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Top Slingshot Studios Online Casinos
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Best Slingshot Studios casino games

To have the power and acceptance of Microgaming behind you must be a huge boost to any studio, but the quality has got to be there in the first place and this is where the Slingshot Studio clearly excels. The studio is based in South Africa and with team members already enjoying years of experience in the online casino industry, all the games coming out of Slingshot are almost guaranteed to be hits for their Microgaming owners.

The standout feature from their current portfolio of slots is how they take a theme and then build everything around it with a lot of care and attention. It is clear that the game provider will not take the easy option and so every angle is explored until they hit a new and unique idea with which to take forward with the game design. The extra time and detail is paying off because some of their initial slot games have already caused a big stir in the Microgaming casino lobbies.

Here are GoodLuckMate’s top picks for the best Slingshot Studios games:

  • African Legends
  • A Dark Matter
  • Banana Odyssey
  • Zombie Hoard
  • Cash of Kingdoms

The themes for the Slingshot Studios slots above may not sound completely unique, but you will soon realise the clever ideas being used once you open up the games. Banana Odyssey is a crazy idea that works brilliantly well, and Cash of Kingdoms plays on the famous mobile social game of a similar name to great effect, too.

Other games from this provider

The portfolio of Slingshot Studios is all based around slot games and there is no sign of any table games or poker games as of yet. Microgaming has many game developers under their wing and so they will already have the table game section well and truly covered. However, there is a Slingshot Studios jackpots game with the new and striking African Legends title. 

The design focus of this team is to always produce a unique experience and the Wow Major Progressive Jackpot proves that point perfectly. Triggering the jackpot is achieved via the Rolling Reels feature and racking up eight reels consecutively will provide a win of at least €50,000 for the one lucky player.

Slingshot Studios bonuses

This gaming developer has ensured that its unique game themes are backed up with exciting and potentially rewarding bonus features. Some of the top features include invading and stacked wilds which can also be triggered within the free spins rounds for even bigger cash prizes. 

Respins are also available in the Banana Odyssey game and that basically makes up the available bonus rounds in their current lineup of slots. Admittingly, this is not the huge selection of Slingshot Studios bonus features that we expected to see, but there are enough included to look forward to playing the slots. A mixed level of volatility is available with low, medium, and high options which provides a gaming experience for all types of player budgets.

Play online – also from mobile casinos

The Slingshot Studios mobile casino experience is everything that you would expect from a partner of Microgaming. Complete mobile optimization is guaranteed on any small screen device from smartphones to tablets. The games have all been well thought out in terms of the theme and bonus features, and the exact same goes for the touchscreen controls and smooth mobile gameplay.

The advantage of working with and creating games for Microgaming is that you get access to a huge online casino audience. Players expect high-class gaming from the Microgaming brand and, therefore, although Slingshot has high levels to meet in terms of quality, if they get it right then that game can become an instant hit across the online casino world.

The best features from this game provider

Attention to detail is apparent as soon as you enter any of the slots above and none so much than in the ‘A Dark Matter’ game. The storyline is weaved into the gameplay as you look to unravel the mysteries of disappearances throughout the town of Stonehurst. We don’t want to give too much away, but you can expect free spin and wild reel bonus features to be included as you get introduced to various characters, who may or may not be the main culprit. 

We are tending to see modern slot games take on bigger storylines as players look to gain more from each gaming session. The bar is always being raised in terms of detail and Slingshot is right up there pushing the boundaries of slot game storytelling. Additionally, Microgaming titles are often linked to casino promotions and so you may find several Slingshot Studios free spins available, but as for network campaigns, then the only real contender is the African Legends jackpot linked in with the Microgaming jackpot network.

Steven Ford
Steven FordUpdated: 08 Jun 2022
Steve started his iGaming career back in 2007 and he has not looked back since. Various job roles for both global and startup casino brands have given him a deep and thorough under...

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