Video Roulette

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Video roulette has been one of the cornerstones of the online casino world and it is perhaps the most easily accessible game in the whole casino. In simple terms, roulette is a game of pure luck and offers the player no direct influence as you would find in games such as blackjack and poker. So, what makes video roulette such a fan favorite? Simplicity is one factor. The potential of winning big payouts from single number bets is another. But, it’s that accessibility factor that makes the RNG variant such a big hit in the online environment.

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What Is Video Roulette and How Is It Different?

Video roulette is largely based on the European roulette variant. So, that means single zero rules and favorable RTP percentages. However, many of the software studios still decided to develop American roulette versions, as well as other variants such as French roulette and mini roulette. The European version is the most popular though. This is largely down to the player-friendly rules, but checking out our roulette guide might be still useful. So, what else does the video roulette game offer online players?

RNG games (which means random number generator games) are perfect for when you want to play in your own time. You can play without any time limits and there is no additional urgency from the live dealer roulette host to place your bets. This aspect of the game is great for beginners. This way, they get to play and learn without pressure. These types of RNG games are also easier on the bankroll. The low running costs of video roulette helps to lower the betting limits with some games offering micro-limits from as low as €0.10 per bet. On the flip side, you can also find games that suit the high roller with huge betting limits that reach well into the hundreds of thousands. It’s a casino game that suits everyone, so what else can you expect from video roulette?

Betting Options & Casino Edge

Video roulette gives you all the typical betting options. Therefore, you do not miss out on any of the actions by deciding to play on the video version of the game. In fact, RNG games provide easy-to-use betting buttons that make placing chips and re-betting a quick and effortless task. Close-up shots of the betting table and roulette wheel also helps to bring the action right in front of you as you play. As you can see, there are many benefits of playing this game. One factor that should always be in the mind of the video roulette player is the overall casino edge.

Play the French roulette version and you can enjoy a low house edge of just 1.35%. This is all thanks to particular French rules like La Partage. European roulette offers a house edge of around 2.70%. Even though this is slightly higher than the French game, the simplicity of the rules makes it a common choice for the online casino crowds. One advantage of playing video roulette and the freedom it offers is that you have time to incorporate and test out various roulette strategies. Additionally, the player-friendly betting buttons that we spoke about such as “Double Bet” and “Rebet” help to make the Martingale and Fibonacci strategies so much easier to manage.

The Best Places to Find Video Roulette

If you want to jump straight into the game then you can play a free roulette demo online. However, if you’re ready to play with real money then you have a great selection of sites to choose from. Thankfully, you can find the very best of those sites here at GoodLuckMate as well. We review and analyze casino lobbies at all the top sites so that you can quickly find the best video roulette casinos available today. 

Video roulette offers a lot to beginner casino players with the removal of time limits and the inclusion of micro betting options. It is the perfect way to start playing with real money bets. Experienced players can find a lot of joy from the game too, due to the opposite end of the betting limits with some huge high roller options. 

Video roulette has been a popular online casino game for many years now and there are many reasons behind this. One of the most influential reasons is based on the simple fact that roulette is an entertaining game no matter where you play. Online or offline, RNG or live dealer, it is always a fun experience and that is why the video roulette casino game will continue to attract a broad spectrum of players for many more years to come.

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