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Video Slots vs. Classic Slots: Which One Is Better?

While classic slots used to rule the floor at land-based casinos, they have had to make way for more modern video slot titles. That isn’t the case at online casinos though, which do not have to worry about making space for new games. This does however beg the question of video slots vs. classic slots: which one is better? Will classic slots always have a place amongst newer releases or will we slowly see them fade into beloved memories. To find out, let’s look at the main differences between the two.

The Main Differences Of Video Slots And Classic Slots

The differences between games in each category can be large in their own right. To try and not get too stuck in the vast amount of variance and details each individual game can offer, we will instead look at some of the major aspects of slot games in general. From this, we can make a broad comparison between classic and video slots.

Game Variety

Classic slots are somewhat defined by the previous limitations of machinery and a game in its infancy. As such, they are pretty much all played in the same format. Even the diversity of game themes take a hit in the classic category. You can find different themes in classic slots, but they generally take a backseat to the main theme of a classic itself. That means three reels with all of the time-honored symbols, such as cherries, lemons, and the lucky number seven. That is why there isn’t always much room for other exciting themes like ancient times or those based on licensed franchises. Most are also limited by only providing one pay line, whereas video slots can offer easily all sorts of different amounts of paylines, some being fixed and others being adjustable.

The vast majority of new releases of slot games are video slots that employ the latest technology and innovations in the industry. It has gotten to the point where there are even VR experiences offered to online casino players now. Not to mention progressive slots with features that recall your previous game activity. Classic slot releases are therefore becoming fewer and further between, as most providers instead appear to be looking for the next big thing.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots: Which One Is Better?

Bonus Features

Many of the most popular and recent game innovations are generally linked to a game’s bonus features. Cascading symbols, expanding wilds and Megaways and many others are all features that have been innovated primarily for video slots. Many games today even offer specific bonus rounds that change in nature depending on specific symbol combinations. This is not something that classic slots are particularly known for. They tend to remain relatively simple, although later releases have opted to employ some more modern bonus features. Free spins and win multipliers can be found in classic slots, but this is more of an exception rather than the rule.


A classic slot with an RTP of 95% will act pretty much the same as a video slot with an RTP of 95%. Just because classic slots may have fewer reels, paylines and bonus features doesn’t necessarily mean that they provide fewer opportunities to win. All it does is provide less variety in gameplay. Many video slots that feature lots of bonus features or large jackpots may generally do so at the expense of something else. This could be a lower than average RTP or a requirement to place larger bet amounts. Double-checking the RTP and volatility of a game is a great way to get an initial grasp of a game’s payouts. The best way though is to play it in demo mode, if possible. At GoodluckMate, we have tons of classic and video slots that you can try out for free

The Final Verdict

The fact of the matter is that classic slots are becoming a beloved relic of the past, much like vinyl records. Many players still love the nostalgic and more tactile feel that a classic slot based on the machines of older times can offer. The advantages of video slots far outweigh classic titles in many ways though. While some classic slots do offer more modern features like re-spins and other bonus mechanics, the diversity and constant flow of new video slots are what is truly driving innovations in the industry. 

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Nerijus GrendaUpdated: 22 Jul 2021
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