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The Best Sites for Betting on Boxing



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How We Choose the Best Online Boxing Betting Sites

Top Boxing Betting Sites

When choosing the best sports betting sites- whether it’s for boxing or any other sport, we consider several criteria to ensure a top overall betting experience. Here are the main factors we consider:

  • Safety & Licensing: The top boxing betting sites are fully licensed by authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission. They also make sure that they have implemented security features like industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your data.
  • Welcome Bonuses & Free Boxing Bets: We also look for sites that offer generous welcoming free bets - as long as their terms and conditions are fair… including reasonable wagering requirements and minimum odds.
  • Mobile Boxing Betting: Mobile betting has never been better - so we give preference to those bookmakers with user-friendly mobile apps or browser versions, that are smooth, seamless and offer a great user experience.
  • Boxing Betting Odds: Obviously, we recommend those sites that offer competitive boxing odds so that you can get the best value for money. 
  • Variety of Boxing Betting Markets: While simply picking the winner is what most people stick to, having a wide range of betting markets gives you a more varied experience. We prefer those that offer lots of markets - as well as lots of other sports - and those with online casinos are even better!
  • Industry Reputation: A strong industry reputation is absolutely essential. That’s why we choose those with great customer feedback and that are well-established in the industry.
  • Payment Options: Betting sites should offer a variety of payment methods, including e-wallets, traditional banking options and even cryptos in some cases. Deposits and withdrawals should be smooth, quick and preferably free.
  • Customer Support: Even if you don’t need it too much, it's important to have access to assistance when you do need it. It should be available through live chat, email and/or phone - professional, friendly and prompt.

Betting On Boxing Online

The great news is that betting online boxing sites make it very easy to get started. Although the procedure may vary slightly from site to site, generally, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Select a Reputable Betting Site: Choose a licensed and reputable online bookmaker from our list of top recommended online betting boxing sites. 
  2. Create an Account: Click on our link and sign up for a new account on your chosen betting site. You'll need to enter your personal details and verify your account with ID documents such as a copy of a passport or driving licence etc.
  3. Deposit Money Your Account: Pick your preferred deposit method and make a deposit. Make sure that your deposit qualifies for any welcome bonus available.
  4. Look Through The Different Boxing Markets: Open up the boxing section and check out the available markets. You can bet on outright winners, round betting boxing, method of victory, and more.
  5. Place Your Bets: Once you've chosen your preferred market, click on the odds and enter your stake. It will be entered directly onto your bet slip and your potential winnings will be calculated automatically.
  6. Confirm Your Bet: Review your selections and stake before you confirm the bet. Make sure the odds and bet details are correct.
  7. Follow the Action: Watch the boxing match live or follow the updates to see if your bet is a winner.
  8. Withdraw Winnings: If your bet wins, you can then withdraw your winnings. Follow the instructions as per your chosen boxing betting site.

Remember that it’s always important to bet responsibly and simply enjoy the sport.

The Most Popular Types of Boxing Bets

Boxing betting stands out from other types of sports betting because of the different types of betting markets available. Here are some of the most popular options…

Match Betting 

Match betting is the most straightforward and popular form of boxing betting. In this type of bet, you simply need to pick the fighter you think will win the match. Whether you win or lose depends on the outcome of the fight - you can bet on either of the two fighters or a draw. 

Match betting is a great option for beginners, giving you an easy way to get started with boxing betting.

Round Betting Boxing

Round betting in boxing involves predicting not only the match's winner but also the specific round in which they will win. This type of bet usually offers higher odds because it's more difficult to predict the exact round of a knockout.

So, for instance, you can bet on a fighter to win in rounds 7-12 or earlier, depending on how you think it will go. This adds an element of precision to your boxing bets… and if you can correctly predict both the winner and round, you can win a pretty decent payout.

Method of Victory

Method of victory betting in boxing lets you bet on how you think a fight will be won, adding an extra layer to your bets. You can bet on specific outcomes like a fighter winning by knockout, technical knockout, decision, disqualification.. or even a draw. 

Each method of victory comes with its own odds, so you can tailor your bets to your predictions. If you manage to get it right, this type of bet can provide pretty decent payouts 


Over/under betting in boxing is based on the total number of rounds you think a fight will last. Bookies will set a benchmark, and you bet on whether you think the actual fight duration will be over or under that number. 

So, for example, if the over/under is set at 9.5 rounds, you can bet on whether the fight will last more than 9.5 rounds (over) or end before that (under). It’s one of the easiest ways to bet on the fight's length, regardless of the winner.

Boxing Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets in boxing involve combining several different selections into one single bet. You can choose a few different fights - make one big bet and all your chosen outcomes must be correct for your bet to win. 

Although accumulators can offer big payouts, they also come with higher risk - if any of your selections are wrong, you’ll lose the whole bet. 

Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

Boxing Betting Tips

Boxing betting can potentially be a lot more rewarding if you approach it with the right strategies. Here are some tips and strategies to consider:


Before placing any bets, you need to research the fighters, their styles, strengths, weaknesses and their recent form. Read up on their past opponents and performances, as this will help you make informed decisions.

Understand Different Betting Markets

You should also familiarise yourself with the different betting markets - such as match betting, round betting, method of victory and over/under etc. Each market offers different odds and value - so knowing them will help you create a solid strategy.

Bankroll Management

Make sure you set a budget for your boxing bets and stick to it. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Always stay disciplined and make sure you avoid chasing losses

Consider Live Betting

In-play betting can be great as you will be able to gauge the action and make real-time decisions. For example, if a fighter starts out badly but shows strength and resilience - you may want to bet on them turning the fight around.

Stay Updated

Make sure you keep updated about the latest news, injuries and any changes leading up to the fight. Sometimes last-minute changes can massively impact the entire outcome of the fight.

Value Betting

Look for value in odds. Sometimes bookmakers undervalue underdogs or can misjudge fight outcomes. If you do manage to identify such opportunities, you can potentially find more profitable bets.

Consider Betting Styles

Consider how the two fighter’s styles match up. Usually, fighters with very different styles can make for unpredictable bouts. Analyse how each fighter's strengths align or clash with their opponent's style. Some prefer betting on south paw fighters.

Go With Your Gut

Although data and research are absolutely essential, make sure you don't ignore your instincts and gut feelings completely. Sometimes, it is this that leads to the best decisions.

Shop for the Best Odds

Different bookmakers offer different odds for different fights and markets - so make sure you compare odds across different platforms to get the best value for your bets. This easy step can make a pretty big difference in your returns.

Record Your Bets

Keeping a record of your bets can help you track your successes and failures, which will help you to refine your strategies in the long term.

Avoid Emotional Betting

Don't let your personal preferences or emotions influence your bets. Betting on your favourite fighter just because you like them usually won’t end well.

The Best Boxing Betting Sites Conclusion

Finding the best boxing betting site is fundamental to getting the very best boxing betting experience. Here at GoodLuckMate, we have gone through each site carefully to bring you the most trustworthy, reputable and top-rated sites. With competitive odds, generous bonuses and a great experience on both mobile and desktop, these all offer a knock-out experience. So, pick your preferred site, claim your free boxing bonuses and get started!

Nerijus Grenda
Nerijus Grenda
Last Update: 08 Dec 2023
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What is Round Betting in Boxing?

A: Round betting in boxing allows you to bet on which round you believe a fight will end. Bookmakers will offer various odds for each round, and you need to predict when you think the match will end. If the fight doesn't finish in that selected round, your bet is lost. 

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

A: Boxing betting involves placing a bet on the outcome of boxing matches. You can bet on the winner of a fight, the round in which the match will end, or even the method of victory. Odds will be available for different bet types and markets and you choose which one to bet on. If your chosen outcome occurs, you win your bet. 

How Do I Bet on Boxing Online?

A: Boxing online betting is simple. First, you need to choose a reputable and licensed betting site and sign up for an account. After this, deposit money into your account using various payment options. Then, look through the different boxing markets and choose the fight or betting option you want. Finally, enter your stake and place your bet. Once this is done, simply keep an eye on the fight and hope for a good outcome! If you win, you can withdraw your winnings.

What is the Best Boxing Betting Site?

A: The best betting site for boxing will very much depend on your preferences. However, it should offer competitive odds, a variety of betting markets, safe and secure payment options, mobile betting options and excellent customer support. Look through our list of top sites that we have vetted for a safe, secure and excellent experience from start to finish.

Can I Bet on a Fight After It Has Started?

A: Yes, you can place bets on boxing matches after they have started through in-play or live betting options offered by all of our top recommended online bookmakers. In-play boxing betting will allow you to bet on various aspects of the fight as it unfolds - such as the round winner, method of victory or the next boxer to land a significant punch. This is a much more dynamic way to bet on boxing matches and can add an extra layer to your boxing betting experience.

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