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Primedice casino

8.1Our score
Not accepting players from:Virginia - United States

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Virginia - United States
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Primedice casino Details

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  • Unique concept
  • Ingenious referral system
  • Easy to learn
  • Great for cryptocurrency enthusiasts
  • Live wager feed and chat connected to all other players


  • Probably too niche for most regular casino players
  • No variety in gameplay

Originally established in 2013, Primedice casino touts itself as being the number 1 platform in cryptocurrency gambling. Advertising itself with a low house edge of 1%, instant deposits and withdrawals, along with enhanced privacy. There’s definitely a lot here that would hold the attention of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Primedice casino review: our verdict

What to expect at Primedice:

  • Completely unique wagering experience
  • Cryptocurrency focused site
  • Large variety of supported cryptocurrencies
  • Simple game mechanics
  • Different way of handling promotions

Unlike other more traditional online casinos that can be surmised by comparative aspects, such as game selections and quality of promotions, Primedice is its entirely own beast. While it’s functionality, quality of service and uniqueness are definitely testaments to a lot of thought and care to provide a premium service, most of it will purely be dependent on how much of a cryptocurrency enthusiast you are. 

Primedice definitely gives a great alternative to those already invested in the cryptocurrency market and are already savvy on the blockchain phenomen. The site itself also offers a legitimate form of entertainment, which can be enjoyed through the wagering of a currency that is usually otherwise not accepted at most other establishments. It’s great to see this and it looks like Primedice is ahead of the curve on this aspect.

The primary issue with the site is that it will most likely not appeal to most regular casino players, who prefer the more traditional approach to online gambling. A site with no slots, table games and live casino will simply not appeal to most players who frequent those types of games. This goes especially for those who are not at all interested in cryptocurrencies and simply want to use their credit card to make a deposit and enjoy a more traditional casino experience.

Primedice is definitely very unique in the way it has distanced itself from regular casino games. While most cryptocurrency casinos allow you to play regular slot and table games with the use of your cryptocurrency balance, Primedice has instead formulated its own game. Taking the concept of playing the market one step further, players can now wager their funds in what is fundamentally a dice game. This cuts out 3rd party developers and ensures that players only really need to interact with the casino directly, when it comes to their gambling activity.

Dice Betting

The Primedice games selection is nowhere to be found. Instead they are solely focused on a simple over and under game, which is based on a dice roll between 0 and 100. The dice is calculated by a random number generator (RNG) and you are able to bet on any number and whether the result will be higher or lower. You can even play around a bit with your selections without wagering any funds and hit the “Roll Dice” button to see what it lands on. 

You’ve got all of the important displayed in front of you as well, such as your bet amount, potential payout and win chance. There’s also a chart that handily displays your results of wins and losses, as well as your wagered and profited amounts. An autoplay feature is another helpful function for those more confident in their betting strategies. That’s all there is to it for the most part.

There is also a constant live feed of all other players and their wagers ticking away. From the live feed you can see the type of cryptocurrency, bet amounts and results of other players in real time. You can filter this between all players and high rollers to get a better understanding of other players’ activity.

Things become a lot more complicated when you start to take account of server seeds and their average fairness. This is quite technical and we therefore won’t go too much into detail. Suffice to say that there is a “Fairness” button you can press, which will display your server seed (the identifier of the instance of a server you are playing on) and other information that can be entered into the “Verify” tab, which will then result in displaying a rating of fairness for the particular instance you are playing on. For most players this isn’t necessarily something one would need to be concerned about, however it could definitely be of interest to those looking to maximise their return to player percentages.

Promotions and bonuses

You will not immediately find anything related to a Primedice bonus. The Primedice promotions and bonuses are completely tied into their loyalty program, which consists of different tiers. There are monthly and weekly bonuses, which both directly correspond to your tier. 

Essentially, a monthly bonus would be credited based on the wagering committed over the previous 30 days from its crediting, alongside your current loyalty tier. These are no-deposit bonuses and have no outright wagering requirements connected to them. This is also in addition to other loyalty benefits, such as rakebacks, specialty challenges and even physical gifts. It should be noted though that terms and conditions around these offerings appear to be nonexistent, so we recommend you contact their customer support to get answers for any questions you may have.

There’s also a very interesting referral program that definitely looks to be the most outright tantalizing promotion available. This essentially works by earning a commission based on the wagers committed by people you have referred. The more people you refer and the more wagers they make, the more commission you are granted directly to your Primedice balance.

As this site operates purely around cryptocurrencies, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet before being able to deposit or withdraw funds. These wallets function much in the same way as other E-wallets, such as Neteller or Skrill, but instead do not house traditional currencies. The method in which you deposit and withdraw funds also works differently, as they are usually tied to an encrypted generated address that substitutes regular credit card or bank transfer information.

There’s a good deal of different cryptocurrencies supported at Primedice, which is great to see. Most cryptocurrency casinos tend to focus on Bitcoin and it’s good to see this specialty casino really catering to its demographic through the options available. Other notables are Ethererium and Litecoin currency options.

There’s also a cryptocurrency exchange available onsite, which gives you an even larger list of cryptocurrencies to exchange from, into a cryptocurrency that is available for wagering on Primedice. It’s great to see that a good deal of futureproofing has gone into making Primedice remain current, no matter what the cryptocurrency market surprises us with next.

To request a withdrawal back to a cryptocurrency wallet, you will first need to verify your email address and keep in mind that Primedice takes a service fee for processing the transaction. The fee will update itself depending on your entered amount, so that you are made aware of the fact before committing to the transaction.

Verifying your Primedice account

While Primedice differs a lot from other casinos in so many ways, verifying your account is still an important step you must take to ensure the processing of any withdrawals you may make, as well as account recovery and receipt of physical gifts. If you’ve done this before at any other casino, this will be relatively straightforward. You can find a dedicated file uploader form by clicking on your username at the top right of the main page, then going to “Settings”, followed by “Verify”.

The uploader will allow you to send a proof of identity, such as a passport or driving license. There’s a separate uploader for the front and back of the document, which will need to be provided for the in the case of sending a government ID or driving license. Furthermore, you are asked to provide your name, date of birth, gender and address.

Primedice is licensed by the Curacao eGaming Authority, as well as certified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation. While the Curacao license doesn’t carry as much weight as that granted by the MGA or UKGC, it still requires a process of verification before a casino can obtain one. The Curacao eGaming seal can also be easily verified by clicking on the seal itself, which will open up a generated tab on your web browser, stating the validity of the seal. The new window should have a URL address that starts with “” for the license to still be valid.

The Crypto Gambling Foundation on the other hand is a 3rd party auditing service, which helps maintain the trust and fairness employed by any site approved by them. They essentially go in and test the software of a site to determine whether it is provably fair or not. It is good to see that Primedice have taken these extra steps in cooperating with further auditing organisations to showcase the fairness of their services, which may otherwise appear to be more questionable with just a Curacao License.

With regards to the security of your data, there is an onsite Privacy Policy that can be found at the bottom of any page of the Primedice site. This policy lists all the ways in which your information is used, stored and distributed, as well as the security surrounding all of these processes.

While the mechanics of the game itself is fairly simple, becoming familiar with the site and resources at your disposal may prove to be quite a learning curve, as mentioned regarding fairness in the section above. The user interface itself though is great, especially with the implementation of hotkeys that you can use during your wagering. These are all nicely listed out from the “Hotkeys” button found above the live player feed.

Everything feels slick, smooth and modern. The design is very clean with a great deal of navigation neatly placed or tucked out of sight, yet within easy reach. Clicking on your username on the top right of the page for instance, gives you a drop down list of navigational options to different pages. Your account settings, payment options, loyalty status are all found in this handy list.

With all this being said, there are some minor issues we found along the way. For instance, you have the option to minimize your past activity feed, which is usually displayed on the right of your wagering options. However there didn’t appear to be a way of bringing it back without logging off and back into your account. Another easily fixed user interface issue is regarding the live chat window. Everything works great within it and you can easily see your past conversations, however the large “X” symbol in the top right, usually symbolising the complete closure of a window, simply minimises it. When speaking to Primedice’s customer service, I was worried about clicking that button, but had the issue of the chat window covering a 3rd of my screen. Again this is easily fixable and not much of an issue once you know how it works.

Mobile Casino

The Primedice mobile casino site is clean, compact and easy to use. The focus of Primedice’s design ethos appears to be function over form. No flashy animations, flavourful icons or big images that take up your entire screen. This goes a long way on mobile in cranking up the performance, as well as making the entire mobile site highly legible and easy to navigate through.

You can expect all of the same functionality here as on the desktop version. Things have been moved around a bit to accommodate the smaller screen, but it is all done intuitively. Instead of scrolling down to see the live feed of other player’s bets, there’s a separate page for it found by pressing the “Bets” icon at the bottom of the screen. This handy navigation bar also lets you gain access to your transaction options, player chat and live chat customer support, as well as some other settings. It all works great and is a testament to showing that a site doesn’t need a flashy design or high quality graphical elements to sell itself, just as long as it works smoothly and consistently.

From our experience the live chat support was great. It was super quick to get into talking to somebody, who was friendly and could answer all of our questions. The live chat is open 24/7, although oddly enough there appears to be no email support. At least there was nothing onsite to indicate that there is. There’s also lacking an FAQ page, which definitely would be useful on a site with such a novel concept as Primedice.

Social media is however greatly catered for here, with dedicated Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bitcointalk and Reddit accounts. This does make sense, as typically cryptocurrency enthusiasts are known for taking their internet privacy very seriously, which lends itself to forum based sites such as Reddit. This does however raise the question even further, as to why there are not more informative pages, rather than substituting them with 3rd party social media sites.

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