What kind of casino bonuses are offered?

In theory, it is, of course, possible to get a special Novomatic bonus if a casino chooses to offer something like this. An online casino is free to offer whatever kind of bonuses they like, and can also choose which games their bonuses should be valid for. As a game provider, Novomatic is not often part of these kinds of bonuses because they are seldom counted as one of the major providers at a casino. 

Even though you might have some trouble finding casino bonuses only for Novomatic, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with bonus funds if you want to play their slots. Luckily, this provider is not commonly excluded from play with bonus money, which means you can use other general bonuses to play their games. 

How do I get Novomatic free spins?

There aren’t any Novomatic slots that are often found in free spins offers, so if you’re after Novomatic free spins you’ll have to look out for casinos that allow you to choose the slot you want to play the spins they award you with. This is typically something that is done when a casino has a shop of some sort, where you exchange loyalty rewards for free spins. You’ll then sometimes get to pick among several different slots, and here you might find one from Novomatic. 

If you should find an offer like this, where you get to decide the slot yourself, it’s also quite common that you get to pick the value of your spins. This is done so you can choose to play lots of spins with low value, or just a few spins with a high value. Low rollers tend to go for the offer with lots of spins, while high rollers will more often choose to gamble on winning a lot from just a few spins. Which strategy you choose is entirely up to yourself.