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KSA Warns Operators Over Autoplay Feature After Player’s Tip-Off

The Netherlands is on course to ensure its gambling industry remains safe and adheres to industry standards. This is only about 6 months after its mass legalization which attracted a host of license holders. But even after legalization in November 2021, several changes continue to characterize the laws to guide operators.

Autoplay Banned by the Dutch Regulator

One of the changes to the laws is the ban on autoplay features. And now the KSA is issuing a stern warning to operators found to use this feature. This comes after an operator the regulator didn’t mention failed to remove this feature. It’s no doubt an exciting add-on by operators but the Netherlands banned its use with fears of deep addiction. The KSA argued that the feature allows players to play through a ton of money, which is risky. 

In a rather interesting move, the gambling watchdog failed to mention the name of the operator. The KSA said it was tipped off by a responsible player who spotted the issue. KSA’s report argued that the basis of this feature is allowing the casino to access the player’s balance as many times as the player set. 

The gambling watchdog then conducted its investigation after the tip-off. These investigations revealed that the operator offered at least three games with this feature even with a ban effected on the same. According to the KSA, players should be able to decide whether they want to continue with gambling after the most recent outcome. 

Wrongdoers Risk Paying a €300K Fine

Introducing the autoplay function deprives players of choice. To this point, the KSA is yet to issue a penalty to the perpetrator nor has it revealed its name. However, if found on the wrong side of the regulations, operators will have to part with €300,000 as a fine. 

The gambling watchdog continues to monitor licensed operators in the country while advising on various issues. Some of them include general bonus regulations and rules around advertising when it comes to live sports events. 

While the KSA ranks among the strictest regulators in the gambling industry, it has also shown a softer side toward operators. The KSA says this is the case since it’s still changing several aspects of the laws already in action while also clarifying various misunderstandings. 

Illegal Gambling on the Decline Says KSA

KSA’s chair said the Netherlands is reaping the fruits of its strategy used in reducing illegal gambling. René Jansen said this at ICE London. The chair stated that clamping down on unlicensed operators helped deter other unlicensed operators from offering their services. 

Some of the top iGaming companies affected by the clampdown include Kindred Group. The result of the ban effected on October 1, 2021, saw the company's revenue drop by 30%. Jansen also noted that the Dutch iGaming market could get smaller than earlier predicted. This was captured in the regulator’s annual report It stated that five months after launching regulated iGaming ending March 2022, 634,000 iGaming accounts went live.

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Nerijus Grenda
Nerijus Grenda
Published: 28 Apr 2022
Updated: 13 Mar 2023
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