Slots with memory

The fact that a slot has a memory will not impact your chances of winning in each spin, so this is the same for a progressive slot as for normal slots. The difference is found in other aspects of the game. For example, you might find that there is a meter of some sort in a game, which you need to fill, for instance by collecting wins from a special symbol or collecting a scatter symbol, etc. This is in short a bit separate from the normal game, as some sort of extra feature. 

Once this meter is filled you’ll get a reward, which can be several different things. It could simply trigger a normal free spins bonus round, it could give you multipliers from the next time you get a bonus feature in the game, or it can trigger a special form of bonus game that you can’t access any other way in the game. No matter what kind of reward you get there is one thing that is always true, and that is that it will give you the chance to win more than any of the “normal” features of the game.

The special bonus you get from a progressive slot is in addition to the normal bonuses in the game, and that means you’ll get more from this feature, without having to worry about winning less in the main game. 

Progress over time

Triggering this bonus won’t usually happen that often though, but on the other hand you won’t have to get there all in one go. The memory of the slot can sometimes last for years, but also only for a couple of days. The length of each specific slot’s memory is something you can find in the in-game information. 

Just remember, the memory will not carry from one casino to another, even though it’s the same slot you’re playing. So if you’ve started playing a slot at one casino it could be best to continue at the same casino the next time you want to try your luck again on the same slot. 

In some cases, the progression in the game can also be connected to your bet, so that you’ll have to start fresh whenever you adjust your bet per spin. If the progression is not connected to your bet the bonus you get will be adjusted according to the wager you play with when you fill up your meter.

For example: if the goal is to collect ten scatter symbols and the reward once that’s done is to get free spins, the bet in the free spins game round will be the average bet you had when you collected the scatters. If five were collected while your bet was €10 and five were collected while your bet was €5, the free spins would trigger with a bet value of €7.50. 

Progressive slot for increased player loyalty

Even though the rewards you might get from a progressive slot compared to a normal video slot can be great, it’s important to know why this feature exists. The whole point of having slots like this, from the point of view of a casino or a game provider, is to increase player loyalty. They want you to play for a longer time on this slot, instead of changing to a different slot or stopping playing altogether. 

Playing more and more, even if you’re losing, just to get to trigger the special bonus is never smart, and you should make sure you’re playing responsibly even if you are chasing after that next bonus game. Since most games have a long memory you can come back and play more some other day when you might be a bit luckier.