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Top Five Strangest Things You Can Bet On

The world of betting can be a peculiar place at the best of times. We all want to make a bit of extra money by placing a wager on sport or casino games, but there’s a whole new world of markets available. Aliens, royal weddings, an apocalypse. None of these are out of reach for bets with bookmakers, so let’s take a closer look at some of the strangest things that you can bet on with the bookmakers. Simply put, if you can think of it, you can probably bet on it. Bookmakers will offer odds on almost anything. You can even contact them and propose a bet and many bookmakers will provide you with odds tailored around that situation.

End of the world betting

End of the World Betting

Do you think an asteroid is heading straight for planet earth or that two world superpowers will start an irrecoverable world war? Either way, you can place a wager on when the world will end. This might just be the strangest bet out there, after all, how would you possibly collect your winnings? There would be no bookmaker left, and you certainly wouldn’t be around either. That said, it must provide some light entertainment for plenty of punters out there. Not to mention the fact that bookmakers can take in a tidy profit on something there is no risk of ever paying out on.

Sports Stars Betting

Young Sports Stars

Another “popular” bet type that is out of the ordinary is when parents bet on their young child’s sporting success. There have been a few well-known instances of this happening, especially in the world of soccer. English goalkeeper Chris Kirkland’s dad placed a small sum on his son becoming an England international before the age of 30. Harry Wilson, then a young Liverpool player, earned his grandad a staggering £125,000 when he became Wales’ youngest ever player back in 2013. It hasn’t just been soccer players that have been earning their families some cash either. Rory McIlroy’s dad Gerry netted himself over €100,000 when he placed a €200 stake on his son winning the Open within 10 years when he was only 15.

Life on other planets betting

Betting On Life on Other Planets

We’ve already discussed the prospect of betting on the end of planet Earth, but what about betting on things that are out of this world, literally? There are plenty of online betting sites that will take wagers on proof of intelligent life on another planet. How this ‘proof’ is set to be defined is an interesting feature of this particular bet. There are apparent sightings of UFOs nearly every day, so I imagine the proof may need to be considerably more significant than this. Some bookmakers have even stated that they will only pay out when it has been publicly confirmed by the US president.

Betting On World Leaders

Not only can you bet on who will become a world leader during an election, but you can also bet on specific world leaders and various situations. More recently, the most prominent markets have been around Kim Jong Un and up until his recent loss, Donald Trump. You can place bets on when their reign will end and if they will start a war. You can also put money on who will replace them (including his sister in Kim Jong Un’s case) or if they will die during their reign. In the UK, you could even bet on whether President Trump would challenge Kim Jong Un to a round of golf. It really does get that bizarre.

Ferret Bingo Betting

Ferret Bingo

While there have been some odd betting markets discussed in this article, this next one might just top them all. You can bet on ferret bingo. Yes, really. ferret bingo. A ferret is placed in a cage with a series of tunnels with associated numbers attached to them. When the ferret escapes via that tunnel then that number is crossed off. When someone has a full house, just like in normal bingo, they are declared the winner. Ferret bingo may sound like a joke, but it is taken deadly seriously by those playing it. There have even been accusations of tunnel tampering by disgruntled contestants.


It is fair to say that the world of betting is home to some pretty extraordinary markets. Bookmakers are constantly looking to add to their offerings and are willing to tackle the punter on pretty much any topic. It is good business and good publicity to offer wacky and unique markets and this entices some customers who enjoy these types of bets. Remember, you can always reach out to your favorite betting site with your bespoke bet to see what odds you will be offered.

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Steven Ford
Steven FordUpdated: 19 Apr 2021
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