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Basic Strategy for Casino Hold'em

To play this exciting game to the fullest, you need to make the right decision on whether you should fold or play after the first set of cards. While it may seem simple at first, there are several factors to consider. You have to consider the strength of your hand and the likelihood of getting a stronger hand with the two cards left to be dealt. As you face the dealer, you also have to consider their hand and their odds of getting an even better holding. Here are some simple rules to remember for playing Casino Hold'em:

  • Always raise with a pair or better
  • Always raise with an ace or a king
  • Raise when you have a queen or a jack, unless the community cards are all of the same suit and you have no cards of that suit
  • Raise with a flush or an incomplete straight as long as you only need one card to complete your flush or straight.
  • Raise if you have two "overcards"
  • Fold if you have no card matching the board and no card above 10, unless you have a straight or an incomplete flush.
  • Fold if you have low cards (no pair) that are not matching any cards on the board and give you neither a draw for a flush nor a straight.

This casino poker strategy works for almost any version of Casino Hold’em. As such, it works as a great foundation to play game theory optimally. By sticking to these few simple rules you can reduce the house edge drastically.

Avoid Side Bets and Win More

Many casino poker games offer some sort of side bets. These can look tempting as they offer payouts that are way higher than what you can win during a round of the base game. Some tables even come with a progressive jackpot where you can win millions if you are lucky enough. If you are just looking to have some fun, it’s totally fine to participate in some of the side bets. But you should be aware that the odds are heavily in favor of the casino.

Most casino poker tables have a house edge of around 2%. Some of them are a bit higher and others can be a little lower. However, this is only true for the base game; some side bets increase the house edge to more than 6%. It becomes quite clear that this is not a profitable proposition for the player. So if you are wondering how to win casino poker, a good point to start with is dropping all the sides bets. After all, they can cost you a lot of money in the long run. 

How to Win Casino Poker by Using a Bonus

The best strategy on how to win casino poker is to take advantage of bonus offers. Almost all online casinos have great welcome offers to win over new customers. In most cases, your first deposit will be matched with an equal amount of bonus money that can be used for table games including casino poker. After the wagering requirement is fulfilled, the bonus money is yours to keep. If you are lucky, you can walk away with a nice profit.

By playing with a bonus you can make up for the house edge. You are on a more even playing field with the dealer when it comes to casino poker. Obviously, a bonus doesn’t increase your chances of winning directly. But, you’ll always get a free second chance of trying again in case you weren’t very lucky with your initial deposit. 

Check Out Our Game-Specific Guides

You can find many in-depth casino poker game guides right here on GoodLuckMate. These include tips and tricks on how to win casino poker in a specific game variant. You can learn more about the odds, house edge, and how to play optimally in each situation. The more information you have about a game, the better. This way you can avoid unprofitable traps and improve your odds drastically. 

Andreas Schmidt
Andreas Schmidt
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
Andreas is our go-to guy for anything related to poker or in-depth guides. He's not only a former professional poker player, but he's also been working within the iGaming industry itself since 2014. Casino, Poker and Sports Betting are his main areas of expertise, in addition to anything and everything related to payment processes at online casinos.

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