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Why Fake Gurus are Terrible for the Industry: Why the Industry Needs to Call Them Out

From a young age, I have been fascinated with games of strategy. Of course, a lot of the gambling industry revolves around the concept of luck, but I, like millions worldwide, have always fantasized and wondered if it was possible to somehow find a golden system. Since I am an expert in my field, I can tell if someone is being authentic in a matter of seconds, but sadly many people looking for a quick buck fall for gambling schemes on a daily basis.

Due to the nature of the internet, fake gurus can now be seen across varying industries. Most of these fake gurus revolve around improving your dating life or making you more money. Gambling schemes are the worse examples of fake gurus as they make claims that they can simply not back up. During this piece, I will try my best to outline why their claims are so ridiculous and the potential harm they can cause to the gambling industry.

Online Casinos Restrict Winners

If you are familiar with the plot of Back to the Future II, you will be aware that the villain of the movie 'Biff' gets his hands on a magazine from the future that consists of major sports results that have occurred over the years. In the movie, he doesn't publicize this fact. Instead, he keeps it secret as he builds up an empire. As far as I am aware, he wasn't running a 'how to make money course' as a side hustle.

Plus, there is no part of the movie where bookmakers refuse to take his bets since he has a 100% record of success. If you had a golden ticket in real life, my advice would be to keep this very quiet and not go around bragging about your superpower.

If you are a successful gambler, bookmakers and casinos do not want you to play at their venues. Therefore real sharks want to always maintain the image of the casual gambler. The person who is not worried about chucking away considerable funds in the name of having a good time.

Unrealistic Returns

I will now like to make a similar point. If you can double your money consistently, you will not need to be selling tips. Did you know that if you doubled your money starting with a penny, you would end with over five million in 30 days? 

Therefore unless someone is deciding to act out of pure altruism, running a course would not make much financial success. It is very similar to financial schemes that offer unrealistic terms. Experts in the field are aware that any return on investment is highly impressive. Marginal gains and boring betting are the order of the day for real sharks.

Some Games are Unbeatable in the Short Term

If someone is claiming to have found the holy grail of a strategy on roulette, please do not listen to another word that comes out of their mouth. Some games have existed for centuries, and if there was a loophole, it would have been discovered by now. Casinos run games where they have a house edge, and there is no way this can be overcome in the long run. This, in my opinion, makes these sorts of promises the most predatory, and they should be deemed equivalent to phoning people and telling them they have won the lottery.

The Curious Case of Tony Bloom

I am now going to use the case of Brighton FC owner to further shame these fake betting gurus. Tony Bloom's story is one of legend, and he is the envy of many. No one outside a handful of people knows how he is able to continuously succeed in his field, and this is part of his allure.

The data his company utilizes is said to be extremely sophisticated, and the edges we are talking about are minimal compared to what the fake gurus claim but fantastic when you know what you are talking about. According to rumors, to invest in his company, you need to have at least $2 million, and this is to see a small percentage return over several months. It is in no way a get-rich scheme. If you have the time, I very much recommend you look into how Tony Bloom made his money, and you will be fascinated.

The Reality of Pro Gambling

We are living in a sophisticated age where gaining the smallest edge has become close to impossible. If you are on Paddy Power or Betfred, just to pick two examples, what are the chances that someone who has the edge over them is willing to share it with the rest of the world for a fee?

At the end of the day, if you have found a sure-proof method of making money through the means of betting, shouting about will only make the brains of these organizations shut it down immediately. 

Why Am I So Passionate About This?

The world of business can be very tough, and I understand that there are a lot of people out there who will go great distances to make money. Selling your image as a successful person will be fine in my eyes if it didn't have a negative effect on others.

Many people out in the world are desperate to turn their life around. Therefore they are willing to pay money they can't really afford to chase this dream. As a person that works with and, more importantly, loves the industry, I hate when people exploit the industry for their own benefit. Also, as a lover of strategy, I can't help but feel angry when someone vaguely tells you they won a bet because they were certain the 49ers were going to win. What basis was this decision made on? In my experience, no one has ever been a great gambler based on gut feeling alone.

Online bookmakers are not exempt from criticism, in my view. Although I have previously stated the importance of people taking responsibility for their own actions, one shouldn’t deny the influence advertisements have on the general public.

I recall one such advert from Ladbrokes a decade ago that promoted gambling as a game that can be beaten, where there was one man who bet on instinct and another man who bet on data. This an innocent advert for the majority, but we should not escape the fact that gambling is entertainment first and foremost, and the percentage of people who are capable of turning this into a career is considerably small.

If you meet someone in the street and they tell you they are a professional gambler, your first thought is probably how, or are they telling the truth? Unless you live on the Vegas strip, it is unlikely that you know many people who have mastered a game in the industry.

The Illusion of High-Stake Poker Games

Fake gurus or all the range in Poker games. Some televised high-stakes poker games have seen some hands be settled for sums close to a million dollars. Although this is thrilling to watch, the likelihood of this representing someone's actual investment is very small. Imagine how rich you will need to be to justify losing millions in one single game of poker.

Players who genuinely give heart-held advice recommend that you need 100 buy-ins plus to support the violent swings of poker. This will increase if you are playing with the best players in the world, of course. This would mean that you need to be a billionaire to justify playing one-off hands for this type of money. More money than one could ever realistically make from gambling.

Vast youtube channels and courses exist due to the appetite of people trying to improve the standard of their game. Some of these courses are great and give genuine valuable information, but some are attempting to make their main living from teaching/selling information because they don’t make enough money from their game of choice anymore.


Every person I know who is successful in gambling is humble about it and, more importantly, fully acknowledges the dangers of gambling. If you meet someone who recommends it as a career, then that should be considered a massive red flag. It takes a certain mindset and an unprecedented amount of belief to continue on the path to being a pro gambler. I personally believe that we as an industry are duty-bound to shut down these people who are criminals and have the potential to stain the industry.

This article delivers the thoughts and opinions of the author, and it doesn't represent the stance of GoodLuckMate.

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Matthew Gover
Matthew Gover
Last Update: 17 Apr 2023
Matthew has been writing about the iGaming industry for several years. At GoodLuckMate, he shares his opinion about topics close to his heart - casino strategies, casino games, and sports betting. Basically, if the subject is gambling, we will be lost for words if Matthew doesn't have an opinion on the matter!

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