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Choosing the Best Online Casinos

With the vast array of available online casinos, it can be quite daunting to find the one you want, or should, play at. We at GoodLuckMate have completed more than 1000 casino reviews to help you out; but still, reading all of these would be quite a task. That’s why we’ve also compiled a list of all the best online casinos for 2022, so you can narrow down the search a bit. The casinos you’ll find listed here are the ones that rank the highest when we’ve looked at the different criteria for our reviews, as well as being the most popular among our players. But what exactly can you expect at one of the best casinos online? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

The Best Online Casino for You

Before we get into what the best casinos have to offer players, it’s important to note that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. All players will have different wishes, expectations, and needs, so what will be the best casino for one player might not be the best option for others. However, there are some commonalities that are always found at any casino that rank high in player satisfaction. Other aspects are individual. For example, all players want good customer support and a good selection of games within the category they wish to play in, but not all will need a selection of 20 payment methods to choose from. Free and fast withdrawals are however needed to be considered a good casino, no matter which other criteria you have. 

So, let’s dive in and look at all the different aspects of online casinos, and you can find out what you’ll get at the top-tier casinos. Then you can choose for yourself what is and is not important to you. 

Casinos With the Best Game Selection

A good selection of games is a must to qualify as a top-ranking casino. Even though you might already have some favorite games, you might want to try some new ones once in a while, and when you do you’ll want to have plenty to choose from. The casinos’ game categories will also be very important, and at the best casinos, you’ll usually find at least three categories: Casino, Live Casino, and Sports Betting. However, if you want scratch cards, bingo, or even peer-to-peer poker then this is also something you can find at the online casinos with the best game selection. Let’s look at what you can expect to find in each main game category:

The Best Casinos for Slot Players

Slots is a game category that almost all online casinos offer, but the number of different slots can vary quite a bit. Nowadays, the average casino has about 1,000 slots but the very best ones have more than twice this number. In fact, the ones that have the most spectacular slot selections have between 4,000 and 6,000 slots in their portfolio! Just how many slots a casino has highly depends on the number of game providers they have chosen to work with; all the best online casinos are working with at least 20-30 different ones, while some have more than a hundred. 

But don’t get too hung up on the numbers here. Often, casinos that have only a modest selection of game providers and games are the best ones, as not all games are worth playing. Instead of just adding all slots that are available on the market, the best casinos thoroughly hand-pick the games they offer, to make sure they only have high-quality games. In addition, the variety within the slots also matters. One thing you’ll find at most of the top-rated casinos is plenty of jackpot games, including all the big global progressive jackpots. The very best online casinos can offer hundreds of jackpot games, and that means you have the chance to play to win gigantic prizes! There will also be a good mix of classic slots, video slots, and progressive slots to choose from. 

The Best Casinos for Table Games

Even though you’ll find some amazing casinos that only offer slots, the vast majority of them will also offer other types of games. Table games is a category that’s gaining popularity, so these games can also be found at all of the best casinos. You’ll usually find between 50 and 100 RNG table games (games played with a random number generator, like on a slot), but even more importantly you should also find hundreds of live games where you can play against a live dealer. To ensure a good selection here, most of the best online casinos have at least three different game providers, and some even have their own exclusive tables.

The selection of table games might be even more important than the slot selection because you want to be sure that your favorite game is available. All casinos have the basics, including European Roulette, American Blackjack, Punto Banco Baccarat, and all of those, but only the casinos with the best table games selection will have the lesser-known versions of the classic games. For instance, if you’re looking to play French Roulette (which has a house edge half the size of European Roulette btw) chances are you’ll only find this at the casinos that have really focused on their live casino. The best ones have hundreds of tables covering all the different table game versions, as well as enough of the most popular games that you can be sure you’ll always find a table with a free seat. 

The Best Casinos for Sports Betting

If you enjoy betting on sports, you need multiple betting options to be truly happy with the selection. This means you’ll not only need a large number of different sports to bet on but also several games to play within each category. The best sports betting sites have a minimum of 30 different sports, and in addition, they also cover other events, like reality-tv-shows, politics, and more. However, the selection may vary a bit depending on your country of residence, as not all kinds of events may be bet on everywhere. 

The options in terms of the actual bets you can place, and how you can combine them, will also be good at the highest-ranking online casinos. Whether you actually want to take advantage of betting on multiples or series is of course up to you, but at least the options will be there when playing at the best bookmakers. You’ll usually also be able to use the cashout option if you wish. Another thing that’s a true hallmark of the best sports betting sites is that they can customize the experience for you. This means that even though there might be betting limits in place on certain games or on your account, you can request they take a look for you and maybe increase the limit so you get to play on what you want and bet however much you want. Just note that you might have to work up some player loyalty before they can offer this service. 

Usually, all the top casinos with a sportsbook also offer odds on e-sports, and you can expect to find odds for all major games, leagues, and events.

The Best Casinos for Poker

You’ll find poker games at all casinos that offer table games, but what you’ll find are often house-banked poker games. All true poker players, however, are looking to play peer-to-peer poker, and that can’t actually be found at many casinos online. There are still plenty of options to choose from, but the good ones are few and far between. The best online poker sites have a large number of active players, and this is important. To ensure that there are plenty of tables to choose from, plenty of different types of poker games, and of course also regular tournaments with large prize pools, you need to play where a lot of other players are playing. That means at the big poker sites with their own poker platforms or at one of the casinos using the platforms from one of the other major ones, such as Playtech or Microgaming

Other Games at Top Casinos

In addition to the game categories mentioned above, you might also find a range of other games at the best online casinos. This can include games such as scratch cards, bingo, keno, and lotteries. Some casinos have included these in other main groups of games, while the ones with the best selection might separate categories only for these games, so you can easily find your favorites.

Casino Bonuses at the Top-Rated Casinos

There is a range of different casino bonuses available at most casinos, but they are not all the same and some are better than others. A welcome bonus is, of course, something you can expect at all casinos, but the best casino bonus offers are usually found at the best casinos. We’re not here necessarily talking about the biggest bonuses, but the best ones in terms of how they work and your chances of being able to win and withdraw money from your bonus. The terms attached to a bonus are, as most regular players know, the most important part when looking for the best free spins or deposit bonuses. 

A 100% first deposit bonus is the least you can expect at the best-rated online casinos, but the max amount will vary. Generally speaking, the max amount on offer ranges from €100 to €1,000, and this means the bonus will be made with both low rollers and high rollers in mind. You might also get some sign-up free spins when you register; the best no deposit bonus offers are the ones that give you cash spins, which are free spins without a wagering requirement. 

The Most Advantageous Bonus Terms

Exactly what you get as a bonus, either as a welcome bonus or bonuses for loyal players, will vary, but what you get is not actually the most important part. What sets the best casinos apart from the average ones in terms of casino bonuses are the terms they come with. They are always either the same as the industry standard or better. This means a wagering requirement will be at 30x or 35x depending on how the bonus works, or lower. A low wagering requirement means you’re more likely to complete it and therefore more likely to be able to withdraw your winnings. However, some of these casinos have also started offering bonuses without wagering requirements which is, of course, even better!

An advantageous turnover requirement is not all you can expect from the best casino bonus offers at the top-rated casinos, as the other terms are also usually better than average. There won’t be a max win cap applied, which means there is no limit to how much you can win from your free spins or other bonuses. Limitations on the max bet might still apply and some games may be restricted, but if so this will also be in line with industry standards, or better. 

The Best Loyalty Programs and VIP Benefits

Ongoing promotions are a key way for any casino to retain players, and this is something the best casinos know. They have bonus offers on a regular basis for their existing players, and you should expect at least one or two bonuses weekly. In addition, they will have plenty of other promotions and tournaments, so you can play to win a share of a prize pool. At the biggest casinos, you can win tens of thousands of euros, and some have even been known to give away a gold bar or even a car as a prize!

Those mentioned above are just the “normal” campaigns, as loyalty programs are also frequently found at the best casinos for VIP players. You might get cashback offers and exclusive bonuses and there might even be VIP tournaments for you to participate in. With a good loyalty program, you’ll get to partake in bonuses based on your own activity, which is something most regular players appreciate. 

If you’re a VIP player you can also expect other goodies. Invitations for events, all expenses paid holidays, VIP tickets for sporting events or back-stage tickets to a concert is just a small taste of what the true high rollers can be rewarded with. There’s basically no limit to what a VIP might get from the top high roller casinos!

Excellent Customer Support

One thing you’ll always find at the very best casinos is a customer support department that’s open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Being able to get help whenever you need it is important for most players, and this is something the top casinos have considered. In addition to being available, they also usually have comprehensive FAQ sections on their sites, so that you easily can find answers to most of your questions. If you wish to contact them you should be able to do so by the contact method you prefer. Live chat, email, and phone are the normal ones you’ll almost always find, and some even offer a call-back service or support through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Being able to contact the casino is not enough though, as getting a timely reply is even more important. You should not be waiting more than one minute for someone to answer a live chat or pick up the phone, while a two-hour turnaround on email is considered good. 

An extra plus that you’ll get at most of the best casino customer supports is the multilingual staff. Some have agents speaking between 10 and 20 different languages, which makes it perfect also for players who are not native English speakers. 

Apps for the Best Mobile Casino Experience

Now in 2022, it’s a given that you can access any online casino by using your smartphone or tablet. All casinos have websites made to adjust to the device and screen size you’re using, so you’ll always be able to play even when you’re on the go. However, not all casinos offer their own app, so this is what separates the good from the best. Even though you might find it perfectly convenient to play from your browser, a separate app has its advantages. You’ll often be able to log in using your fingerprint or face ID, you’ll have access to absolutely all features, and of course, you can get to the casino with just one tap. 

Another hallmark of the best mobile casinos is that all new features and new games they add on the desktop version are also added to the mobile casino immediately. The casinos that don’t have their own app usually add new games a bit slower, and sometimes you can’t even use bonuses or contact support from the phone. So choosing a mobile-first casino is always smart if you’re looking for the best mobile casino experience out there. 

No Payment Fees and Fast Withdrawals

You might think that the best casinos in terms of payment are the ones that support almost all payment methods there are, but in reality, this shouldn’t be that important. As long as the casino supports the method you want to use for your payments, then that’s enough – right? However, there are other things you should consider when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, and that’s fees and withdrawal time frames. The casinos that rank highest within this category are the ones that don’t charge you a fee for your transactions, as fees can quickly add up if you’re adding and withdrawing funds regularly. All the best, therefore, cover the fees for you.

In terms of withdrawals, you want them to be quick and hassle-free, and at the top casinos, they are. Your first withdrawal will usually have to be approved manually, so this might take a bit of time, although it should be done within 24 hours. For ongoing withdrawals, you might be eligible for automatic withdrawals though, and that means your winnings will be transferred to you within minutes. And, if you’re not eligible for automatic withdrawals due to the payment method you’ve used, your country of residence, or something else, you can at least be sure that the manual withdrawal will be processed fairly quickly since there aren’t many withdrawals that have to be looked at and approved by an actual person. This makes it quicker for you, which is a good thing. 

Speaking of withdrawals, you might also have to verify your account before a withdrawal can be approved, and the best casinos have software for that so that you can simply upload your documents directly to the site. Alternatively, you might even be able to do a video verification in just a couple of minutes. 

Secure and Safe Casinos

Security online is always important, and luckily there isn’t much difference between casinos in terms of the actual site security. SSL encryption and such security measures are standard at all casinos. Where you might find a bigger difference though is in the gambling license. The most secure casinos, in terms of player security, are the casinos that either has a license for the country you reside in, or from Malta or Gibraltar. The license from Curacao may also be used for players that live in an unregulated market, although this license isn’t as reputable and none of the best casinos use it. The casino license from Malta is the one you’ll most likely be playing under unless the casino is licensed locally. 

The best casino licenses offer dispute resolution, have strict rules for keeping player’s funds safe, and also require the usage of a third party random number generator. This ensures that as long as you play at any of the best online casinos you can be sure that the games are fair and your money is safe at the casino until you choose to withdraw it.

Choose Your Best Casino!

Now that you know what you can expect at the best casinos, the next step is to find the one that suits your needs and wants the best. Use our filters to find casinos that are a match for your specific preferences, or simply choose among our highest-rated casinos, found in the list towards the top of this page. These are casinos that should be a great fit for most players and are thus an excellent starting point for your casino journey. 

How to Find Trustworthy Casinos

Below we explain all of the things you should check before you sign up to play at an online casino.

To ensure the casino you choose can be trusted, we’ve listed all of the things you should check before signing up to play. If you'd like to have a closer look at each specific casino yourself to find the best casino for you, then you can use this checklist to make sure the casino fulfills all your requirements. 

Hallmarks of an online casino you can trust:

  • Secure gambling license that allows the casino to legally offer their services in your country of residence
  • SSL-encrypted (or similarly encrypted) website
  • eCogra (or similar) certification to prove the games are fair
  • PCI DSS compatible transactions to ensure safe payments
  • Dedicated bank account for player funds
  • Information about how and where to submit complaints in the event of a dispute


In addition, you’ll be extra safe if the casino also offers or has the following:

  • Customer support that’s easy to reach so you can get help quickly
  • Information about where you can get help with responsible gambling
  • Industry-standard or better terms and conditions that are easy to find and understand
  • Good online reputation with players
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Eve LuneborgUpdated: 12 Apr 2022
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Dispute resolution – can I get help from a third party?

A: A gambling license is intended to protect players, and one of its main functions is to provide a mechanism for resolving disputes when they come up. If you have a dispute with a casino, and the casino is being unreasonable, the gambling authority will help you. For many licenses, this means you can contact the gambling authority to get help processing your withdrawals, claiming money the casino has debited from your account, or resolving other disputes that might arise. The likelihood that the gambling authority will help you in ways that are effective, however, depends on the procedures they have in place for this. This is yet another reason why choosing to play at a casino that has a safe license is important.

Getting help directly from the gambling authority is not always necessary, or even an option. A lot of regulators have now enforced third-party dispute resolution. This means casinos must have an agreement with an arbitrator who will look into disputes on the behalf of players from a particular casino. This ensures your dispute will be reviewed by an objective third party. All trusted online casinos have information about arbitration on their websites if they use this option, or they’ll have the contact information for the gambling authority you should consult. However, you should always try to resolve your issues with the casino first, and a lot of casinos have separate email addresses specifically for handling complaints.


Secure payments – can I trust a casino with my money?

A: If you’re worried about the security of the transactions you’re making at a casino, you should look for a logo with the acronym PCI DSS. This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and this is something the payment industry has created. If you see this logo, it means the casino can be trusted for safe money transactions since they follow all of the rules set by the payment industry. Information about this can also be found in an FAQ section on the casino’s website.

Another thing to look out for in terms of payments is where your money is kept while you play. Some gambling authorities, all of the best ones actually, regulate what the casino can do with your money while they are holding it. Your money shouldn’t go into a general bank account held by the casino; it should go into an account that is strictly for holding player funds. This means that as long as you have the money in your player account, it can’t be spent by the casino. Your deposit will be kept separate from the operating funds of the casino until your player account is empty, which will happen if you make a funds withdrawal or if you lose the money while playing.


Fair gaming – do the games give me a fair chance to win?

A: The best known system tool for ensuring that a casino offers fair games is eCogra; however, there are other providers that also offer these kinds of systems. You want to make sure that the casino is using a certified third-party control system to ensure that the games of chance you’re playing are actually based on chance and not on other types of metrics. Rigged games are ones that have been set up to pay out less than they claim to or ones that give some players a greater chance of winning than others.

The eCogra logo can often be found in the footer of the casino’s website, but not all casinos choose to display it. If you can’t see this logo, go to the FAQs and see if you can find information about random number generators. If there are no FAQs on the site, check out their terms and conditions or contact the casino’s support and ask how they ensure their games are safe.


Encrypted website – how is my information kept safe?

A: An SSL-encrypted website should be mandatory for any casino, and very few casinos operate without this or similar safe encryption features. Always keep in mind that you are giving the casino quite a bit of sensitive information, including your payment details. When you’re uploading and sending documents to verify your identity, you want to make sure that no unauthorized third-party has access to them. Site security, therefore, doesn’t only include the website itself but also what the casino does on the backend. You should always look into a casino’s data security. You’ll normally find information about this in their terms and conditions and their privacy policy. If in doubt, contact their support and ask for more detailed information.

Most trustworthy casinos have information about site security in the website footer, so simply scroll down and look for the logo of a well-known security system.


Gambling license – can I play at a casino from my country?

A: The gambling license a casino operates under will have a big impact on your security. Not all licenses are equally safe for players for the simple reason that they are issued by different gambling authorities that work in different ways and have different rules. The rules and regulations may be quite similar, but the way they are enforced is a different story entirely. For example, if a casino doesn’t comply with the regulations, some gambling authorities may just issue a fine while others may revoke the casino’s license outright. How often gambling authorities show up for an unscheduled inspection or control will also vary.

The biggest differences between a safe, high quality gambling license and one that isn’t as good will usually show up in the areas of fair gaming, dispute resolution and the rules and systems for identifying and handling problem gamblers (responsible gambling). If your country of residence has its own gambling authority, playing at casinos that are licensed by them will be the safest option for you. Other international licenses that can be trusted are issued by the Malta Gambling Authority and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. Curacao eGaming is getting better at protecting players whereas licenses from Panama and Costa Rica, for instance, are considered less safe. The worst option is obviously a casino with no license whatsoever.


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