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Monopoly is a game that most of us know and love. Now Evolution has managed to bring the game into the live casino studio. If you ever see the Evolution name tagged onto a game then you know that it will be entertaining. In the case of Monopoly Live, this point is very much proven. It is based around Evolution’s popular Dream Catcher game with additional Monopoly elements and a visually appealing 3D bonus game that Monopoly fans will love. If you have yet to play Monopoly Live then read on as we explain all.

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How to play Monopoly Live 

If you have played Dream Catcher before then you will be able to get straight into the entertainment here, if not, let us outline the basic Monopoly Live rules. Each round starts with you choosing your coin value and then placing a bet on any of the six Monopoly-themed betting tiles in the middle-bottom section of the game screen. In short, you are simply betting on which number you think will appear on the wheel after it stops spinning. The bigger the number, the less likely and more lucrative it can be for you. 

Once your bets have been placed, the host will spin the Monopoly wheel to begin the round. There are 48 numbers and additional bonus sections on the wheel. The game round will play out according to what the first spin lands on. Numbers pay out a fixed multiplier and the round will then end. The bonus segments of the wheel include 3 x Two Rolls, 1 x Four Roll, and a special Chance segment that rewards mystery prizes. We will explain the importance of these bonus segments later on as they hold the key to the biggest prizes in the Monopoly Live game.

Place your bets!

Placing your bets could not get any easier and this really plays into the casual gaming genre that Monopoly Live sits in. The betting grid at the bottom holds all the possible options and you have the choice of betting on one, several, or all of them. Just be sure to get your bets in quickly as the game does turn around quite fast. Thankfully, there is an “Automatic Bet” button if you want to guarantee that your bets are placed each and every game round.

As we mentioned, playing the game is simple and the choices you have could not be any more straightforward. We will talk about the main features in more detail shortly, but if you want to enjoy all that this game offers then we suggest that you follow our simple Monopoly Live strategy, which is to always bet on the “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls” options. If you bet on them and the wheel lands on one of the bonus segments then you will be taken into the main 3D-based bonus feature where Mr. Monopoly waits for you.

Monopoly Live winnings & payouts

The basic Monopoly Live game payouts are simple to follow with the four basic numbers of 1, 2, 5, and 10 all paying out in line with their value. So, a bet on the number 1 would bring a 1:1 payout, a bet on 2 will bring a 2:1 payout, and number 5 provide a 5:1 payout. These are simple prizes that can keep your bankroll topped up, but it’s the Chance segment that can bring multipliers worth up to 1000:1 if you hit consecutive multipliers.

Hitting a multiplier followed by one of the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls segments will take you to the famous Monopoly board. This is where the biggest prizes can be found and where you can also win a huge range of different payouts. One of the biggest is based around “Mayfair” with a potential prize worth 10,000x your bet available if you really get lucky and trigger all the top multipliers.

Game features

Monopoly Live is a fun-filled game and the familiarity of the Monopoly board is what draws most players in to take a closer look. The wheel is clearly based on the Dream Catcher title. Still, the extra features included do help to bring a unique experience to your gaming session. 

The first main feature is the Chance segment on the wheel. Even though this is simple in nature, the prizes are worthwhile with up to 100x multipliers available. If the wheel lands on the Chance segment then you will win either an instant cash prize or a multiplier, in which case all bets remain and the wheel is spun again. This can be repeated multiple times as well!

As we said earlier, betting on the “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls” options is your only way into the main bonus round. If you do trigger the bonus feature then you will get taken into the 3D Monopoly board with Mr. Monopoly leading the way. The bonus game begins and you get taken around the board according to the number of rolls you won and you pick up cash prizes along the way.

Various prizes and multipliers can be found here. The potential to win big keeps on rising as you move around the board, however, watch out for the Jail position and other tax-related positions. These have the power to take winnings away just as quickly as you win them.

Play Monopoly Live at online casinos

Playing Monopoly Live online is a lot of fun and the Monopoly element is such a great idea by Evolution. You should find that you have a lot of access due to most online casinos wanting to include Evolution and its collection of games in their lobby. The chances of finding a Monopoly Live bonus is not huge, but there are casinos out there that run specific live casino promotions and so it is worth keeping an eye out for these.

The casual gaming entertainment that this Monopoly Live casino game offers is what makes it such a big hit amongst the online casino crowds. The multiple ways in which you can win and all the different multiplier combinations also make it such a random and enjoyable experience that you simply cannot predict what will happen from each spin.

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