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The Application Process for a License

Applying for a permit in Curaçao is slightly different from most other jurisdictions. Instead of a gambling license, you have to apply for a so-called IP license for eGaming in Curaçao. IP stands for Information Provider. Within the scope of this license, you can also offer online games of chance.

One can apply in different ways for this license. The most notable is through the Curaçao eGaming website, which is very similar to an official government website, but apparently not official at all. In fact, since March 2020, the national regulator of online gaming and all other gaming sectors in Curaçao has been the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. Some sources say that Curaçao eGaming is an official CGCB licensing company, but there is no reference to this on the website. The main competitor, Gaming Curaçao, also speaks against this.

Both websites offer the official IP license and declare strict requirements for applicants to be eligible for such a license. Curaçao eGaming has also developed a seal of approval and offers a blacklist that can be used to identify the reputable casinos while the bad apples are filtered out. 

The application for a license itself takes place in clear steps and takes about two to four weeks. According to the website of Curaçao eGaming, there is strict monitoring that an online casino meets all requirements. The costs of the license can vary but the application fee is usually around $40,000 on average.

Curaçao eGaming License Terms

The official government agency CGCB has a website where the national gambling regulations can be found. In its essence, these third-party companies get the license from the regulator and then offer B2B licensing to casino operators. According to Curaçao eGaming, their core tasks are consultation, online gambling licenses, and monitoring.

Together with the licenses, Curaçao eGaming also offers various business solutions for online casinos. This includes, for example, B2B accreditations, brand updates, and self-exclusion tools.

Player Protection

Not that long ago, Curaçao eGaming didn't offer that much information regarding its licensing standards. That was the main reason why its license wasn't really reputable. However, things have changed recently as the company seems much more dedicated to keeping users informed and protected.

Customers can now file a complaint directly from the Curaçao eGaming website in case they have a dispute with any of the operators holding this license. Users can also easily find various policies and rules that operators must meet if they want to obtain this iGaming approval. For example, you can find the General Standards and Policies as well as the Monitoring, Testing and the Exchange of Information regulations right on the Curaçao eGaming website.

There are tools for responsible gaming. There's an entire section dedicated to responsible gambling and operators' responsibilities when it comes to this important topic. Moreover, there is also an intermediary self-exclusion service offered by the company that enables consumers to self-exclude for a minimum of six months. And there's been an overall improvement in transparency and dedication when it comes to Curaçao eGaming and its operations as a regulator. So, we have to give some praise and recognition to the company for those improvement.

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Nerijus GrendaUpdated: 25 Apr 2022
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