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How To Bet on CS:GO Matches

CS:GO is one of the standout Esports being played competitively across the world. For those not in the know, CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game relies on various player qualities. Tactical awareness and sharp reflexes are the two key factors that mark the professionals from the amateurs. Esports is on a constant rise in terms of popularity and also the number of punters getting involved. The surge in esports betting was always something that was likely to happen. So, in this article, we'll be explaining how to bet on CS:GO and the countless matches taking place across the online world.

What Is CS:GO and What Can You Expect When Betting?

Let's get a basic understanding of the game first. Without this then you're betting blindly, and that is never going to end up being profitable. CS:GO is classed as a first-person shooter and the go-to format in competitive tournaments includes two teams of five players. There are multiple rounds and various maps to play through with varying terrain and built-up surroundings to battle within. 

In this format, each team is given a list of objectives to complete. You have a team labeled the Terrorists and another team labeled the Counter-Terrorists. The former need to plant and detonate bombs or wipe out the other team to win. The latter need to defuse all bombs or eliminate the other team to win. The first team to win a certain number of rounds will win that map. The first team to win a certain number of maps will win the whole match. 

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All the Top Betting Markets for CS:GO

The top bookmakers that offer betting on esports will usually cover all the top markets. Many of these are unique to esports, and even CS:GO itself. This is the case for many of the esports games out there. The unique nature of a game brings a different side to betting that traditional sports simply do not offer. Let's look at some of the common markets available to punters on a typical CS:GO match:

Winner of the Match - The preferred market for any sport is deciding on who will win the match. CS:GO is no different. Simply bet on which team you think will win. 

Map Winner - Betting on the map winner is more refined as you don't need to call the overall match-winner. There can be several maps in a single match which means you have several betting opportunities available to you.

Maps Handicap - Place betting handicaps on either team to help balance out the match. Give the underdogs a head start or give the favorites a mountain to climb with a negative map count. It's just like your typical sports handicap, but here you are betting on maps instead of goals or points. 

Correct Score - For bigger odds, you can aim to predict the exact final score of the maps won. Essentially, you are betting on the whole match and how many maps each team will win. 

Maps Total - The Maps Total is another common betting market for esports fans. Much like the over/under market, you bet on how many maps will be played during the entire match.

Top CS:GO Worldwide Tournaments to Bet On

The number of esports events is growing each year, but there are standout dates in the calendar throughout the year:

  • The ESL Pro League - The professional league for CS:GO teams from the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. The prize pool is over €1,000,000 and is seen by many as the biggest esports league of them all.
  • The CS:GO Major Championships - Known as the Majors and perhaps the biggest CS:GO event of the heat. A total of 24 elite teams enter and shoot their way to the knockouts and Grand Final. 
  • Blast Premier - Founded in 2020, the best teams from Europe and North America battle it out twice a year in the Spring and Fall seasons. 

How To Bet on CS_GO Matches Premier Match

Our Expert Tips for Betting on CS:GO

Next, we look into some of the top tips when betting on CS:GO. Keep these in mind and you'll start to create a solid foundation for your esports betting strategy.

Understanding Map Pooling

The two teams pick and discard game maps until there are three left. These three maps will act as the match maps and so knowing a team's map preference can give you an early betting outlook. If Team A ends up with three of its favorite maps then it may give you a betting advantage. 

In-Game Statistics and Game Data

Esports developers continue to improve games with updates and additions. Changes to weapons can often have a major effect on players and whole teams. A favored weapon may become weaker or removed altogether which then hampers the player or team's overall winning ability. Checking recent updates and in-game stats will help you to stay in the loop.

Online vs LAN

This is a huge factor for many players and teams. Online tournaments mean teams can effectively play from the comfort of their own homes. This can often be detrimental to their performance compared to playing together in a big venue in front of their fans. It can swing both ways though, so finding team preferences can help you uncover betting value. 

It is also worth keeping an eye on the much-talked-about "lag". Online matches can mean the possibility of significant "lag". This is also known as a delay within the internet connection. Bigger surprises often come from these online matches, so bear that in mind when betting on your next CS:GO match.

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