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Roulette+ Slot Review

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What sets this thrilling game from Felt Gaming apart from other games is the 'Plus' part of the name. This is more than just one roulette game, this slot offers players many extras especially those that enjoy table games. It was developed by Felt and Relax Gaming. The Roulette+ slot combines two main games: European and American Roulette and three Side Bets for the two main versions of roulette. You already have up to eight different roulette variants at your service with one game. The RTPs differ based on the games, but you can get up to 97.30%. The Roulette+ slot makes you feel like you're really in a casino. You can hear the dealer's voice and sound effects as you place bets and play. Check these features out for free here at GoodLuckMate.

How to play

You can decide to either play the American or European version. The side bets include Double Ball Roulette, Hi/Lo Roulette and Straights and 8's Roulette, all having their individual American and European versions.

You start playing by selecting the main version you want and then placing your bet. By clicking on any of the chips below the roulette wheel, you can choose your bet. Inside Bets are between €1 and €100 while Outside Bets are between €1 and €1000. You can also add optional side bets with the Side Bet option. The game also offers Neighbor Bets through the Neighbors Button.

After all your bets have been placed, you can confirm them and click on the Green Wheel button. This will take you to the main section of the game, where you can click on Spin for the game to start or Table to adjust your bet again. If the ball lands on a segment matching any of your bets, you win. You can also rebet or start a new game.

Symbols and payouts

Since the Roulette+ slot is a table game, don't expect to see any symbols. Even with this, you get payouts based on the bet you make and the roulette game you choose. Inside bets are made in the inner part of the table, while the outside bets are the boxes that surround the individual numbers.

The European and American roulette offers the same payouts for Inside and Outside Bets. For Inside Bets, they include Straight Up, Split, Street (3 Line), Corner 4 Numbers, and 6 Line (Double Street), with respective payouts of 35x, 17x, 11x, 8x, and 5x your bet payout.

As for the Outside Bets, you get 2x your bet payout for 1st Dozen, 2nd Dozen, 3rd Dozen, Column 1, Column 2, and Column 3. Then, Odd, Even, Black and Red offer the same rewards of 1x your bet payout.

In Double Ball Roulette, you get an amazing 1200 to 1 when you choose the same number.

If you choose to play Hi/Lo Roulette, your pays begin from the third wheel spin sequence. You get 2x, 5x, 12x, 25x, 50x, 10x, 500x, and 1000x your bet payout for the wheel spin sequence of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, respectively.

The final side bet is the Straights and 8's. For 2 Numbers with a 1 Number Gap and 2 Numbers with 8's in a Row, you get 4 to 1. Next is 2 Sequential Numbers in a Row, which offers 7 to 1. For 3 Sequential Numbers with 8's in a Row and 3 Sequential Numbers in a Row, you get 50 to 1. Finally, you can win up to 500 to 1 for landing 8-18-28 in the first three spins and any order.

Best Roulette+ Bonus Features

There are no Roulette+ bonus features to expect except the side bets and neighbor bets. These side bets add more excitement to the game. The game also has different special features like the Game History and sound effects that bring it to life. You can focus more on exciting gameplay and many bets and game options instead. Don’t expect Roulette free spins either. 

RTP & volatility

The Roulette+ RTP is when things get a bit complicated. The slot has eight different RTPs depending on what you're playing. The highest is 97.30% for European Roulette in the main game. American Roulette in the main game offers 94.74%.

For Double Ball Roulette, you get 83.17% and 87.73% for American and European wheels, respectively. Hi/Lo Roulette will give you 96.03% and 95.85%, and finally, Straights and 8's offer 93.59% and 94.53%, for American and European roulette wheels, respectively.

Check out our roulette guide to know more about game rules and strategies.

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RTP:  97.30%
Roulette+ screenshot
Roulette+ screenshot
Samuel Alawode
Samuel Alawode
Published: 18 May 2021
Updated: 13 Mar 2023
Out of all the writers at GoodLuckMate, Samuel is hands-down the one who reviews and tests the most video slots on a weekly basis. So, if there’s anyone who knows which games are worth spinning (and which are not), it’s him. He’s also lurking around online casinos constantly to find the best offers and campaigns, which means he’s one of our go-to bonus experts.
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How Can I Play Roulette+ for Free?

A: Playing slots for free is never a problem. You can simply pick one of our top rated online casinos, search for Roulette+, and choose to play it in demo mode. You’ll then have demo money to play with – and you can play for as long as you’d like! When you’re ready to play for real you can simply claim your welcome bonus, and spin your way to the big wins!

Is Roulette+ the Best Online Slot?

A: Whether Roulette+ is the best slot for you or not depends on what kind of player you are. If you’re a high roller you’ll probably want to play a slot with a high volatility so you can get the massive wins, while if you’re a low roller you’ll probably prefer a slot with low volatility, so you can win more often. To find out if this is the best slot for you you’ll simply have to try it and see if you like it or not.

How Can I Win Real Money From Roulette+?

A: If you’re looking for some real excitement then playing Roulette+ for real money is what you should try, because that’s how you can win the real moolah. Check out the top lists right here at GoodLuckMate to find the casino best suited for you, make a deposit, search for the game and cross your fingers that Lady Luck is on your side!

Can I Play Roulette+ With Bonus Money?

A: If you’ve been lucky enough to claim a bonus at a casino then you’ll be able to use your bonus funds on almost all slots. There are very few exceptions, and if this Roulette+ can’t be played using bonus money you can simply wager through any wagering requirement on a different slot and then start this game once you have real cash in your account.

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