How to play – No Commission Baccarat rules

If you have ever played baccarat before then the rules to the no-commission baccarat game will come easy to you. You have three main bets; the player, the banker, and the tie. You place your money on which bet you think will win and get closest to a hand value of nine. The game then begins by dealing out two hands from the eight-deck shoe. Card values are simplified with aces equal to one, all face cards and tens equal to zero, and all other cards are worth their "pip" value. The one rule to remember is that if your total hand comes to a double-digit number then you will need to take the last digit as your official baccarat hand value. 

The rest of the game plays out to preset rules that are based on the following. If either player or banker holds an eight or nine then the game ends and the winner or tie will be declared accordingly. However, if the player holds five or less they will take one more card (hit). Otherwise, if they hold six or seven then they will stand. It is then the turn of the banker who will play out the same hit or stand rules if the player stands. The rules for the banker get more complicated if the player hits, but this is completely automated so there is no need to worry.

  • If the banker has two or less, they will always hit.
  • Banker holds a three, they hit unless the player drew an eight on the third card.
  • Banker holds a four, they hit if the player drew a two, three, four, five, six, or seven.
  • Banker holds a five, they hit if the player drew a four, five, six, or seven.
  • Banker holds a six, they hit if the player drew a six or seven.
  • Banker holds a seven, they always stand.

Once the banker has made the appropriate turn then the final outcome can be determined and the bets paid out. The major rule change of this no commission version of baccarat now comes into play with the payouts and so we will explain those details in the next section.


The standard 5% commission fee on all winning banker bets is removed. So, all the player bets are paid out at 1:1 and most of the banker bets are also paid out at 1:1, instead of the old 1:0.95 ratio. Take note of the word "most" in the last sentence though because not all banker bets will payout at that 1:1 ratio, and this is where the house manages to tip the game back in their favor. 

The house will pay out just 1:2 when the banker wins on a certain number and this number can vary with the number six or eight being the most common. The tie bets are paid as standard and again this can either be 8:1 or 9:1 and depends on the online casino that you are playing at.

No Commission Baccarat strategies and other helpful tips

The new payout rules bring about some interesting changes. Where the house edge in the standard game swayed towards backing the banker, the best no commission baccarat strategy here is actually to back the player every time due to the increased house edge of the banker bet. 

GoodLuckMate’s best tips for playing No Commission Baccarat:

  • The statistics show the player bet to be the most worthwhile. 
  • Always keep your bet amounts consistent. 
  • Take regular breaks and stop after a winning stream. 
  • Don't place your bets based on the previous results, there is no link.

Play No Commission Baccarat at online casinos

The no-commission game can be found across most of the top online casinos. As long as you keep in mind the main rule changes then you can have a lot of fun with the game. It may seem like a gimmick to some of the experienced baccarat players. However, the low house edge is still there if you stick to the player bet and stay away from the banker bet which naturally gets all the attention in this particular format of the game.

You will be able to find various bet limits attached. Depending on where you play you may find a free no commission baccarat online game to play as well. These free games are always useful to help you get to grips with the rules and the flow of the game. Baccarat is a hugely popular choice in the live casinos and there are various tables available that offer the no commission version. Evolution gaming is the one that stands out the most and it is also the easiest one to find due to them being the most popular live dealer studio in the online casino environment. 

Live dealer games vs RNG games

Your no commission baccarat casino options stretch far and wide. While this version is not the most popular, it is one that casinos like to include in their online lobby. Variety is very important these days and being able to try out different versions of a game online is one of the major features that players appreciate nowadays. If you are thinking over the “RNG or live dealer” question then ultimately it does come down to your personal preference.

The game rules are the same and the no commission banker bet will always apply. The main differences will be in the stake and time limits. The lower stake limit range will be higher and the betting time more restrictive in the live dealer games. RNG versions give you as much time as you like and the limits are often a lot lower to assist the smaller budgets. If you prefer the social atmosphere then clearly the live dealer option will be for you, just make sure to check the bet limits before you step up to play.

Steven Ford
Steven Ford
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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