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How We Make Money

GoodLuckMate is a casino affiliate site, and that means we make money from casinos. Whenever one of our readers signs up to a casino following a link from our site and proceeds to play at the casino – we make a commission. The player gets connected to our affiliate ID at the casino, and we'll then be able to claim a commission from the casino for as long as the player keeps on playing. This last part is the important one and is the reason why we only publish “real” casino reviews.

If a player reads our casino reviews, likes what he or she reads, and then heads over to the casino to sign up and play we're only halfway there. We do not make commissions simply from players clicking onto a casino's site from our link, as the player actually has to like what they find at the casino for us to make money. This is why we do not believe in writing “fake” reviews to make players sign up just to be disappointed by what they find. We believe that will work against us long-term.

For us to make any meaningful money a player needs to be happy with their casino choice, so they keep on playing hopefully for years to come. There are, of course, different types of affiliate deals, but most of them are actually lifetime. That means we do not make much money from a player making one deposit, rather, we get a smaller share of the lifetime revenue the casino gets from that one player. This is the reasoning behind why we want to help our readers find a casino that has everything they are looking for in an online casino, so they'll be happy there for a long time.

Why you can trust our reviews

As mentioned, we do not make money if a player simply signs up at the casino. Most of our affiliate commission comes from the best casinos in the industry, and that's not something we believe to be a coincidence. The best casinos are delivering on what they promise, and in that way are able to retain the players that do sign up with them. That is why we also want to direct our traffic to the casinos that are actually a good choice for a player to play at, so they will stay there as loyal players. This is why we always add all the cons along with the pros for a casino, so our readers can be fully informed before they make their casino choice. We gain nothing (and often end up losing) long-term by publishing content that is misleading or straight out false – which is why we don't do that.

What we definitely will not make any money off is fake reviews. Our philosophy is that if we do not accurately tell our players what they can expect at a casino before they sign up they will end up being disappointed by the casino, and not only that, they won't come back to GoodLuckMate the next time they are looking for a new casino to sign up and play at. We believe that casino affiliate sites that do publish fake and incorrect information on their websites are probably making more than we do short-term, but since we're in it for the long haul we choose to focus on honesty. Honest and truthful casino reviews lead to happy players that stay loyal, and that again leads to a steady revenue for us. You'll be happy, we'll be happy and it's all good!

Why we need to make money

The average man on the street usually doesn't realize how much work actually goes into creating a site like GoodLuckMate. Thousands upon thousands of hours of work had been put into the site even before it was launched, and now that we're live we have more than 40 people working on the site, and we're still hiring to keep up with it all! We have teams of developers, SEO experts, designers, and obviously writers – someone needs to write all the content we have. Then we also need people working on quality assurance, someone needs to create videos to go along with our articles, someone needs to negotiate deals with casinos, and the list goes on. Running a site like this does not come cheap!

So if you think that an affiliate site like GoodLuckMate is making a lot of money, you might be right, but what's left as profit is not as much as you'd perhaps think. Actually, as of now, we're still in the red, and honestly, we expect that to be the case for the next few years. This is why we need to make commissions from casinos to be able to operate our site. And, if they're offering to pay us for what we would do anyway, why not, right?

One thing you should know though, that we take very seriously, is that even though we're partnering with casinos to direct traffic to them does not mean that they have a say in what we write about them or how we rate them. This you can read more about in our Editorial Guidelines.

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