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Kindred Teams Up with EASG to Help Fight Problem Gambling

Kindred Teams Up with EASG to Help Fight Problem Gambling

Kindred Group continues its battle for raising awareness of the importance of safe and responsible gaming. The company’s latest move is partnering with the European Association for the Study of Gambling. Alongside the EASG, Kindred will promote the Bettor Time app which identifies the first signs of problem gambling. Bettor Time was developed by Zafty Intelligence, a company that focuses on mobile mental health. Zafty developed a special algorithm that recognizes changes in behavior patterns. That way, the software can easily notice when gambling for fun becomes a serious gambling problem. The Bettor Time app will initially only be available for Androids, but the iOS app should follow soon.

Helping Customers Thanks to Science

The involvement in the promotion of the app was a logical step for Kindred. After all, the Group has committed to zero revenue from problem gambling by 2023. The app will be managed by the EASG. The Association will not only manage it but also use the gathered data to continue with academic research on problem gaming. The main goal of the initiative is to make the app available in all markets, and all niches of the industry. It is hoped the app will become an essential part of the portfolio of any responsible iGaming company. Furthermore, the scientific data will enable operators to act more responsibly by helping them implement new and more efficient measures for responsible gaming. What makes the app so special is that it is not limited to Kindred brands. It measures time spent on all gaming sites, regardless of the name and the operator. Bettor Time recognizes all platforms as soon as they are opened on a certain device. 

Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gambling and Research at Kindred Group, noted that promoting the app goes hand in hand with their Zero strategy. She hopes the app will help customers learn more about their own habits, thus making better decisions. Catania also invited other operators to join the effort and promote the app. 

Kindred Group Bettor Time app

About Bettor Time App

The Bettor Time app is based on a learning algorithm. As you play your favorite games or place bets, the app simply learns about your normal behavior and records your activity for future reference. The app compares the expected usage with actual gambling usage. It also detects trends, thanks to the extensive data on how and when you play your favorite games. On top of that, it has three blocking options that help you limit access to certain sites. The app also has phone locks, a time tracker, and many other useful features. If you want to limit the time you spend on gambling, just set the reminder integrated within the app. Customers can also fill out a questionnaire to find out whether they have already developed concerning gaming patterns. 

Thanks to the archive it has on your gaming actions, the app can easily detect any changes in your activity, even the very subtle ones. Kindred Group provided a simple example: “a player who regularly bets for two hours on a Saturday morning suddenly starting to play at midnight on a Tuesday”. Such behavior will trigger the app that will warn the user about the changes. It will recommend using some features and getting support to keep gaming harmless fun. As always, it is up to the customer to accept the suggestion, or decline it.

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