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How to Convert a Casino Bonus

Getting your hands on a casino bonus is never a problem, and you can even find hundreds of them right here on GoodLuckMate. But, converting the bonus you get into real money that you can withdraw is not always all that easy – however, it is doable. For you to have the best possible chance of turning your casino bonus into money you can cash out, we’ll here share our best tips and tricks to make that happen.

Claim the Best Bonus

Before you even get started on converting any kind of bonus into real cash, you need to pick the right one. The industry-standard in terms of wagering requirements is either 30x your deposit and your bonus or 35x your bonus. Anything below this is considered good, and anything above this is less than optimal. A good general rule will be to not bother with any bonus that needs to be turned over more than 40x. If you can find a bonus without wagering requirements, that is obviously the best option. Bonuses like that are, however, for the most part, either very small in the actual amount you get or reserved for new players at the casino. 

You should also look into other bonus terms, like the max bet you can place with a bonus, which games you can and cannot play, and, last but not least, if there is any max win on the bonus or not. Plenty of casinos don’t cap the winnings you can get from a casino bonus, so it’s always best to choose one without any winning limitations. 

Turning Over Your Bonus

Once you’ve claimed a bonus, the next step is to make the bonus funds into real money. Now it’s all about getting to a high turnover. To ensure the max probability of managing to meet the wagering that is required, you need two things to keep in mind: 

  • Choose a game with low volatility.
  • Only play games that contribute 100% towards wagering.
  • Manage your bankroll.

Play a Slot With Low Volatility

When choosing a game with low volatility, you are more likely to win often, and that usually means that your balance won’t fluctuate as much as it will in a game with medium or high volatility. By continually winning a bit, you’ll get to play longer, as in more spins, and that’s how you turn over the bonus. In these games, you’re not very likely to hit the massive wins, but those you should rather aim for once the bonus is converted into real money. 

Games That Contribute 100% Towards Bonus Wagering

Not all games will contribute 100% towards your wagering, and the ones that do count 100% are usually slots. If you play a game that only contributes 50%, or even just 10%, it will take a lot of wagering before you can convert the bonus. Games like these are typically table games and live dealer games. The more you have to wager, the lower chances you have to convert the bonus, so save these games for when you play with real money. 

Manage Your Bankroll

The third point is to manage your bankroll. When the goal is to have a high turnover, you need to be able to play a lot of spins on a slot. This is important so that you can afford to get into an unlucky streak without that wiping your entire balance out. One usually would recommend to bet no more than 1% of the starting balance per spin, but when wagering a bonus, it could be good to lower this to even 0.5%. So if you have €200 in your bonus balance, betting between €1 and €2 would be ideal.

Is There a Sure Way to Convert a Bonus?

No, there is not. If it were, online casinos wouldn’t offer bonuses at all. No matter which strategy you choose, you’ll need a lot of luck. So the tips above are only ways to increase your chances, not ways to ensure that you can cash out winnings. 

If you’d like to know more about how wagering requirements or bonus terms work, make sure to read our in-depth articles about these topics. 

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Eve Luneborg
Eve LuneborgUpdated: 26 Jan 2022
Eve started working at an online casino back in 2014, and she's been involved in the iGaming industry ever since. Starting off as a support agent at LeoVegas Casino, she later took...

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