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What Is a High Roller Casino Bonus?

Top High Rollers Casinos

A high roller bonus is a bonus made for players who bet big. These bonuses won't always seem very appealing to most players who play for fun and bet small. If you're a high roller, chances are that you're interested in big bonuses. You'll think more long term about the benefits of a bonus. The total amount you get and the bonus terms will be essential. 

We'll look closely at popular bonus types among players who bet big. Mostly, these are bonuses that are more or less the same as any other player at a casino might get, just with different terms or perks. They'll be great from a high-roller perspective but not always from the perspective of a casual player.

Reload Bonus for High Rollers

High rollers are typically interested in bonuses that give them a lot of extra money to play with. Often, this is also much more important than the percentage. For example, if you're a high roller, you'd rather take a 100% bonus up to £1,000 than a 200% bonus up to £100. It's the amount that counts.

On the contrary, in the example above, a "normal" player would rather go for the higher percentage and the lower max bonus, as they wouldn't deposit anywhere near £1,000 in one go anyway. 

Cashbacks High-Roller Bonuses

A cashback bonus is something any player might value, but high rollers tend to appreciate it more. The reason is that a high roller tends to play a bit more than the average player, and they also play a long game. Anyone who plays a lot at online casinos knows that winning every time is impossible, so insurance in the form of a cashback deal is excellent.

A casino VIP player, including most high rollers, will often have special agreements with the casino to secure regular cashback on their losses. When playing a lot and betting big, even a fixed 20% cashback on losses can amount to hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds each month. This makes these deals well worth taking if one should end up in an unlucky streak.  

High-value Free Spins

High rollers won't be interested in "normal" free spins valued at £0.10 or £0.20 per spin. However, big spins, mega spins, or super spins might be appealing.

These are spins with a higher value and can easily be valued at £1, £2, or even £5 per spin. Higher bets mean the potential for bigger wins and, thus, big enough to thrill even big players. 

Cash Bonuses

The most popular bonus for any player is a cash bonus. Most players at a casino will never get this unless we're talking about a £5 sign-up bonus. On the other hand, a high roller might get hundreds of pounds as a cash bonus without any wagering requirement.

The casino is just giving them money that can immediately be cashed out. However, the casino will not do this for many players, so these bonuses are only for VIP casino players.

And nothing is truly for free in this world, so a bonus like this is nothing more than a random cashback. When a high roller gets a bonus like this, the casino has already made a lot of money from them.

Exclusive Gifts & Perks

If you're a VIP casino player, you might also be on the receiving end of some other spectacular gifts. The best high-roller casinos will regularly invite their players for events, like concerts, football matches, or even trips abroad. These are perks that most players will never get, as they are exclusive offers only for true VIPs.

In addition, many casinos will send their most valued players gifts for their birthdays and holidays like Christmas. They'll do everything they can to keep them as a happy player. The sky's the limit for these kinds of high-roller bonuses.

Nearly every brand in existence will (even if it’s not explicitly stated on their site) have one or more VIP managers. They will offer personal assistance when required (sometimes around the clock), provide you with a juicy online casino high roller bonus, or work out high roller cashback offers for you each week.

Loyalty and VIP Programs

There are three main types of programs run by high roller online casinos to encourage their most valuable players to go the extra mile and reap extra benefits in the bargain. The most common one seen at hundreds of high roller casino sites is the loyalty program.

This involves collecting points (or whatever the high roller casino calls them) by making large deposits, playing regularly, and other things that the brand considers as proving your loyalty. Points can be used in various ways. Typical perks include electronic items like game consoles, tablets, and smartphones. You can often also trade them for reload bonuses, free spins, and/or cashback deals.

VIP programs, on the other hand, are usually by invitation only. These are for the elite players or the most consistent high rollers that wager thousands of pounds every week.

Exclusive T&C for High Rollers

The terms and conditions of a bonus determine how good a bonus is, which is something experienced, professional, and high-roller casino players are aware of.

It might seem a bit irrelevant for a casual player whether a wagering requirement for a bonus is 30x or 35x. However, a high roller won't find this irrelevant at all. In fact, they'll likely have an exclusive deal with a casino offering wagering requirements at 20x or less for their bonuses. Not a deal all players can get, but often a deal a VIP casino player can easily get their hands on. 

Another exclusive deal, when it comes to the terms of a bonus, would be that the player is allowed to bet more than the stated max bet while playing with a bonus. At most UK online casinos, the maximum is around £5 per bet, which for a high roller is not a lot. Especially if they play table games. So a deal that allows them to play as they usually play, with whatever bets they prefer, is entirely normal. 

All the bonus terms typically fixed for common casino players will be considered more or less negotiable for a high roller – within reason. The important thing is that these terms are determined and agreed upon before any play takes place. So if you're a high roller, you should get in touch with the casino before using any bonuses. That way, you might get some better terms. 

How to Become a High Roller?

To become a high roller and qualify for high roller casino no deposit bonus or other deals, you can do these things:

  • Deposit lots of money.
  • Wager lots of money.
  • Play regularly at the same online casino.

While we’re here, we want to warn you, mate! It’s never smart to chase the high roller status if you can’t afford it!

You should ALWAYS gamble responsibly and in accordance with your budget. No high roller bonus code or perk is worth it if you generate debt to get it.

Enjoy online gambling within your means. And if you have the funds to meet the criteria listed above, go for it!

How Much High Rollers Need to Gamble?

How Much High Rollers Need to Gamble?

We can’t provide you with a single amount that’s accepted everywhere. About £10,000 will surely get you on the radar and possibly earn you some exclusive high roller casino bonus codes.
Moreover, casinos usually have multi-level VIP programs. So, you can become a VIP and be considered a high roller when you spend £10,000 and £50,000.
Obviously, in the latter case, your perks will be much better. But you get the gist, we hope.

How to Claim a High Roller Casino Bonus?

Let’s say you’ve browsed our best high roller casino bonus offers for UK players and found something that you want to claim. What’s next, you may wonder. Well, follow the steps below, and you’ll get your juicy reward in no time.

  1. Find a high roller bonus you like from our list.
  2. Click on the “Claim bonus” button and note if there’s a code you need to use.
  3. Wait until you’re redirected to the registration page.
  4. Complete the casino signup.
  5. Carefully read the bonus rules and make sure you accept them.
  6. Make a deposit and use the high roller bonus code, if necessary.
  7. Get your massive surprise and enjoy your favourite casino games.

Then again, this applies to standard high-roller offers and does not necessarily reflect what the casino's true VIP players can get their hands on. 

To claim a high roller or VIP bonus, one must contact the casino. Or wait until the casino's VIP department initiates contact. This they do for players they see are valuable players. If you are one of them, they will sooner or later reach out to you with exclusive offers you won't find advertised anywhere else. 

Withdrawing Your High-Roller Bonus Winnings

High rollers enjoy both perks and drawbacks when it comes to withdrawals. As a VIP at a casino, one significant advantage is the ability to jump the queue. Typically, your cashout request takes priority, resulting in a shorter pending time for the withdrawal compared to other players. This priority processing makes high roller casinos stand out, ensuring a quicker withdrawal experience for those seeking the fastest withdrawal casinos

The drawback is that if you're a high roller, you're most likely making a large withdrawal, so the casino's staff will look a bit closer into the cashout request. You'll still get your winnings, but you might also be asked for some documentation. Mainly KYC and SOF verification if you've deposited large amounts of money. 

Other than what's mentioned above, there are no differences in the withdrawal process for high rollers versus other players. The casino will follow its standard strict rules for paying out money, and as long as everything checks out, you'll get paid as soon as the processing time is over. 

One thing worth mentioning, though, is the bonus terms. The terms will typically be less strict as a player partaking in a high roller bonus. Even if you breached a small term somewhere, you're likely to get paid out anyway, while a player who is not a high roller might not have been so lucky. Overall, casinos tend to be more lenient with their most valued players as long as the UKGC regulations allow for it. 

The Best High Roller Casino Offers

Top High Roller Casino Online

If you're looking for the best high-roller bonuses to start with, we got you covered. Here we've listed all the high-roller online casino bonuses available to players in the UK that you can partake in without any special deals with the casino. The bonuses have been tailored to fit the playing habits of high rollers, so you can be sure they are the most lucrative deals for those who prefer to play big. 

As always, before participating in a casino bonus, we urge you to read the bonus terms at the casino. But we've also listed all the essential terms you need to be aware of right below the bonus offers, so don't forget to read the small print. 

Another thing to mention is that chasing high-roller bonuses from one casino to the other isn't necessarily ideal. It will be much better for you to stick to one or two casinos long-term. If you do, and you are indeed a high roller, you'll be picked up by the casino's VIP or loyalty team much quicker, ensuring even better bonus offers. So before you pick your bonus, make sure you're happy with the rest of the casino's offerings. That way, you know it's a good match for you to become a loyal and returning player.

Takeaway Slots - 1000% Matchup Bonus

Takeaway Slots is an online casino boasting the latest slot games, massive jackpots, excellent promotions, and more. To welcome new high rollers onboard its platform, Takeaway Slots lets players spin the Bonus Wheel for a chance to win a whopping 1000% deposit match bonus of up to £2,000. All you have to do is make a first qualifying deposit amount to your account and then watch what prize segment your wheel will land on.

To qualify for this welcome promotion, you must deposit at least £10 to your account. The multiplier from the wheel segment you land on is applied to your deposited amount. For instance, if you win the 1000% bonus after depositing £10, you will receive an extra £100 worth of bonus funds, making it a total of £110 to play with. The maximum reward amount you can win from this is £2,000.

This bonus comes with a 65x wagering requirement you must fulfil before you can withdraw money, and failure to do so can result in the forfeiture of this bonus and its winnings. Note that the wins you receive from the Bonus Wheel are added to your account as “Bonus” funds. Other terms and conditions apply.

Big Thunder Slots - Up to £6000 Welcome Bonus

Big Thunder Slots is home to hundreds of hot slots, huge jackpots, weekly free spins, trophies, bonus rounds, and much more. The online casino welcomes new high-rolling players with a triple welcome package of up to £6,000, spread across their first three deposits. The online casino lets high rollers spin a Multiplier Wheel that determines their rewards.

To qualify for this promotion, you must deposit £10 or more for all three deposits, after which you may receive 10x bonus funds for the amount you deposit. All bonuses won from spinning the Multiplier Wheel will be credited to your account as “Bonus” funds. The maximum bonus prize you can win with this promotion per deposit is £2,000.

Note that this promotion has a 65x wagering requirement and other terms and conditions you must fulfil before cashing out winnings. Moreover, while you can withdraw your real money balance (winnings), the bonus funds are non-withdrawable. While clearing wagering, the maximum bonus conversion equals the sum of your lifetime deposits up to £250.

Easy Slots - 1000% Matchup Bonus

Whether it is game variety, promotions, or payouts, Easy Slots Casino excels on all fronts. New players at the online casino can begin their Easy Slots adventure by spinning the Bonus Wheel for a chance to get a 1000% deposit match bonus worth up to an astonishing £2,000.

After signing up, you will be awarded a free spin on the Bonus Wheel on your first qualifying deposit. However, you may also be invited to spin the Bonus Wheel for free. 

To activate this bonus, deposit at least £10 to your user account; then wait and see what prize segment your Bonus Wheel will stop at. The multiplier from the wheel segment you land on will apply to your initially deposited amount. For example, suppose you deposited £10 and won the 1000% bonus reward. In this case, an extra £100 in bonus funds would be added to your account, summing up to a total of £110 you can play with. As mentioned, the maximum amount you can win is capped at £2,000.

The wins from the Bonus Wheel are added to your user account as “Bonus” funds which cannot be withdrawn. Also, before withdrawing, you must fulfill a 65x wagering requirement; otherwise, all bonus funds and outstanding promotions will be forfeited. Other terms and conditions apply.

Are High Roller Bonuses Better Than Standard Bonuses?

Well, it’s not really a question of what bonuses are better. We always highlight the importance of choosing casinos, games, and bonuses suitable for your playing style, budget, and preferences.

In that sense, if you make big deposits of £500 or more, then a high roller bonus is better for you.

Sometimes, high roller promotions will have better cashback percentages, for instance, or lower wagering. Those specific deals will be better than other promotions.

The best deals overall are high roller no deposit bonus codes and similar free gifts that high rollers get. Yet, those are hard to come by and are usually given exclusively by the casino and in private.

For instance, you may get some high roller casino free spins in your inbox or from your account manager. Getting there, however, will cost a lot of money spent on casino games. So, again, they may not be the best option for you if you have a small budget.

Popular High Roller Online Casino Games

The point of this page isn’t games but high roller online casino deals. Yet, it’s always good to know what games are favourite among your fellow high rollers and why. We won’t go into details, but we will reveal some tips regarding high roller games to play with your bonus.

Table games

Table games

Blackjack and baccarat are typical choices, but roulette is up on the list too. At online casinos int he UK, these games usually have low or no wagering contribution, though. That’s something to keep an eye on.

High roller slots

High roller slots

Any slots that have 100% wagering contribution towards wagering and let you bet at least £100 per spin belong in this category. They’re obviously loved by high rollers.

Live casino games

Live casino games

Ahh, everyone loves live casino games these days, especially high rollers. These games have real action and real cards, making it possible for users to try out strategies, etc. Again, they are often excluded from bonus play, so double-check if you want to play these with your high roller casino bonus.

Best High Roller Payment Methods

We established that most online casino high roller bonus offers require a deposit from your side. That brings us to the question – what are the best payment methods for UK high rollers?

We will briefly list and explain some options that the gamblers from our team and our high roller readers prefer.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer

Bank transfers are generally slow but reliable for transferring large amounts of cash. If you’re not in a hurry and want to prepare for your next high roller gambling session, this could be a great way to upload and also cash out money.



E-wallets typically do the trick for high rollers at the bottom of the high roller pyramid. They provide fast deposits and withdrawals but often have some limits that won’t do for massive cash transfers. PayPal casinos are generally the most popular among UK players.

Eve Luneborg
Eve Luneborg
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What is a high roller?

A: A high roller, also called a cheetah or a whale, is an individual who wagers significant amounts of money at casinos, online or offline.

Do all online casinos offer high roller bonuses?

A: No. Not all online casinos offer bonuses catering to high rollers. If you are specifically looking for high roller promotions, check out our list above. If you are already signed up with a casino, you can check whether it has a VIP scheme, leaderboard promotions, or cashback offers that might be fit for intense gameplay.

What is the minimum spend for high roller bonuses?

A: Typically, every casino has a minimum amount each player must wager to be considered a high roller. This amount varies from one casino to another, so it helps to check the terms and conditions of your chosen casino before opting for any high roller offers.

Does being a high roller have benefits?

A: Yes. Usually, casinos like to reward loyal customers. Therefore, they offer larger bonuses, higher percentages of cashback or special casino games specifically made for players who like to bet large amounts.

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