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What Is a Cashback Bonus?

What Is a Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus is exactly what it sounds like. It's a bonus that gives you cash back.
From a player's perspective, there are several benefits of this type of casino bonus:

  • Get money back on losses
  • Extend playing time
  • Typically low wagering requirements
The way it works is that you start by making a deposit at your casino. Then, you play.
If you win, great; you can make a withdrawal, and it's all good. Then again, if you're unlucky and lose the money you deposited, then the casino will give you some money back to give you a second chance to win.

Do All Casinos Offer Cashback Promos?

If you wonder if any casino offers a cashback bonus casino, the answer is no. Many gambling sites decide to skip this promo altogether, while some reserve it for loyal customers only. Other casino sites even use this as their main promo! This GoodLuckMate page has a nice cashback casino list you can refer to when you want to join a site with this type of bonus.

How Do Cashback Casino Bonuses Work?

The basics of all cashback casino bonus offers are the same, but specifics may vary per deal. Below, we're listing everything you as a player need to know initially:

Must-knows about cashback bonuses:
  • To qualify for cashback, you need to deposit, wager, and lose money.
  • You will get a share of your daily, weekly, or monthly losses back.
  • Operators automatically credit cashback to players' accounts when the time for that comes.
  • Usually, there's no need to do anything to get cashback.
  • Sometimes, there are minimum limits applied regarding minimum deposit or minimum losses for qualifying.
  • Sometimes, only VIP members get cashback.
  • Sometimes, the cashback comes with wagering requirements.
  • Online casino cashback offers often have a maximum bonus amount you can receive.

The things listed above should give you enough information about how casino cashback deals work. Please remember that all gambling sites have individual rules regarding their cashback casino offers. That's why we advise our readers to carefully read those terms to ensure they know how the bonus works and how to use it properly.

Best Cashback Casino Bonuses

How Much Casino Cashback Can I Get?

Any casino with cashback bonuses has different rules in play. Moreover, the cashback percentage itself can vary depending on the player's status. Usually, loyal customers and frequent players are eligible for better cashback casino deals.

Generally, these are some standard casino cashback bonuses to expect:

  • 5% casino cashback
  • 10% casino cashback
  • 15% casino cashback
  • 20% casino cashback
  • 30% casino cashback

In some situations, high rollers may get better deals than the ones listed above. Think of 50% cashback or so. Qualifying for those, however, means that you've uploaded and gambled away lots of cash.

Top Cashback Casinos Online - Best List for June 2024

At GoodLuckMate, we have a team of professionals who specialize in the online casino industry. Our goal is to provide our readers with the most exceptional casino bonuses available. We have evaluated various options and compiled a table of the best cashback bonuses for June 2024.

We constantly update our list to ensure that you have access to the latest and most advantageous cashback bonuses. Be sure to visit us regularly to stay informed about the latest offers.

PositionCasinoCashback offer 
#1Fastpay Casino 🥇Weekly cashback
#2Gamdom🥈 Instant rakeback
#3Comix Casino🥉Daily cashback
#4Abo CasinoWeekly cashback
#5Fairspin.ioRakeback on every bet

Tips For Choosing the Best Online Casino with Cashback Bonus

To find a top cashback casino bonus, you need to know how to recognize it first. Below, we provide a list the main aspects of a solid offer. Naturally, you should consider your own personal preferences, playing budget, and favorite games.

Still, these positive traits are pretty much evergreen when it comes to solid cashback bonus at online casino sites.

Overall value

Overall value

Sometimes, a bonus just makes sense. It will have a reasonable percentage of cash back, no limits, and will let you play the games you like.

Cashback percentage

Cashback percentage

Ideally, you want as high a casino cash back percentage as possible. Anything of at least 20% is solid, though most casinos will give 5-15%.

Max cashback amount

Max cashback amount

This aspect is very important, especially if you are a high-spender. Even if the cashback percentage seems high, some cashback casino offers have too low max cash back amounts of only €20 or €30. We're not saying this is bad, but it's ideal if there are no such restrictions or if the max cashout is at least €100.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements

We will always prefer casino rebates without any wagering requirements. Such cashback is given and ready to cash out or used to win real prizes immediately. Playthrough, in this case, seems a bit unfair because, in a way, you've already wagered the money.



The duration itself doesn't quite make or break the offer. However, if you want to play and get the cashback as soon as possible, you may prefer daily cashback compared to monthly cashback.

Supports all or most games

Supports all or most games

Finally, let's mention that the best casino cashback offers don't limit your game options. Or, at least, give smaller but still give cashback for games other than slots.

Different Types of Cashback Promotions

If you thought that there's only one type of casino cashback offers, you were wrong. Casinos always find a way to keep things interesting. Offering versatility is one of the aces up their sleeve.

In the next sections, we will explain the different variants of cashback casino deals you can find. These are the most common ones, and it's possible to even see something unique at the cash back casino of your choice.

Casino Cashback Base

When someone says cashback, the first thought is getting back part of what you've spent. That's how it works with credit cards and hotel cashback, at least. Casino cashback offers work similarly, but not all of them.

Here's what casinos will most commonly base the cash back calculations on:

Cashback on Total Losses
Cashback on Total Losses

Get back a share of your total daily, weekly, or monthly losses only.

Cashback on Losing Bets
Cashback on Losing Bets

Get back a share of your losing bets, regardless of the final standing of your balance.

Cashback on Deposits
Cashback on Deposits

Get back a share of your deposit, regardless of the final standing of your balance.

We must say that the first type is the standard, and the rest are exceptions. Casinos profit when players lose. Giving them casino cashback on deposits is counterintuitive because that doesn't mean the player will use the deposit completely. So, in that sense, spending is considered the total losses accumulated.

Cashback Covering a Specific Period of Time

Sometimes, the cashback offer can be valid for one deposit only, so how much you'll get back depends entirely on that one deposit you make. However, lately, it's becoming more common to get weekly gambling cashback, accumulating for all your losses during a week. Some casinos also do monthly cashbacks.

Daily Cashback
Daily Cashback

Cashback calculated and given based on your daily casino activities.

Weekly Cashback
Weekly Cashback

Cashback calculated and given based on your monthly casino activities.

Monthly Cashback
Monthly Cashback

Cashback is calculated and given based on your monthly casino activities.

Special Cashback

Besides the standard types we covered above, there are sometimes so-called special cashback deals. Let's list and explain a few of them.

VIP Cashback
VIP Cashback

Sometimes, a casino may not offer cashback to regular players and may have this offer for VIP members only. Alternatively, there may be VIP casino cashback, which is much more generous compared to the standard one.

Wager Free Cashback
Wager Free Cashback

Rebate that comes without any playthrough requirements, and it's instantly available to use or cash out.

Limited Offer Cashback
Limited Offer Cashback

Some top cash back deals aren't a regular thing. Sometimes, the online casino with cashback may launch a limited-time offer throughout a special week or month.

Cashback for Selected Games
Cashback for Selected Games

When there's a new slot release, or casinos want to pamper players of specific games, they may release cashback for specific games. For instance, you may get live casino cashback, which isn't typically offered.

Casino Cashback Bonuses and Other Types of Bonuses

It's vital to understand what makes cashback casino online promotions stand out from the rest. The welcome package is something users get when they join a casino site. Reload bonuses are deposit match deals that come after the first deposit. Cashback casino bonus deals, in contrast, are rebates gained either on all deposits or losses.

To opt-in for a top cash back deal, users usually need to do so through their player account. Other bonuses, on the other hand, either require a simple deposit or a bonus code.

Another significant difference comes in how you can use a cashback casino offer. Other promotions often come with many restrictions, like eligible games and high playthrough requirements. Cashback casino perks tend to be simpler as they give funds back and let players freely use them.

Best Cashback Casino Online

Benefits of Casino Cashback

Now that you know what bonus casino cashback is, let's analyze its perks. Online casino players are always on the lookout for casino cashback bonus deals and for a good reason. These come with a range of benefits for those who are lucky enough to claim them.

  • Excellent bankroll boosts: You win even when you lose.
  • Great terms: Usually come without wagering requirements.
  • Excellent for loyal users: Returning players will feel appreciated and rewarded.
  • The simplest type of bonus: Easy to claim and use, no complex procedures.

Despite all these pros, we'd like to note how vital responsible gambling with such bonuses is. Players mustn't forget that casino cashback is a share of their losses. So, it's never advised to spend more than you can afford just because you hope to get this perk.

Cons of Cashback Casino Deals

As always, some gambling sites with cashback offers make their deals overly restrictive. It's good to know what to look out for regarding drawbacks, just so you can make better choices.

  • Game restrictions: Some games (possibly just the one you like) may be banned from cashback.
  • Deposit or loss requirements: Some offers may activate only after you deposit and/or lose a specific amount of cash.
  • Playthrough: Sometimes, there are wagering requirements, which isn't fair.
  • Low max cashback amounts: Sometimes, you won't be able to get more than €50 in cashback even though you should.
How to Find the Best Deals?

How to Find the Best Deals?

Finding the best cashback casinos doesn't always focus on the offer itself but on the player's preference. We provided lots of useful information on this page; read it carefully to know how to avoid bad deals.
Then, focus on cashback that suits your playing style well. You want cashback that supports the games you like, that doesn't have many restrictions, and that goes well with your gambling frequency.
Those who gamble every week should focus on weekly and monthly cashback. Casual players are better off with daily cashback.
The top cashback online casinos have clear bonus rules and cashback terms. Go over those, as well. Knowing your options and what to expect is getting half the work done.

How to Claim a Cashback Casino Online Bonus

Rookie gamblers often wonder how does casino cashback work and whether it's complex to get it. Unlike other top online casino bonuses that require more actions from you, any best bonus casino cashback deal requires minimal engagement. Usually, there are no bonus codes involved, and the cashback casino claiming process is quite simple.

  1. Join a casino that offers cashback.
  2. Opt-in for the cashback promotion through your account.
  3. Deposit and play.
  4. Bag your rebate after a week or a month.
Why Is Casino Cashback Bonus Offered?

Why Is Casino Cashback Bonus Offered?

Online casino platforms offer all kinds of incentives to attract and keep new customers. While the welcome promotions accomplish the first goal, ongoing promos and casino cashback bonus deals serve the latter.
Don't expect to get a casino cashback sign-up bonus, as these are next to impossible to find. However, our list of cashback casino sites with rebate programs will give you a share of your losses back. Overall, this type of promo makes players feel appreciated and less sad about their unlucky streaks. That's the main reason they exist.

Where to Find the Best Cashback Casinos?

This section is for those wondering if there is a cashback casinos list I can quickly access. The answer is yes. It's right on this page!

Our GoodLuckMate experts keep this list updated at all times. We work tirelessly to check the validity and rules of any cashback casino deals you see on this page. Moreover, everything you see is available to players from your country. We use special tools to ensure that you won't waste time focusing on cashback promotions you can't claim.

Browse through the list above to find all kinds of deals. We have real money gambling sites, top mobile gambling destinations, and even some no account casino cashback operators. Feel free to check out the honest reviews of each brand before deciding if that's where you want to play.

Nerijus Grenda
Nerijus Grenda
Last Update: 14 Sep 2023
Nerijus Grenda is a prolific contributor to the GoodLuckMate site. With a deep understanding of the online casino industry, gained from his own experience as an avid player, he offers valuable insights on what sets the best casinos apart from the rest. As a writer, Nerijus shares his expertise through expert analysis and thoughtful commentary on various topics related to online gambling, including casino reviews, game guides and industry trends.

Should I use my cashback bonus?

A: Yes, you should use your cashback bonus if there aren't any unfair rules attached to it. Online casinos give cashback to regular players, typically at no extra cost to the user. So, there's no need not to use it and play for real money without investing money.

What games are eligible for casino cashback?

A: It depends on the cashback casino site and its policy. In most cases, you can expect games like slots, video poker, and instant wins to grant you cashback. Some casinos may give cashback on table games or even live dealer cashback. But those offers are more restrictive and modest.

Should I use a cashback casino promo code?

A: Casino bonus codes are losing their popularity, and fewer and fewer offers require them. So, most cash back offers won't require a casino cashback promo code. You may need to opt-in to get the money back or simply to deposit and lose the qualifying amount.

Are cashback bonuses at casinos instant?

A: No, cashback casino bonuses typically aren't instant because they're based on your losses. So, the operator will for the day, week, or month to pass. Then your losses are calculated, and your cashback is credited to your account.

Are casino cashback bonuses legal?

A: Yes, cashback casino bonus offers are perfectly legal. So far, there haven't been any regulations in any country affecting operators' ability to offer such deals. The only situation in which cashback bonuses are illegal is when you play at illegal gambling sites.

How's cashback different from other casino bonuses?

A: Cashback is typically getting part of your accumulated losses back. No deposit bonuses are given for free, while deposit match bonuses reward you for making a deposit. Cashback bonuses are for those that regularly play and wager rather than for first-time players.

Is it possible to win real cash with a cashback bonus?

A: Yes, it's possible to win real money when using a cashback bonus. In fact, the cashback bonus is, in a way, real money. If it's wager-free, you can immediately cash it out or use it to play in real money mode.

Does everyone qualify for casino cashback?

A: Some online casinos have cashback deals that reward all depositing players, and some focus on specific groups of players. You'd have to check the exact rules to learn if everyone qualifies. In any case, you would have to deposit and lose a predetermined amount of money before you get any cash back.

Is there 100% casino cashback?

A: No, a 100% cashback casino online bonus doesn't exist. That would mean that the site gives up its profit completely. Such a move wouldn't be logical business-wise. The best cashback deals go up to 50% or 60% and are reserved for the high rollers only.

Where can I find new casino cashback offers?

A: Here at GoodLuckMate, you can find all the best and newest casino cashback offers available for players in your country. We have a dedicated team that constantly checks and updates the listed cashback promotions.

Are cashback bonuses worth it?

A: Casino cashback bonuses that have fair rules are 100% worth it. If you play as you would play without the cashback and get some of your losses back, that's always positive. If the cashback is wager-free, that's even better.

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