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What Exactly Is a Self Help Test?

A self help test can play an important role when it comes to the diagnosis and, in some cases, the prevention of gambling addiction. With such a test, a player can get an overview of his or her personal risk profile. Based on this, general advice can be given about the seriousness of the situation. When risks or problems arise, referrals can be made to the appropriate support networks. The way in which information is presented is also important. Research shows the visual display of the results and any related concerns is more effective than offering written information by itself. Using a graphic describing different gambling scenarios and appropriate strategies to avoid problems has shown that players stayed within their set gambling limits more often. On top of that, they have less risk of being wrongly interpreted and, therefore, lead to better results.

How Does It All Work?

During the self help test, you will be asked about 10 to 20 short questions that are usually answered on a scale ranging from zero to 10. Zero means that the presented statement does not apply at all and 10 means that it applies completely with regards to your current behavior. The statements that will be shown will look something like this:

  • Sometimes I gamble for longer than I intend to
  • Sometimes I lose track of time when I am gambling
  • Other people say that I spend too much time gambling
  • I devote time to my gambling when I really should be doing something else
  • Sometimes I gamble more money than I intend to
  • Sometimes I try to win back money that I have lost gambling
  • Sometimes I gamble with money that really should have been used for something else
  • I sometimes borrow money to enable me to gamble
  • Sometimes I feel bad when I think of how much I have lost gambling
  • I feel restless if I do not have the opportunity to gamble
  • Sometimes I feel bad when I think about my gambling

Once you have answered all questions of the self help test, you will be given your test result in a short summary that evaluates your risk of gambling addiction. You will also receive a sentence or two of advice for your situation, what steps to take next, and where to find help if needed. Often, a bar graph is included that displays the results of how gambling is likely interfering with your life already. This usually includes time spent, stakes, finances, relationships, and health concerns.

Where Can I Find a Self Help Test?

You can always check out the responsible gaming sections of the online casino at which you are playing. Many of the established operators offer this kind of test directly – or they at least provide you with a link to something suitable. Often, you can find additional information there that might be useful, as well as a point of contact for their responsible gaming department. If you can’t get any help there, we recommend checking out the following resources that offer a reliable self help test, emergency hotlines for gambling addiction, and other important support info:

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Nerijus Grenda
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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