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Mikado Games is an online casino software development company that first opened its doors in 2010. The company was founded in Tokyo, Japan, and has since expanded into offices in Macau and Hanoi, Vietnam. Unlike most casino software developers, Mikado has decided to put a focus on creating unique, arcade-style products in favor of traditional online slots and card games. This has made them a big success in online casinos in Asia. However, in the future, the provider is hoping to expand into more Western-based casinos. This game developer is definitely a very unique one, that’s for sure, but what else makes them stand out from the crowd? Let’s take a more detailed look at the company in this review and find out.

Best Mikado casino games

As we have already mentioned, Mikado slots are few and far between, with the provider choosing to focus on arcade-style products with unique gameplay options. Some of these do manage to use several slot style gameplay features but many of them are totally unique and feel as though they have been ripped straight from the ground floor of an arcade. 

There are some traditional slot titles available though, including names like Exciting Slot, Triple Chucker, Temple Slot, and Golden Fever. As you can tell from these names, the company has not put much focus on originality. Most of these features just three-reels and are designed to feel like old-school fruit machines. This is keeping in-line with the company’s arcade-style. 

Here are GoodLuckMate’s top picks for the best Mikado games:

  • Triple Chucker
  • Golden Fever 
  • Temple Slot 
  • Lucky Shooting 
  • Pick Puppets Up 
  • Bubble Magic

The Mikado games list is very diverse and many titles don’t fit into traditional categories. One thing that does remain the same, however, is the game developer’s distinctive visual style. All products are very brightly colored and have clearly been inspired by Japanese anime cartoons. Many of them feature colorful lead characters and innovative animations. Mobile gaming is another focus for the company, and as such, a lot of their titles feel as though they have been inspired by popular applications like Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

Arcade and lottery Games from Mikado Games

This developer really knows to make its portfolio stand out. The selection here is very unique and those who loved playing at arcades are going to really enjoy it. Titles like Pick Puppets Up are inspired by classic arcade games, in this case, the claw crane machines. There are several titles that feel like video games, with Zombie Shooting and Destroy Monster being particularly strong examples of this. This is a big focus for the company, with them wanting to capture the attention of the console game crowd and make a name for themselves among them. 

Sports-based titles are included in the game provider’s collection too. The Penalty Kid, Darts Roulette, and Bomb Catch are likely to quench your sporting thirst if you are that way inclined. One thing that a lot of their products have in common is that they tend to be a little bit more skill-based, and this is very common with their puzzle-based titles. Offerings like Bubble Magic and Burst Puzzle feel as though they could have just been ripped straight from a mobile application. 

Mikado Gaming bonuses

As you can probably tell by now, the Mikado portfolio doesn’t really fit into conventional terms, and as such, the provider’s products have a wide range of different gameplay features and bonuses. Their slots do tend to offer more traditional bonuses like Mikado free spins, wilds, and multipliers. It’s the arcade-style titles that offer the most fun though. These include things like Mikado bonus levels, bosses, free chances, and more. The bonuses, like the games themselves, tend to have drawn inspiration from arcades and console products, with an emphasis really being on the unique gameplay. 

Play online – also from mobile casinos

This company is very popular in its native Japan. One of the reasons for the company’s success is how easy the games are to access. Their products are available in a lot of online casinos in Japan and other parts of Asia. Plus, Mikado products are designed to be instant-play titles, meaning that players do not need to download any additional software or applications in order to play them. Also, all popular browsers including both Google Chrome and Safari will do.

Given the clear inspiration their products have taken from mobile applications, it should come as no surprise that they are all optimized to work on mobile devices. The titles are developed using HTML5 which makes them incredibly mobile-friendly and easy to use on smaller devices and screens. Mikado mobile titles are supported on both Android and iOS operating systems. 

The best features from this game provider

Mikado is one of the most unique gaming developers operating on the online casino market. The unique nature of their portfolio has helped them to carve out a niche in the industry and the provider’s products are often in demand in Asian online casinos. While they still may not be too well known in the West, more and more casinos are now looking for mobile-style arcade products and this could see their demand sky-rocket in the near future. 

Due to the unique nature of their games, it can be difficult to find casinos that are running bonuses that players will be able to claim on them. The studio itself doesn’t tend to run many promotions either, so this can be tough. However, a lot of the casinos will offer welcome bonuses, free spins, and other such promotions, and these may be able to be used on Mikado slots.

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