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Casino app for mobile

The most popular casino apps are the ones made for playing from your mobile. Apple’s App Store is full of casino apps, and most major casinos offer an app. However, since it’s now incredibly easy to play instant casino games straight from your web browser, there are few smaller casinos that are developing apps. The casinos that have apps for downloading are usually the ones that have been around for a while, in other words, those that developed their apps before instant play without downloads from a mobile or tablet was a common thing.

Even though you don’t really need an app to play online casino games from a mobile device these days, there are some benefits to choosing an app. First of all, accessing the casino will always be easy since you can have the app directly on your home screen. Second of all, if the casino has a lot of different game categories, you’ll often be able to choose which category you want to land on when you open the app. Some of the bigger companies even have separate apps for each game category, which ensures the home screen always shows what you’re most interested in. Changing game categories within the app is, of course, also possible.

Download a desktop casino app

Apps are not something you only use from a smartphone or a tablet anymore since apps for computers are perhaps gaining the most traction in terms of popularity right now. By downloading a desktop casino app, you’ll get more or less the same benefits as having an app for your phone. This means you’ll have quick access to your favorite games. In addition, it’s easy to enable and disable desktop notifications, so you can be alerted to any new casino campaigns and promotions, if this is something you want. 

Allowing notifications in the app itself rather than enabling them directly in your browser may benefit players if they play at an instant play casino because it’s easier to change the settings for this. Simply don’t allow notifications when the app is closed or allow the app to make a sound instead of showing a banner or a pop-up. This way, you won’t be disturbed by notifications if you’re also using your laptop or desktop computer for work or other tasks. 

Game specific software downloads

Having an app is optional, but there may be other cases where you actually have to download software in order to play certain games. Typically, this doesn’t happen with the classic casino games that all casinos have, such as slots and live table games, but with games where you’re playing against other players instead of the casino. For example, to play roulette, you just needed to read a roulette guide and head to one of our recommended instant-play gambling sites. The same applied to blackjack, you learn blackjack rules and you go to a gambling site. However, for many years, you could only play real poker from a desktop since you had to download the poker client. Some providers of these games still require players to do this, but others have now added an option for playing directly from a browser without downloading.

Still, downloading a poker client is what most players prefer, especially professional poker players. Whether they choose to do this out of habit or for some other reason is not completely clear, since the experience should be the same. As we mentioned, not all game providers have developed an option for playing poker without downloading their software, so you’ll still have to do this at some casinos. However, we expect that within a couple of years, downloading software will no longer be necessary at any of the major poker platforms since the industry is moving farther and farther away from this as the technology evolves. 

Games other than poker that may require you to download a client are bingo, keno and a few other card games where players play against each other. In short, as long as the game is one where your opponents are other players rather than the house, you might have to play from a desktop app or by downloading the casino software.

Be aware of download casino scams

When we say that there are almost no casinos that require downloads anymore, that’s not entirely true. It would be more correct to say that there are no trustworthy casinos that require you to download the casino. Before, when the industry wasn’t as heavily regulated as it is today, there were plenty of download casinos, and quite a lot of them were just scams. They would require you to download the casino, give you a free bonus, and then refuse to pay out your winnings or make the bonus terms so strict it was almost impossible to win anything. 

We wish we could say that all of these scam casinos have been taken down, but unfortunately, there are still some floating around on the internet. We caution any player who wants to gamble online against signing up and downloading these casinos because your payment details, personal data and money could all be at risk. You’re always better off choosing a trustworthy and safe casino, and none of the best online casinos requires you to download anything to play normal slots. As with any other online files, you should only download apps and allow them access to your computer or mobile device if you trust the company that created the software.

Eve Luneborg
Eve Luneborg
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
Eve started working at an online casino back in 2014, and she’s been involved in the iGaming industry ever since. Here at GoodLuckMate, she’s our go-to writer for in-depth guides, specialising in anything related to payments and account verification, table game guides and even casino and slot reviews. Eve is also religiously following industry news, keeping a close eye on any regulatory changes, new game releases, upcoming trends and much more.

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