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The 4 Steps to Become a High Roller Casino Player

High rollers are considered the rich daredevils of online and land-based casinos. Not only do they play to win big, but they also play for the thrills associated with the glitz and glamour of casino life. Most casino enthusiasts dream of being high rollers. Therefore, these types of players are often held in high regard.

High rollers, also called whales or cheetahs, enjoy some of the best perks casinos offer. Such individuals get access to various benefits, from unlimited drinks at land-based casinos to VIP status at online casinos.

Considering everything high rollers are privy to, it is no surprise why many aspiring gamblers look up to high rollers. In this article, we outline how it is possible to become a high roller. Before that, however, let us discuss what a high roller is and the benefits of having this status.

What is a High Roller?

A high roller is a player who gambles with large stakes at a casino. These players should have a considerable bankroll that protects them from the violent swings associated with online gambling. Although high rollers are players most casinos dream of hosting, not every casino can support the money they wager.

A high-roller casino is an online platform that caters to high-rollers in various ways, including via its casino games and the available stake limits. High rollers are typically the most valuable players at an online casino, shown by the perks they can receive. 

How we define a high roller can be complicated, but typically, these players wouldn't lose any sleep if they lost a grand or two while spinning the slots.

What are the Benefits of Being a High Roller?

As you might have expected, high rollers are sought out by casinos since they are the players who spend the most money while playing casino games. Due to the competitive nature of the gambling world, casinos offer various benefits to draw these players in. Below are some of the benefits of being a high roller:

VIP Promotions

While many casinos offer sign-up bonuses and exclusive promotional content, they rarely compare to the deals they have in store for high rollers. Whales or cheetahs can get more cash bonuses on their deposits than regular gamblers, more loyalty points for every bet, not to mention exclusive birthday and anniversary bonuses. In some cases, special players can also receive free tickets to major sports events.

Exclusive Bonuses

Online casinos reward players for spending money; high rollers are at the top of their list. High rollers receive various exclusive bonuses that may either come as a surprise bonus from their account manager or something they unlock once they reach high roller status.

These rewards usually come as free spins, deposit match bonuses, free poker chips, or account top-ups of free cash to play with. Plus, high rollers who enjoy slot games may be rewarded with bonus spins instead of free chips. 

Exclusive Casino Games

High rollers, on some occasions, can get early access to games before they debut to the general public. As VIP players, high rollers can try all the new games and individual tables that regular players often do not get exclusive access to.

Special Withdrawals

While regular players have to deal with limits on how much they can cash out in one go, high rollers can enjoy higher withdrawal limits. High rollers also do not have to endure the long withdrawal times other players do. Online casinos naturally do not want their players to find somewhere more suitable to play; therefore, deposits and withdrawals from these players are considered a priority.

Dedicated Customer Service

In online and land-based casinos, high rollers are at the forefront. The casinos provide personal account managers or dedicated support representatives to guarantee that their high-rolling customers have everything they need for a top-notch gambling session. Although the hosts cannot serve drinks as they do at land-based casinos, they enhance the VIP customer’s experience by providing exclusive deals, ensuring their withdrawal requests are prioritised and resolving any immediate challenges.

The Games Available at High Roller Casinos

The casino game options for high rollers are virtually no different from those at traditional casinos. Nonetheless, high rollers can test their luck with the following casino game categories:

  • Card games, including all variants of baccarat, blackjack, poker, etc.
  • Table games, including craps, roulette, and all their variations.
  • Different types of slot games with unlimited jackpots.
  • Live dealer games.
  • Tournaments on different casino games with exclusive conditions and extra multipliers.

The 4 Steps to Become a High Roller

You cannot turn into a high roller overnight. Entering the world of large bets and high limits involves time, patience, and significant money. We need to stress that unless you have a significant amount of money, you should not consider becoming a high roller as this will potentially cause a lot of stress.

Following are the steps to become a high roller:

Step 1 - Adopt a High Roller Mindset

If you aspire to be a high roller, the initial step is to adopt a mindset that aligns with this identity. While you cannot fake your actual status, you can still assume the habits of extravagant gamblers. What do you think high rollers do? They do not hesitate to place higher wagers, despite the possible risks. They know the risks and understand gambling is based on luck, so losing funds is not unexpected.

There will always be a risk when you bet large amounts, but it helps to think big. Do you want to make do with small victories when there is always the chance to win big? It is always a good idea to ensure that you are ready for any risks that may come your way.

Step 2 - Make a Large Deposit

While depositing your entire gambling bankroll would be reckless, ensure it is a significant figure once you do. Several casinos favour your readiness to invest a specific amount of funds over the bets you place at any time. 

A significant deposit shows that you are ready to do business with them, so they will focus more on earning your loyalty as a customer. As we said earlier, different treatment is offered to players who bet more at casinos. 

Among the simplest ways to become noticed by an online casino is to place substantial bets on slot games. Although most high rollers prefer to bet on table games, slot games also have benefits, provided you know what you are doing and that luck is on your side. 

High rollers playing slot games already have higher chances of winning multiplier incentives and bigger jackpots. Additionally, doing so boosts your standing to receive exclusive prizes from online casinos that value high rollers. Plus, if you bet large amounts of money, you might have a decent chance of ascending the online casino VIP levels quicker. 

Above all, no matter what you do, know that responsible gambling is the best way to go, and betting big amounts, while thrilling, has risks.

Step 3 - Choose a Top-Notch Online Casino

Every casino offers its own set of rewards for players. Consequently, it is best to seek out a casino that offers spectacular bonuses and has realistic terms and conditions attached to those bonuses. That is because casinos often lure players in with appealing rewards, only to stall withdrawals based on hidden unfair terms. 

When you choose an online casino licensed by a reputable regulatory body, such as the UK Gambling Commission, you can be sure it strictly follows all the safety rules and stipulations the regulator sets.

Signing up with casino sites offering a standard deposit match bonus of at least four figures for your extended gameplay is also recommended.

You can also set your goal of becoming a high roller if you register with an online casino that rates your bets. To do so, head to your preferred casino’s loyalty program section and check the number of comp points needed to obtain the VIP level. That way, you can keep track of your progress.

Once again, there is no one-size-fits-all way to achieve high roller status at an online casino. Just adopt a high-roller attitude, master your skills at your favourite casino game, and make large bets.

Step 4 - Money Management is Vital 

While on your way to becoming a high roller, you must always remember that no amount of money can protect you if you become a compulsive gambler. A good rule of thumb is to browse the casino’s gaming lobby and try playing a few while considering the spending limit you have set for yourself, even as an aspiring high roller. 

The main objective here is to conduct yourself so that while you do not mind spending big, the casino can also trust that you are a dependable customer. Lastly, and most importantly, strictly avoid gambling if you have a weakness when spending money.

Professional gamblers are very aware of the importance of discipline. They realise if they bet a penny over their budget, this could lead to further discipline issues down the road. Therefore to become a high roller working out how much money you can bet per spin per game is essential.

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Matthew Gover
Last Update: 08 May 2023
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