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Swedish Lottery Provider Signs Deal to Promote Esports

Swedish Lottery Provider Signs Deal to Promote Esports

In an effort to boost the presence of esports in Sweden, Svenska Spel has entered into a new partnership with an esports training facility. The lottery provider has joined forces with Esportshall in a deal that it hopes will develop esports in the country.

Continued Development in Sweden

The partnership has set its sight on helping those that are starting out in esports competitions. There is an emphasis on players of popular games, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being targeted. 

To get the ball rolling, there have been several esports competitions organized by the two companies, with the earliest taking place on October 16th. There has also been some help from Swedish esports tournament provider, Svenska Elitserien. Esportshall already had a pre-existing relationship with the company and it is hoping that this will continue to grow through these tournaments. 

Swedish Lottery Provider Joins Deal to Promote Esports

Focus on Young Talent and Growth

Jimmy Sandberg, the project manager at Svenska Spel spoke with great enthusiasm about the deal. They said that the company wants to be involved in developing esports in the country from grassroots all the way up to the top. 

They added that Svenska Spel is happy to be able to take part and help to fund these tournaments with Svenska Elitserien and Esportshall. 

The founder of Esportshall, Karl Sergal, was also excited at the prospect. They said that when Esportshall became a reality, it seemed only right to give Sweden’s largest esports league and tournament access to the venue. 

Big Ambitions

Esportshall was founded by Karl Sergal with big dreams. The organization provides a physical space where players can nurture their skills and grow. There is also a focus on health at the venue. Players are not only taught how to play games but they are also prompted towards physical exercise and healthy eating, two factors that they believe will help the athletes grow. 

The aim of all of this is to help Sweden’s presence grow in the esports world and to really put some of its players on the map. The country is already largely considered as one of the best in the world in the area, with the country sitting in the top 10 highest earners. Only Denmark is more successful in the sport in Europe. 

Esportshall is also looking to find other ways to improve the experience for its players. One way it has done this is by securing deals with computer company Lenovo and gaming equipment specialists Corsair. 

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