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Online slots

Ever since online casinos started becoming popular some 10-15 years ago, slots have been the biggest game category for online gambling. These are games that require no skill to play, and a new slot player will have the same chances of winning as someone that has played for years. There are of course exceptions, but most online slots are so easy to play that you don’t even have to know the game features, as clicking the ‘spin’ button is all it takes. 

The very first slots that became available online were fairly simple games, but now it’s a different story. There are tons of bonus features, spectacular graphics, and even in-game gamification. The maximum wins in the games have also risen by a lot. In many slots, you can win hundreds of thousands of times your bet, and even progressive jackpots are found in plenty of online slots. In fact, the biggest win ever paid out on an online slot was in the slot Mega Moolah, where a lucky player won more than 18 million euros in one single spin! Here at GoodLuckMate you will find plenty of online casino slot reviews so don't forget to check them out!

Play with real money

Most casinos offer the possibility to try their games in demo mode where you play with what they call play money or demo money. Although this can be great for checking a new game out, it’s of course not possible to win real money in demo mode, which is why playing for real is, obviously, the preferred way to play for most players. Some slots aren’t even available as demo games, so to play them you’ll have to risk some money yourself. Typically, these are jackpot slots or other progressive slots. There are also some gambling authorities that prohibit demo games in their jurisdictions, which means players will have to play real money slots if they want to play at all. 

There are a lot of players who think that it’s impossible to actually withdraw winnings from an online slot, but that’s of course not true. Even though playing slots is a form of entertainment, you can win money, and as long as you play for real money you can withdraw what you win. This works the same for online casinos as it does in land-based casinos, except that you can’t have the money in cash. Instead, you’ll have to withdraw your winnings to your bank account, back to your debit or credit card, to an e-wallet, or whatever other payment methods the casinos support. 

The best slot for you

Playing on the very best slot there will be something all players want to do, but is there really such a thing as “the best slot”? No, not really. Which online slot is the best one for you depends on what you like, as in the theme of the game and graphics, how volatile you’d like the payouts to be, and of course which bonus features you find the most entertaining. 

High rollers will usually prefer slots with high volatility. These are slots that don’t give you a win all that often, but when you win you can get a massive win of thousands of times your bet. Low rollers, or players that want to stay on the safe side, usually prefer lower volatility, so the wins come more frequently. However, the typical win on a low volatility slot is smaller. In the long run, the volatility won’t matter much for the overall winnings you get, but unless you’re planning on playing thousands and thousands of game rounds you should make sure the slot you choose has the volatility you’re after.

The complexity of the slot itself and its features and bonus rounds should also be something you consider. If you prefer simple games a classic slot will be your best option, while a video slot is better for players that prefer some action and excitement. 

Increase your winning chances

Even though all slots are made to be random, so that each and every spin is a game of chance, there are some things you can do to increase your winning chances. Per game round you can’t do anything to influence the result, but you can do something about your overall chances of winning in the long run. Here are some tips on how you can increase your long-term winning chances:

  • Pick the right slot with your preferred volatility.
  • Play a slot with a high RTP (Return To Player).
  • Set a budget for how much you’ll play for.
  • Decide in advance at which point you should withdraw your winnings.
  • Stop when you’re on top to avoid losing what you’ve won.

If you’re choosing to play a slot with a progressive jackpot there are some additional tips only for these games:

  • Play when the jackpot is bigger than the average jackpot payout for the game.
  • Bet a larger amount than the minimum. A high bet will increase your chances of triggering the jackpot.

Return To Player

When we’re talking about slots and the likelihood of winning we’re always coming back to one thing – RTP. The RTP is the theoretical return to player in the game, not per player but overall for the game. If the RTP is set to 98% it means that 98% of all wagers placed on the game are paid out as winnings, while the casino’s house edge is 2%. Basically, the casino keeps 2% of all bets, while the rest is divided into winnings going to the players. In theory, you should win €98 from every €100 you bet.

The RTP will always be less than 100% to allow for the casino to lose money on offering the game. That does not, however, mean that you can’t win from a slot. Some players will end up having an RTP that is much higher because other players will have an RTP of much less. What it does mean, is that some players will have to lose for others to be able to win. Who wins and who loses is left entirely up to chance, as it’s a random number generator that decides this, and these generators are not controlled by the casinos but rather by a third party. There are also third-party auditors making sure this is running as it should, and that there’s no tampering from either the casinos or the game providers.

Read GoodLuckMates reviews and try the slots for free

With thousands upon thousands of online slots you can play for real money it can be hard to know which slots you should try first. To help you out and make your choice a bit easier, we at GoodLuckMate have tested hundreds of slots. In our slot reviews you can read all about the bonus features in each game, how to play and of course also how much you can win. 

You can easily try the casino games on your phone, tablet, or PC for free before you decide whether you want to risk a bit of your own money. We’ve provided you with a link to where the game can be played; all you have to do is start the game and some demo money will be added, allowing you to spin the wheels for as long as you want.

Once you’ve found a slot you like you can head over to our casino reviews section. There you’ll find tons of reviews of casinos available for players in your country, and you’ll also see what kind of welcome bonus awaits new players. By signing up through the GoodLuckMate website you can claim a deposit bonus or even get some free spins at selected casinos. Once you’ve found a casino you’d like to play at you simply follow the link we’ve provided, register an account with the casino, and then you can start playing!

Good Luck!

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Eve LuneborgUpdated: 30 Jun 2022
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