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How to play – Perfect Pairs Blackjack rules

If you’ve ever played any kind of Blackjack before, you should be familiar with most of the Perfect Pairs Blackjack rules. Two cards are dealt to each player seated at the table, while the dealer receives one face up and one face down, making one revealed to all players. The aim is then to get a score as close to 21 without going over. You are playing against the dealer, not other players and you have certain betting decisions you can make on each turn. Stand to keep your hand as is or Hit to draw another card. Players can also Double Down, Split or Surrender. There are also the side bets in Perfect Pairs Blackjack, which we will cover in the Payouts section below.

To get to a score of 21 you must add up the cards in your hand. Numbered cards are equal to their respective integer, while face cards are worth ten points. Aces are the only exception, as they are valued at either one or eleven, whichever is more favorable to the owner of the hand. A hand with a face card and an Ace is known as a Blackjack and is an instant win, unless the dealer also has the same, in which case it is a tie.


You can’t formulate a good way on how to play Perfect Pairs Blackjack without first knowing the payouts. Standard European blackjack payouts, which apply here, start at regular wins paying out at even money with a one-to-one ratio. Getting a Blackjack pays out at three to two, while an Insurance Bet pays out at two to one. Using just these bets, there is a house edge of around 0.40%, depending on the number of decks being used.

There are three Perfect Pairs Blackjack side bets special to this variant. Mixed Pair requires a player’s opening hand to consist of mixed colors and suits and pays out at seven to one, whereas Colour Pair requires you to get the same color but different suits in your opening hand and pays out at ten to one. Finally, there is the titular Perfect Pair, which requires both the same color and suit to achieve the payout of thirty to one. The house edge is quite high for these side bets with the highest being at 11%.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack strategies and other helpful tips

In order to formulate a good Perfect Pairs Blackjack strategy, you will need to understand some basic probabilities and statistics. For instance, there will be more ten-value cards in the deck, meaning that deciding to Hit on a twelve is considerably riskier than doing so on an eleven.


GoodLuckMate’s best tips for playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack:

  • Make sure you have a budget in mind before playing and stick to it
  • Understand that the high payouts of the side bets come with a considerably higher house edge
  • It is advised to avoid insurance bets, as the house edge on them can be around 7%, depending on the number of decks used
  • Always hit on a 5, 6, 7 or 8
  • Always stand on a 17, 18, 19 or 20
  • Always split on double Aces

Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack at online casinos

Playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack online is all about finding the right online casino for you. This might not always be so easy though, as the abundance of choice can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why it’s good to check out some casino reviews you can trust, where all of the hard work has been done for you. You can find such reviews right here at GoodLuckMate written by unbiased industry veterans that place an emphasis on value and trust. We highly recommend you check them out to find the best sites for free Perfect Pairs Blackjack online.

Live dealer games vs RNG games

When you find the right Perfect Pairs Blackjack casino, you will need to decide on the specific game variant you wish to play on. Sites will generally offer players a choice between live dealer games and virtual table games. Live casino games usually have their own dedicated section, which covers games with presenters that players have access to via a live feed. This allows them to take virtual seats at the table, but actually witness real and live gameplay while being able to place bets, make decisions and chat to others instantly. Virtual games instead employ random number generator (RNG) algorithms to provide truly random outcomes in each game. This allows players to bet against the computer in their own time without the hustle and bustle of the usual casino table. 

Nerijus Grenda
Nerijus Grenda
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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