What kind of casino bonuses are offered?

Getting bonus money that can only be used for Play’n GO is not common, and actually we can’t remember ever seeing this. Getting free spins from this provider is, however, very common. Their Book of Dead slot in particular features quite often in both welcome bonus packages and deposit promotions from many different online casinos. These spins, that you get to spin for free, can be either the whole deposit bonus or they can come on top of some bonus funds. What you’ll get, exactly, you’ll have to check in the bonus offer itself. 

When you get a bonus on a Play’n GO slot you’ll get a specified amount of spins to play for free. The value of the spins will usually be the same as the minimum bet in the slot, but since the minimum bet is often €0.20 these spins are considered to be valuable spins. Simply explained, since the bets have a high value your wins will also be of high value. However, in the Book of Dead slot the minimum wager is €0.10 (which is also why it’s often used when you get a lot of free spins), so to win a lot from these you’ll have to cross your fingers that you’ll enter the free spins’ in-game bonus. 

How do I get Play’n GO free spins?

Cashing in on your loyalty points at a casino is your best bet for getting some Play’n GO free spins. More and more casinos have implemented loyalty points of some sort in their casino adventure, and these points can then be exchanged for free spins. It is often the case that you’ll have a bunch of slots to choose to exchange your points for so you can simply choose a slot from these providers. In addition to the Book of Dead slot, you’ll also find plenty of free spins on Trolls Bridge or perhaps Matsuri, and if you get the choice between these you should always go for the slot with the highest minimum bet to ensure the biggest wins.