finding bonuses that allow you to wager on games with an RTP of 99% is definitely worthwhile. After all, a bonus typically requires a few thousand euros worth of wagering.

Minimal Risk Wagering In Casino Games Roulette

Table Games

Table games often have reduced progress towards wagering requirements. This is because they can allow for various strategies that slots cannot. Roulette is a popular choice for many, as a single bet spread out effectively can seriously diminish any risk at play while wagering your bonus funds. Wagering equally on black and red in a round of European Roulette, for example, ensures that a loss can only result from the ball landing on a zero. All you need to do to avoid this is divide the amount of your total wager by 36 and wager that amount on zero in the same round. This is because the payout of landing on zero is 36 to 1, which essentially acts as insurance. Covering yourself in this manner does require putting more funds into the wager. Yet, it drastically reduces its risk. Furthermore, the higher bets you can make with the bonus funds, the quicker you will be able to complete the wagering requirements.

Minimal Risk Wagering In Sports Betting

Minimal Risk Wagering In Sports Betting

Minimal risk wagering in sports betting functions a little differently than in casino games. The aim remains the same, but how it is achieved and how the establishments react to it is not. Below are some common examples of tactics employed by players. But, keep in mind that most establishments will check for and prohibit such activity.

Player Collusion

Player collusion is when two players, each with their own account, agree to place bets to mitigate the risks involved for each other. You could for example bet on one team in a match, while your friend bets on the other. You could mix in several more wagers into a single bet like this. Calculating each wager amount is done by looking at the odds for each side. A single player could employ this strategy by opening up multiple accounts. This will undoubtedly go against the establishment’s terms and conditions though.

Backing and Laying

This is a relatively simple betting method that simply requires you to stack a combo bet in a specific market with wagers that add up to minimal odds. This even covers simply stacking up all of the selections in a single market. Sports betting operations will tend to look at odds below 2.0 to check for backing and laying activity.

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Final Word

It is important to keep in mind that minimal risk means just that. There is never an absence of risk when gambling. Even the most effective gambler can only decrease its potency by enough to give them an edge over the average player. You also have to consider that there could be other consequences to minimal risk wagering depending on the establishment. Depending on the strategy employed and the site in question, you could be locked out of a single site or an entire network of sites. Any bonus funds wagered in any of these ways could also be forfeit. Most online casinos and sportsbooks have sophisticated systems now that do a good job of flagging certain betting patterns. Meaning, these strategies don’t go unnoticed these days.

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