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All You Need to Know About Relax Gaming's Silver Bullet

Thanks to the never-ending growth of the iGaming industry, new developers are having a hard time getting their games out there. We can attribute this to many factors, like the fierce competition they're facing. Noticing this gap in the market, Relax Gaming launched a platform to serve as a new way for game distribution. The Silver Bullet network helps developers deliver their content to casinos. Plus, this is done conveniently, efficiently, and easily. If you want to learn more about the Silver Bullet network, you'll find all the necessary details in our guide. We cover all the platform's essential topics, including the benefits, partner reviews, and more.

What Is Silver Bullet by Relax Gaming?

Relax Gaming describes the platform as a unique and market-leading service that packs some of the best studios in the industry. The program's primary goal is to maximize the visibility of the developers' content. Hence, new developers can get a quick spotlight on their brand. Moreover, they're able to establish strong connections with casino operators.

Partners of the program get access to Relax Gaming's years' worth of knowledge, support, and technical expertise. In turn, the game studios can focus on doing what they do best – creating top-quality casino games for mobile and PC devices.

In 2018, Silver Bullet launched and shared 18 slot titles across many online casinos. Now, it has a roster of 11 developers with thousands of games on the menu. We believe this number will grow even larger in the next few years as every brand releases new titles.

Relax Gaming's Silver Bullet

What Are the Benefits of This Network?

Relax Gaming's Silver Bullet comes with a handful of advantages. From the extensive service to the complete transparency that comes with it, there's a lot to uncover. Some affect the partner suppliers, while others benefit end-users.

  • All-Inclusive services - Relax Gaming's Silver Bullet is an all-inclusive platform. The platform provides partners with the most extensive go-to-market support in the industry. Partners of the program get access to a vast array of professional services. Hence, they'll be able to boost their content's visibility quickly.
  • Extensive Distribution - Silver Bullet Partners can take advantage of several distribution options. Thanks to Relax Gaming's deep operator-base covering several markets, they can boost the brand's visibility.
  • Market Tools - All program partners get access to the same features, visibility, and attention. So, the developers' content will be appropriately marketed to the maximum.
  • No Hidden Costs - Relax Gaming is aware that the key to success in a competitive industry is understanding the ROI and revenue. Hence, the company invests in the partner's brand with complete transparency and aims to maximize its returns. Meaning there are no hidden or extra costs involved.
  • Hassle-Free Relationships - The Silver Bullet program aims to provide customers with a simple way to distribute games. It also prides itself in offering hassle-free relationships for all parties involved. The program has standardized pricing that applies to both the operators and the suppliers, so everything is kept fair.
  • Brand Fast-Track - As we already mentioned, the program provides users with the fastest route to market in the industry. The entire platform is tailored to deliver successful results. This applies even to new game developing studios.

What Are Partners Saying About Relax Gaming's Silver Bullet?

Since its launch in 2018, the Silver Bullet network has come by many satisfied partners. The CEO of Northern Lights Gaming said the support they've gotten was outstanding. He also saw the network as one of the fastest-growing distribution platforms in the industry. The Co-founder of STHLMGAMING characterized the platform as efficient and highly professional. He also stated that it was an excellent service to publish their slots. You can read more partners' testimonies right on the Silver Bullet page. All of them are positive and highlight the strong potential of the network.

What Brands Have Already Joined the Network?

At the time of this writing, the Silver Bullet program had 11 game developers under its belt. All these providers have launched in the past five years. They have also successfully established themselves within the industry. They shine with high-quality games that feature stunning visuals and immersive sound effects. Moreover, their game rosters cover all the essential casino categories. These include video slots, table games, progressive jackpots, and more.

The providers' list includes Fantasma Games, STHLMGaming, Sapphire Gaming, and Silverback. The latest addition to the menu was Print Studios in April 2021. Other names include Dice Lab, Northern Lights, Max Win Gaming, Kalamba, and 4ThePlayer.

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Milena Petrovska
Milena PetrovskaUpdated: 26 Jun 2022
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