Autoplay for automatic spins

In most slots, you’ll find the autoplay, or auto spin, button in the main menu, located under the game itself. The common options for the number of spins you can activate are 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100, although some even go as high as 250, 500 or 1000. When activating this you won’t have to do anything yourself, as the game will automatically start the next game round as soon as the last one is completed. 

You can, of course, choose to end the autoplay function whenever you want to, as it’s not like you have to play through all the spins you activated. If you want a game that not only plays automatically but also goes faster, you can also activate the quick spins function, which makes the game go faster and you won’t see the reels spin for as long before they actually stop. Usually, the quick spin feature can be activated and deactivated even when you’re playing auto spins, but if you also want to change your bet or anything else that will affect the game itself you’ll have to stop the autoplay mode before you can make any changes. There are also some features in a game that can automatically stop the autoplay function.

With many game providers, autoplay also comes with settings that you can adjust yourself. You can choose for the autoplay to stop when your balance has changed by a certain amount, or when you hit a big win. 

Bonus games and free spins

A bonus game in a slot is usually the most popular part of the game, as well as the feature where you have the greatest chance to get a big win. These features are therefore not something you’d like to miss, and that’s why a lot of slots choose to automatically stop autoplay when a bonus game is triggered. This is to make sure that you yourself can start the bonus feature so that you’ll be able to pay attention to what you win. If the game is not set up to do this automatically there is usually a setting within the autoplay feature that allows you to choose to stop autoplay when a bonus is triggered.

In some slots, you’ll also have to make decisions of your own when you activate an in-game bonus. This can be either when you need to choose between different features or volatility levels, or if the bonus game is a pick & click game. If this is the case then auto spin will always automatically stop until you’ve made your choice.

Auto spins and gamble features

Most slots that have a feature where you need to make a decision yourself won’t allow for an autoplay function, but there are exceptions. This is especially true in slots that have the “gamble feature”. When you win you can sometimes choose if you want to take your winnings and add them to the balance in the game, or if you want to play a 50/50 or a 25/75 game where you bet the amount you won. Typically, you’ll choose either the card color red or black for a 50/50 game or a card suit for a 25/75 game. 

This gamble feature will usually not stop autoplay, as it’s simply not available when you choose to spin automatically on a slot. The default setting is that all wins will be added straight to the balance in your casino account, and you won’t be able to use the gamble feature. If you want to use it you’ll simply have to play by manually starting every game round by pressing play or spin.