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The Best 7 Netflix Movies about Gambling and Casinos

Watching an exciting movie based on your favourite genre can transport viewers to another world. For casino lovers, a movie based on casinos and gambling is a treat. These movies let casino enthusiasts live through their favourite characters, where their imaginations can run wild as they wonder how they would react if they were in the same scenario.

Most of these casino-themed movies have excellent direction and production and are exciting to watch. This article recommends some of this genre's top-rated movies in the industry.  

Stream these from the comfort of your home on Netflix and make your weekends worthwhile. We have put forward these recommendations based on viewer reviews, overall production, and, most importantly, how accurately they capture the reality of the industry.

Gambling Movie #1 - Win It All

This casino-themed movie is a masterpiece directed by Joe Swanberg. Viewers follow the story of a gambling addict named Eddie, who is always searching for different financial means to feed his addiction. The movie heats up as he receives a bag from an unknown man who promises Eddie a reward if he keeps it safe and hidden. 

As there is a delay in the man's return, Eddie opens the bag and finds a large sum of money. Once again, Eddie, who sees it as a way to back his gambling addiction, does so and loses most of his money. The movie continues as Eddie feels a threat to his life. Win It All features multiple casino scenes and portrays the risks of gambling addiction

However, the plot twists in the movie were both appreciated and criticized, as some have accused the film of romanticising gambling addiction. Overall, Jake Johnson wrote the script well and did an incredible job as an actor. It was also slightly different from other gambling-themed movies, as we see noticeable character development throughout the movie. Win it All is well-filmed and different from many other conventional gambling-themed films. 

Gambling Movie #2 - 21

You're not alone if you are a casino enthusiast, always curious to know how casino algorithms work. The movie “21” features a group of MIT students who try to beat the house at Blackjack to win millions in the gambling capital of the world, Vegas. The movie features these students' flashy, exciting adventures in Las Vegas. The question is, do they manage to beat the algorithm?

Watch this movie and live through Ben Campbell’s character as he explores some of the finest casinos in Vegas. He uses his MIT brain to devise a mathematical algorithm that could give them a better edge at Blackjack. The film used some of the finest cinematography, dialogues, and effects, resulting in a thrilling experience.

The movie has something for everyone; it has light-hearted comedy within the dialogue and gives us an insight into some of the most popular casino games. Seeing Ben Campbell in action is like being part of the casino scene, where you secretly wish for him to win. Overall, it is a good movie, both concept and production-wise. 

Casino Movie #3 - Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems, a movie featuring Adam Sandler, contains many lessons for gamblers and casino enthusiasts. It is the story of Howard, a New York City jewellery dealer struggling to balance family, career, and entertainment choices. Howard has a gambling problem where he spends most of his money feeding his addiction putting his business and family income at stake. These irresponsible gambling habits lead to his life becoming out of control. Watch him balance his life to find a rare and expensive gem.

Benny Safdie, the director of the film, has done an excellent job in putting together different elements of the film with help from his team. He has created an environment in the movie that makes the viewers understand Howard’s emotions and empathise with him. Certain patterns are also observed in his behaviour, which show manifestations of a gambling disorder that not many movies in this genre show.

Adam Sandler has truly portrayed what goes through a gambler's mind through his acting. The anxiety that plagues the mind and the constant swirl of gambling being on your mind 24/7 will surely resonate with many people.

Casino Movie #4 - Army of The Dead

Filmed in Atlantic City, Army of the Dead is a zombie-themed movie directed by Zack Snyder. The story begins with a zombie outbreak in the gambling paradise of Las Vegas, establishing a quarantine zone. The movie features multiple scenes showing how life in the flashy city of Las Vegas is disrupted, halting all gambling activities. 

Following this, mercenaries break into the area to recover a huge sum of money before the government blows off the city with a strategic nuclear strike. The movie features Dave Bautista as Scott Ward, who enters the city with his former teammates Vanderohe, Maria Cruz, and many others. 

The movie gets more interesting following the team’s encounter with the zombies and thus instantly captivates the viewer’s interest in it. There’s adventure, thrill, and many breathtaking scenes shot skillfully, all to save the cash before the government nukes the city. Feel lost in the adventure, and switch to survival mode as you watch this masterpiece from the comfort of your home. All these reasons put this powerhouse among the list of top gambling movies in this category. 

Gambling Movie #5 - Croupier

A title exciting enough to attract a casino player’s interest, the Croupier is a movie starring Clive Owen. The main character, Jack, is a struggling writer who, seeing his financial struggle, decides to work in a casino as a croupier. He is not a person who takes much interest in gambling, but slowly, he is driven toward the casino world and starts to break different rules levied on his job. 

It all falls into place for the plot twist when a gambler, Jani, befriends Jack against the rules of the casino. By doing this, she gains his trust and devises a plan for a robbery in the casino. In return, she offers Jack a generous sum of money. Trusting Jani, Jack starts working on the plan to carry out the heist with her. Yet, Jack is unaware of the entire plan he is a part of and the consequences that may follow. 

Watch the plot unfold with the brilliantly captured scenes, dialogue delivery, and twists. The movie is nothing less than a treat for casino enthusiasts, as most scenes are shot in casinos. Watch the cards being shuffled, the casino chips being stacked, and the money being dealt in the movie, and save yourself a trip to Vegas. 

Casino Movie #6 - Mississippi Grind 

Starring Ben Mendelsohn as Gerry and Ryan Reynolds as the talented poker player Curtis, this movie is a great watch for casino enthusiasts. Gerry enters a poker tournament at a casino where his luck betrays him. There he encounters a young poker player, Curtis, who wins the first big hand of the game. Seeing Curtis as a friendly fellow, Gerry tries to befriend him and successfully does so. 

After meeting Curtis, Gerry has more episodes of unsuccessful casino experiences, whereas Curtis wins at another game. The superstitious Gerry thinks that luck is associated with Curtis and convinces him to take a trip to the South to have some big casino wins, to which Curtis reluctantly agrees. 

We see multiple contrasting features in both main characters of the story, with Curtis being seen as a sensible player and Gerry as an impulsive bettor, making him lose most of his games at the casino tournaments. As the story unfolds, many changes in friendship between the two are seen, mainly due to a lack of honesty, Gerry’s impulsiveness, and irresponsible gambling habits. 

The movie gives the audience insight into some hard-learned facts about gambling, including observing the house edge and the risk in the game. Overall, the movie had a nice storyline, character development, and cinematography, making it one of our recommendations. 

Gambling Movie #7 - Molly’s Game

Another one on this list, Molly’s Game, is based on a true story of a former Olympic skier, Molly Bloom. Molly ran one of the world’s most high-risk poker games for a decade and became a sensation in the casino world. The players in her game include some of the wealthiest people in business and celebrities among the other elite. This, however, made her a target of the FBI, and she was eventually arrested by a group of agents one night. 

Following her arrest, Molly’s only ally is a New York lawyer, Charlie Jaffey, who helps her escape this situation. The case is complicated as the Russian mobsters were also one of the game's players, so the government finds her activities suspicious. Watch as Molly uncovers her past, solves problems with her present, and tells her truth. 

Final Note

Each recommendation above is made by considering the elements that make up a good movie. Some promote responsible gambling, while some take you on an adventure. But what’s common with them is that they take you on a trip to the luxurious and exciting casino world. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy streaming these casino movies on Netflix and lose yourself in their adventures. 

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Last Update: 13 Dec 2023
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