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UK Online Casino Trends To Look Out For in 2023

The online casino industry is constantly developing due to constant technological advancements. UK players enjoy an improved gambling experience every year, increasing the popularity of the already-widespread iGaming industry. Slot developers always look for ways to improve existing gambling platforms and develop new and unique slots regularly.

The developments in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Metaverse mean these technologies will soon be incorporated more into the UK's online casino industry. Some developers have already started incorporating these new technologies into their slot releases, and the response from gamblers has been very positive so far.

The iGaming industry is becoming a crucial part of the UK’s economy bringing in billions. This number is expected to increase in the coming years, and this rising popularity can be attributed to several factors.

Some of the most prominent factors include an improved gambling experience, better security and privacy of players, and strict regulation by government authorities. This article will discuss all the present and future trends likely to impact the UK online casino industry.

So, let's see the UK's online casino trends to expect in 2023:

Trend #1 - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a crucial aspect of many industries, with online gambling being added to this list of industries gradually. In 2023, artificial intelligence will likely become a prominent part of most online slots.

Since AI can remember the kind of games you like and the skills you develop playing them, it can customise your gaming experience to your liking. It can also help limit your gambling hours if you struggle to control your time spent on slots.

Machine learning is a central part of AI that seems to have promising effects on the online casino industry in 2023. One of its most beneficial impacts is using its algorithms to prevent cheating and fraud, which are common in online gambling.

Thanks to its ability to make accurate predictions and analyse data quickly, machine learning can also have applications in customer service. Bots can be trained to immediately answer common queries that players may have, which means customers can receive instant responses. The more this technology improves, the better the experience will be for players.

Trend #2 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

2023 will likely be the year online slots become available in the Metaverse. With the rising popularity of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), more and more iGaming companies are focusing on building UK online casinos that can be accessed through VR headsets.

The unique thing about these headsets is that they transport you to a Metaverse, where you can interact with other players from your home. The only problem is that VR headsets are expensive, meaning that only a limited portion of the population can access them. Players who have tried VR-based online slots have had a very positive response.

VR headsets may become more accessible in 2023, so more people will purchase them. Due to these games' high level of realism, they are likely to be preferred over existing online slots available on smartphones, especially among gamblers. VR headsets also come with hand-operated controllers allowing you to interact with other players in a 3D world.

The difference between VR and AR is that VR deals with virtual elements, while AR incorporates real-world elements into games. If you prefer slots with animations, you can opt for VR-based slots. If you are a fan of traditional land-based casinos, you can opt for AR-based slots, as you will feel like you are sitting in an actual casino and interacting with the game's characters or other players.

Trend #3 - Wearable Tech

Before AR and VR-based games become more prevalent, chances are online slots that can be played on wearables like smartwatches may become widespread. In today’s fast-paced world, individuals do not like wasting time and would love to be able to play slots or any other type of casino game, no matter where they are. Even though the availability of slots on smartphones means that you can play them no matter where you are, smartwatch gambling will likely take this portability to the next level.

Suppose you are standing in a queue waiting to buy something at your local hardware store, and the line is too long. You can take out your phone and pass your time by gambling online on your smartphone, but you will think twice and would want to be sitting somewhere and playing. If your favourite online slot has a smartwatch version, it will make it much easier for you to play it while standing in the queue.

Those days are long gone when watches were used only to check the time. Today, smartwatches allow you to receive calls, send text messages, browse the web, skip to the next song, play mini-games, track your steps, shop online, and much more without taking out your phone.

Due to their convenience, several slot providers are developing variants of their games that can be played on a smartwatch.  Playtech has already launched a betting app that can be played on an Apple watch, and more developers are likely to follow.

Trend #4 - Increase in Payment Options

Online casinos that use cryptocurrency as a payment option have become quite popular over the past few years. Several players have chosen this method over cash payments for several reasons. Most slot players want to maintain their anonymity while betting on different games, which is impossible with cash payments.

Even online cash payments require you to provide personal information like your name and bank account details. Using cryptocurrency as a payment method also means increased security, as e-wallets are challenging to hack into.

In November 2022, the FTX international exchange crashed, leading many people to believe cryptocurrency would gradually lose popularity. This does not seem to be the case in 2023. Players have become so used to the anonymity and ease of use of crypto payment platforms that they are unlikely to switch back to cash payments. The transaction fees of crypto are also lower than traditional payment methods, which is another reason for their popularity.

In 2023, coins other than Bitcoin and Ethereum may be incorporated into more gambling platforms, and more crypto-based casinos will probably be introduced. Even though crypto is not regulated in the UK yet, it is expected to achieve the same level of importance as cash-based casinos by introducing new laws.

Trend #5 - Enhanced Player Security through Regulation

The UK enjoys some of the world’s most secure and comprehensive regulations when it comes to online gambling. Online casinos are legal in the UK as long as they are being operated under a license from the UK Gambling Commission, which is the authority that is responsible for regulating all kinds of gambling, including land-based and online.

Some casinos may operate illegally in the UK without a license, and players must be careful to avoid playing slots developed by unlicensed providers. The internet can provide sufficient information about the licenses of different developers.

The UK recognises that gambling can become an addictive activity making it difficult for players to control themselves, especially when online gambling sites and apps are so readily available.

To counter this problem, several self-regulation apps have been developed which can allow players to self-exclude from regulated sites. Gamban, Gamstop, and Betblocker are three of the most popular apps that can block access to all online casinos that are operating under the UKGC license.

With the help of these apps, the government ensures that gambling is carried out responsibly without excessive risk to the players. These apps either work by blocking all access to gambling websites or preventing individuals from registering and making their accounts. Such security measures introduced by the UK will ensure that online casinos are regulated and do not threaten the players' health.

Final Thoughts

The latest online casino trends likely to be observed in 2023 are impressive, as they can enhance players' capabilities and provide a better gambling experience overall.

This modern industry is expected to be significantly affected by technologies like artificial intelligence and AR and VR headsets in 2023, adding a new twist to existing online slots and other casino games.

Cryptocurrencies may also become a standard payment method due to their anonymity, low fees, and security, and some traditional land-based casinos will probably close down.

To ensure that online gamblers are responsible and are not risking their health and finances, self-exclusion apps are now available, which can block access to online gambling completely. Also, the availability of slots for smartwatches may make playing on the go even more convenient.

These fundamental changes will hit the UK online casino industry in 2023. Still, some other unexpected innovations in this ever-evolving industry may emerge at some point in the future.

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Matthew Gover
Last Update: 17 Apr 2023
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