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What Is a Cashback Bonus?

What Is a Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus is exactly what it sounds like. It's a bonus that gives you cash back.
From a player's perspective, there are several benefits of this type of casino bonus:

  • Get money back on losses
  • Extend playing time
  • Typically low wagering requirements
The way it works is that you start by making a deposit at your casino. Then, you play.
If you win, great; you can make a withdrawal, and it's all good. Then again, if you're unlucky and lose the money you deposited, then the casino will give you some money back to give you a second chance to win.

How Much Cashback Can I Get?

How much you'll get depends on the specific casino bonus offer, and the norm can be anything between 10% and 50%. If, for example, you get a 25% cashback offer, then you'll get a quarter of your losses back. If you deposited £100 and lost it, you'll get a £25 cashback bonus. 

Sometimes, the cashback offer can be valid for one deposit only, so how much you'll get back depends entirely on that one deposit you make. However, lately, it’s becoming more common to get a weekly cashback, accumulating for all your losses during a week. Some casinos also do monthly cashback promotions. 

The benefit of a weekly or monthly cashback is that since it's over a longer period, you can get a large cashback. Then again, a longer time period can also mean you won't get anything. This is because it's based on accumulated losses and not just your deposits.

If you, sometime during the week, won a big win and made a withdrawal of your winnings, that will count against the losses you had during that same week. Thus, you'll get a smaller cashback, or no cashback at all, if you end up on the winning side. 

Best Cashback Casino Bonuses

Cashback Bonus Terms & Conditions

The term 'cashback' might sometimes be a bit misleading, as it's usually not actual cash you get back if you lose. Most often, it's bonus money.

Bonus money will always come with some terms, and the terms for a casino cashback bonus are no different than for any other casino bonuses. The money you get will likely come with a wagering requirement, which means you can't simply withdraw your bonus immediately.

From the casino's perspective, losing your initial deposit isn't enough to "earn" the cashback. You'll also have to turn over the cashback you get to earn this bonus properly. 

The good news regarding cashback bonuses is that the wagering requirement is often lower than a regular reload bonus. Often, it can be as low as 10x or 20x, which for a casino bonus is considered very good.

You might also find offers that offer cash without a wagering requirement. Still, the maximum casino cashback bonus you can claim will most likely be relatively low if you do. 

Another bonus term you'll need to keep an eye out for is which games you can and cannot play with a bonus like this. Frequently, money from a cashback bonus can only be used on a specific game type, like slots or live table games. Also, ensure you don't exceed the maximum bet allowed per game round while using bonus money. 

Tips For Choosing the Best Online Casino with Cashback Bonus

To find a top cashback casino bonus, you need to know how to recognize it first. Below, we provide a list the main aspects of a solid offer. Naturally, you should consider your own personal preferences, playing budget, and favorite games.

Still, these positive traits are pretty much evergreen when it comes to solid cashback bonus at online casino sites.

Overall value

Overall value

Sometimes, a bonus just makes sense. It will have a reasonable percentage of cash back, no limits, and will let you play the games you like.

Cashback percentage

Cashback percentage

Ideally, you want as high a casino cash back percentage as possible. Anything of at least 20% is solid, though most casinos will give 5-15%.

Max cashback amount

Max cashback amount

This aspect is very important, especially if you are a high-spender. Even if the cashback percentage seems high, some cashback casino offers have too low max cash back amounts of only £20 or £30. We're not saying this is bad, but it's ideal if there are no such restrictions or if the max cashout is at least £100.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements

We will always prefer casino rebates without any wagering requirements. Such cashback is given and ready to cash out or used to win real prizes immediately. Playthrough, in this case, seems a bit unfair because, in a way, you've already wagered the money.



The duration itself doesn't quite make or break the offer. However, if you want to play and get the cashback as soon as possible, you may prefer daily cashback compared to monthly cashback.

Supports all or most games

Supports all or most games

Finally, let's mention that the best casino cashback offers don't limit your game options. Or, at least, give smaller but still give cashback for games other than slots.

Claiming a Casino Cashback

You don't have to claim an online casino cashback bonus at most UK online casinos. As soon as you qualify for the offer, it will be credited to your account.

Suppose it's a cashback valid for only one deposit. In that case, you'll most likely get the bonus added as soon as your account balance hits zero or when you've played with and lost your deposit. If it's a cashback valid for a longer time period, like a week, you'll typically get the cashback added the following Monday. 

Usually, there are no bonus codes involved when it comes to cashback deal. So, the cashback casino claiming process is quite simple.

  1. Join a casino that offers cashback.
  2. If needed, opt-in for the cashback promotion through your account.
  3. Deposit and play.
  4. Bag your rebate after a week or a month.

One thing to note, though, is that many casinos won't notify you of an available cashback balance on your account. So if you know that you have a pending cashback, make sure you log in at the casino and check whether it's been credited to your player account. Ideally, you should be reading the bonus terms before you partake in it, and they will state when the funds will be credited. 

When it comes to claiming a cashback, step one is, of course, to first find the offer. That is, luckily for you, very easy. You'll only have to come here to GoodLuckMate and check out the bonus offers we've found for you. Alternatively, you might already be signed up at a casino that offers cashback. In that case, they'll usually notify you via email when a new offer is available. 

Just keep one thing in mind: the best option is never to get any casino cashback bonus, as you always have to lose first to get the offer. So always think of an online casino cashback bonus as a backup plan. It should never be plan A to claim one.

Cashback Casino Games

A casino can offer a cashback bonus on any game. There are no actual rules for this, but some games are more common than others. Perhaps the game category for which casinos most often have cashback offers are games within their live casinos.

Basically, games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other table games or game-show games where you're playing with a live dealer or host. These games tend to be popular among high rollers, and high rollers also tend to appreciate cashbacks. 

Unless the cashback is only valid for one game, it will typically cover all losses across the casino. That means you'll get to play whatever game you want, and if you're unlucky, some of your losses will be returned to you.

If you want to play slots, video poker, live games, or any other game, is up to you to decide. Just remember that games like bingo and poker are usually not considered "casino" games, so these might be excluded. The same goes for sports betting.

A cashback is a regular type of bonus for sports betting, but it will then, more often than not, be called a "free bet", and you'll mainly get the offer for one game or bet. Once the outcome of your bet is settled, you'll get to place a free bet on another game if you lost the first one. 

Withdrawing Your Cashback Bonus Winnings

Before you start planning your withdrawals from any cashback casino bonus, or even before using the cashback funds, you need to read the bonus terms.

A breach of any of the casino's terms for the bonus might end up costing you your winnings. If you don't follow the rules for wagering, max bet, games to play and not, and whatever else, the casino can deny paying you what you won.

Then again, many casinos in the UK are pretty lenient on some of these terms as long as you're not deliberately trying to abuse their cashback systems. To be on the safe side, just follow the rules, and you'll be fine. 

Once you're ready to make a withdrawal of your winnings, the same rules apply as for any other withdrawal from the casino. If this is the first withdrawal you make from the casino, be prepared for a KYC request. You'll then need to verify the details you used to sign up at the casino. The ownership of the payment methods you used for the deposits you made to qualify for the cashback in the first place will also, most likely, need to be verified.

If your account is fully verified and you've made withdrawals before without any issues, then it will be smooth sailing.

Best Cashback Casino Online

The Best Online Casino Cashback Offers

If you want to find the best online casino cashback offers available to players in the UK, you only have to look at the list of bonus offers on this page. Just scroll up a bit.

When you've found an offer that seems appealing at a casino you'd like to try, look at the small print within the bonus card. That's where you'll see the terms of the bonus, which tells you if the offer is any good or not. 

Be on the lookout for a low wagering requirement and a long validity for the best casino cashback bonuses. Suppose you're not just looking for a one-off. In that case, you want to aim for the ones saying "daily", "weekly", or "monthly". That way, you know you've found a casino where you can claim the cashback offer regularly.

Before you sign up to claim your bonus, please also read our review of the casino to ensure you'll be happy with all of its offerings and services.

Eve Luneborg
Eve Luneborg
Last Update: 14 Dec 2023
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