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How to play Live Craps

It is deceptively easy to learn how to play Live Craps by Evolution, as is the case with any format of craps. Bets are placed on the outcome or outcomes of a set of dice. The table is orchestrated by a croupier, who calls the outcomes of each dice throw, as well as keeps the flow of the game moving. Most of the actual play in craps comes down to figuring out what bets you wish to make. The game itself is all about predicting dice rolls, where statistics and probabilities are used to measure risk and payouts. Evolution’s Live Craps game that you would play at an online casino is not much different than this. You interact with the table changes, but the live craps rules remain pretty much the same as those found at traditional land-based tables.

The majority of rules in craps come down to the different bet types, as this is where the game is made. As such, you can expect about a dozen different bets available to you in a single round. You won’t need to know all of them though, but it would help to become familiar, as these could eventually provide new avenues for different strategies.

Place your bets!

The most common bet type is the Pass Line though, which is a prediction that the next dice roll will equal a seven or eleven. The bet is lost on a roll of two, three or twelve, but rolls over to the next round on any other result. The bet is then kept on the table for the next roll, which must result in the same value as the previous for it to win, whereas a result of a seven is a loss. The bet will continue to roll over until either the previous round’s result or a seven is rolled. There is also the Don’t Pass bet type, which is exactly the same, but with the opposite results happening from the above-mentioned dice rolls.

A good Live Craps strategy is based around being aware of all the bet types making a decision of which to pursue and which to avoid. An important component of this is becoming familiar with the different likelihoods of the dice landing on certain numbers. Seven is for example the most likely result to come upon a pair of dice, but it is also good to know that the probabilities of a result decrease the further away it is from a seven, in either direction. Using this, you can look at the value of placing different bets when compared to their respective payouts.

Live Craps winnings & payouts

With a lot of different bet types, it can be quite hard to remember the different statistics and payouts at play. Pass Line and Don’t Pass, as well as Come and Don’t Come bet types payout at a ratio of one to one. The thing to note here is that the Big bets are predicting either a six or an eight will land before a seven, which is statistically unlikely. 

Other bet types have more complicated payouts, such as Odds Bets, which are dependent on the winning result. Place Win, Place Lose, Hardways and Field bets have varying payouts depending on the result of the dice. The game’s house edge can also change quite a bit, being listed as between 83.33% up to 99.17%. A 99.17% house edge means that a player is expected, on average, to receive a return of €99.17 for every €100 wagered over an extended period of gameplay.

Game features

One of the best things about online live casino games is how they manage to seamlessly merge real-life action with virtual assistance. While the bets are being laid out and the croupier makes their calls, Evolution provides players with a user interface that offers unparalleled assistance. Your previous wins and other statistics are all displayed neatly to the side, along with a Dealer Assist option to fold your winnings into your wagers. A Tutorial feature is also available, handy for newer players still getting to grips with the different bet types.

Craps is primarily enjoyed for its simplicity though and doesn’t carry with it any extra bells and whistles. That seems to be the way that players like it as well. While you may find some interesting twists on the game provided by game developers looking to carve out a new niche, for the most part, Craps has remained unchanged for a very long time. The biggest recent change to come to the game was the introduction of Live Craps online, allowing for players to participate in the game with casino level standards from the comfort of their home or on a mobile device.

Play Live Craps at online casinos

Despite the lesser popularity of craps online, Evolution makes it easy to find a live craps casino online, as many sites are more than happy to support their range of games. With so much choice, it can almost become overwhelming on deciding what casino to play with, let alone which table to sit at. Evolution has also produced a variation of craps, which instead use algorithms to randomly generate the dice rolls. This offers quite a different experience from the live tables. Sometimes it isn’t always easy to see that distinction when signing up and that is why we recommend you check out some casino reviews first. Our casino reviews right here at GoodLuckMate provide a thorough, yet a concise breakdown of each reviewed site, allowing you an easy place to find the best casino for you and any available live craps bonus for you to benefit from.

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Nerijus Grenda
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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