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Editorial Guidelines

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At GoodLuckMate you'll only find unique articles and reviews, as all our content is written exclusively for our website. We'll never republish articles originally found on other sites, as writing everything ourselves from scratch is the only way we can make sure that all our articles are according to our standards. We have more than 20 writers producing new and exciting articles and reviews on a weekly basis, and you'll be able to read more about some of them in their author's bios. All the writers we work with have several years' experience working in the iGaming industry, or closely connected to it. Most of them have experience working in-house at online casinos, while others have been professional players or have made a living by writing about the industry for several years. By only having real casino experts writing for us you can rest assured that the information you'll find on our site has been thoroughly vetted.

The Writers' Guidelines

Our writers work by a set guideline, but we do not closely monitor what they do and do not write. This, we believe, is particularly important when it comes to our casino reviews. Contrary to many other affiliate sites, we do not publish fake reviews, and we do include all the negative aspects of a casino as well as the positive ones. Our philosophy about this particular decision is discussed in more detail in our full-disclosure article “How We Make Money”.

The guidelines our writers follow when reviewing casinos are:

  • All casinos have to be properly tested and reviewed. The only source of information that can be used for researching a casino is the casino's website. Never use any information found elsewhere.
  • All casino reviews have to be objective and include all pros and cons. We want the good, the bad, and the ugly, so make sure you cover it all! We want to avoid superlatives as much as possible unless the casino is truly in a different league than most others. No exaggerations, please!
  • All praise or criticism of a certain aspect of a casino in your review needs to be backed up by telling the reader why. Compare the casino to the industry standard, and explain why this particular casino is better or worse than the average.
  • The casino review should not only be factually correct but also as objective as possible. Your subjective opinion about the casino should only be added to the conclusion. The only exception is for the ‘Usability' section of the review.

For other types of content on our site, we put our trust in our writers, and they are free to write more or less what they want within the topic they are assigned to cover. All subjective opinions in both our articles and reviews are the writer's own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of GoodLuckMate. However, giving our writers free rein to write what they want is the only viable way we've found to avoid biased or “fake” reviews on our site – and that is something we want to avoid at any and all costs!

Independent and Unbiased Reviews

We can't, and have no interest in, hiding the fact that we sometimes hear from casinos we've reviewed and given a less than stellar rating. Casinos tend to be a bit unhappy with bad reviews, but that's not something that has any impact on what we choose to publish. We'll never edit a review based on feedback or comments from a casino unless they have actually found something that we've written that is factually incorrect, and then we'll update just that part. The only way for casinos to get us to write a better review of them is to improve the services they offer players. None of our writers or editors are involved in negotiating affiliate deals with casinos (and they don't even know what kinds of deals we have), and this is done to ensure that they do their work without any influence from the casino in question.

Even though many of our writers have previously been working in-house at some online casinos they should not be biased when they review them. If they feel that they are, they should hand the task over to another unbiased writer. None of our writers are paid directly from casinos, and they get the same pay no matter what kind of rating they give the casino, which is why you can trust what they write. We use writers that have worked in the industry because of the in-depth knowledge they have about the industry, not to boost a casino's rating.

Only Factually Correct Content

All articles published on the GoodLuckMate site are manually written and researched by our writers. We also have people working with Quality Assurance – making sure the content is up to scratch. However, we're only human, and mistakes do occur. We do our very best to weed out any factual errors before the articles are published, but if something slips through our net we correct it as quickly as we can. This also goes for updating any bonus offers, casino terms and conditions, game selection, and any and all other aspects of a casino we've covered. If you still find any errors on our site, please do let us know!

Eve Luneborg
Eve LuneborgUpdated: 13 Jun 2022
Eve started working at an online casino back in 2014, and she's been involved in the iGaming industry ever since. Starting off as a support agent at LeoVegas Casino, she later took...

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