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How to deposit with Maestro

When you want to make a transfer from your Maestro card to your casino account, you start by either choosing this option on the deposit page or choosing the payment provider that processes card payments at the casino. Once you’ve found the correct payment gateway, you pay with your card in the same way that you would pay for any purchase with an online store or merchant. A pop-up will appear on the screen, and you’ll be prompted to enter your card details.

The details you’ll have to enter are as follows: 16-digit card number (as printed on your card), the expiry date of the card, your name (as printed on the card). You’ll only have to enter these details the first time you make a deposit with the card, unless you choose not to allow the payment processor to save some of the details. If you allow your details to be saved — encrypted, of course — you’ll just have to enter the deposit amount and confirm the transaction the next time you want to make a new deposit.

As with most other payment cards, there is no transaction time to speak of, and your deposited funds will be credited to your account immediately, as long as your card issuer approves the transaction.

How to withdraw to Maestro

Withdrawals to a Maestro card are not possible. If you have chosen to deposit using this method, you’ll have to make a request to withdraw using a different payment method, and this usually means you’ll have to use a bank transfer. This is because a bank transfer is the only payment option that doesn’t have to be added, or mapped, to the casino account by performing a deposit. So, if you’ve only used a Maestro card for deposits, you’ll have no other method available. The casino can, however, allow you to make a deposit with another card or e-wallet, so you can get this added to your account and request your winnings to be paid out to one of these methods instead. You’ll receive more information about these routines from the casino itself. You can always contact their support team if you need assistance with withdrawals. 

When you’ll receive the funds you’ve withdrawn depends on the payment method you end up using for your cashout. A normal bank transfer can take up to 5 business days since these are international transfers, while transactions to a VISA or MasterCard can take up to 3 business days, and e-wallet transactions are instant.

How to verify your payment card

Since this card can’t be used for withdrawals, you’ll always need to verify the ownership of the card as soon as you want to make a withdrawal so that the casino can approve your cashout to a different method than you used to deposit. In addition to verifying your card, you’ll also need to verify your identity and your address because this is standard for any KYC verification where the casino needs to determine who is using the account. This is also why you need to be certain that you register your account with your true details since the casino will check this by requesting ID and a proof of address from you, along with a picture of your card.

For a picture of your card to be approved, you need to send in a photo of it in which all four corners of the card are visible. Your name, the expiry date, and the first 6 and last 4 digits of the 16-digit card number must also be visible. The other 6 digits have to be covered for the casino to be able to approve and save the image.

Limits and fees

Standard fees apply to any online transactions made with a Maestro card. These fees are usually 2.5% of the amount you want to transfer and will be added on top of your payment. However, you might not always have to cover these fees yourself since some casinos choose to cover this cost themselves. If they do, the amount you want to deposit into your account is the only cost that will be debited from your card.

A casino's card limits for deposits will vary since some choose to have high limits, while others choose to have low limits. The standard, more or less, is that the limit is set to somewhere between €1000 and €5000 per transaction. Just keep in mind that you may also have other limits connected to the card itself, and since these are set by the card issuer and not the casino, you’ll have to check this with the bank or financial institution that issued the card. 

Maestro bonus at online casinos

Using a card of some sort is always the best option if you want to be sure that you can participate in bonus offers. At any Maestro casino you choose, there shouldn’t be any bonus limitations, but just make sure you activate the bonus before you complete the deposit. Even though all normal offers can be triggered by a card payment, there are usually not many exclusive Maestro bonuses, and we haven’t seen any casinos offering extra goodies just for choosing this payment method. However, most casinos have plenty of deposit bonuses and free spins available anyways. 

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Eve LuneborgUpdated: 25 May 2022
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