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Originally pioneered by the popular casino games provider Playtech, Mini Roulette offers a more condensed variant of the popular table game. The Mini Roulette game setup features a lot fewer numbers on the wheel, meaning a lower house edge but also lower payouts. This makes the user interface a lot less busy, making it ideal for tablets and mobile devices. The accessibility it has provided to people playing on the go is what really made this variant particularly popular, more so than the changes in aspects such as payouts for instance. While the Playtech version is definitely one of the most popular iterations, you can find plenty of other providers and variations online.

What is Mini Roulette and how is it different?

Just like the game itself, the Mini Roulette rules are simplified over the more traditional variants. The aim is simply to predict where the ball will land after a spin of the wheel, just like in normal Roulette, only here there are fewer variables to consider. 13 numbers are used, ranging from 0 to 12. There are plenty of familiar bet types, such as Split and Corner bets, amongst others. Some bet types have been removed or though, such as Dozen bets, which are instead Half-Dozen bets. There are also no French bets, for you French Roulette fans. 

So, you can see that the biggest thing to take away is that Mini Roulette is one of the most simplified versions out there, which is ideal for beginners or more casual players. This, however, comes at a cost to the overall average return to player (RTP), which is lower than French Roulette, but actually still higher than American Roulette.

How to play – Mini Roulette rules

People familiar with Roulette should already feel quite comfortable in learning how to play Mini Roulette, in case you have never played normal roulette, we suggest you read our roulette guide here at GoodLuckMate. Most of the special rules take elements away from standard Roulette, rather than adding more on. One great addition is the result that happens when your bet loses to a Zero, as this returns half of your stake rather than the usual whole. This is pretty much-taken care of for you though, so it’s not something extra to keep in mind, apart from the fact that it further discourages placing bets on Zero. The bets you can place include; Red, Black, Odd, Even, Columns, Squares, Splits, and Single Number bets. Each round takes place exactly like traditional Roulette, where bets are placed, then the dealer makes the last call before tossing the ball. After the ball comes to a hold on a specific number bets are resolved and then the next round can continue.

The fewer number presented on the wheel lends to a more exhilarating gameplay experience, due to the higher likelihood that your number will come up. However, this does not at a cost of lower payouts, which we cover below.


As to be expected, the payouts in Mini Roulette are much lower than those found on a standard-sized table. Betting on Red, Black, Even, Odd, 1 to 6, 4 to 9, 7 to 12 all result in a 1 to 1 payout, doubling your stake on a winning bet. Columns, squares of four numbers, and Top Line bets pay out at 3 to 1. Splits of two numbers pay out at 5 to 1. And lastly, single number bets pay out at 11 to 1, rather than the usual 35 to 1 payout. The lower payouts reflect the fewer number of variables present at a smaller table, thereby balancing out the house edge

Mini Roulette strategies and other helpful tips

There is no such thing as a perfect Mini Roulette strategy. Even applying all of the correct practice into play cannot guarantee a win, however, there are principles you can apply to improve your chances. Playing online also allows you to play with virtual funds, giving you a chance to test out any strategy or theory without taking on any monetary risk.

GoodLuckMate’s best tips for playing Mini Roulette are:

  • Make sure you have a budget in mind before playing and stick to it
  • Take advantage of being able to play in demo mode or spectate online
  • Different providers may have different payouts or other rules, so make sure to double-check before committing any wagers
  • Betting on Zero is best avoided, as the house edge doubles on such bets
  • Don’t pay too much attention to the results of previous rounds, as this can lead to false pattern recognition

House edge – what are your chances of winning?

The house edge can change by quite a bit depending on the ruleset that is being played at the table. Generally speaking, there is a house edge of 3.85%, which does go all the way up to 7.69% when your prediction includes the Zero. A house edge of 3.85% means that a player can on average expect to win €96.15 for every €100 wagered. This is however an average that is calculated over an extended period of play over countless hands. Sometimes players will beat the edge, other times not. Either way, it all plays into the average percentage that makes up the house edge. Some variants of Mini Roulette have a house edge of 7.69% on all bets, which is about the same as the average slot game. Blackjack on the other hand sits much lower at around 0.40%.

Play Mini Roulette at online casinos

If you want to play Mini Roulette online for real money, you will need to sign up at an online casino. This gives you the added benefit of being able to take advantage of any welcome offer they may have available, as well as any other loyalty programs and benefits that are usually included. These sites have huge game collections that span way beyond Roulette to the extent that their land-based counterparts simply cannot compete. Mix that in with the fact that you can play from the comfort of your own home or when out and about using your mobile device.

Finding the right Mini Roulette casino for you is often the tricky part though. That’s why we have countless casino reviews ready for you. These reviews are written by unbiased industry veterans with the aim of giving you a concise value of the legitimacy and value of a casino. 

Live dealer games vs RNG games

There are quite a lot of good choices for free Mini Roulette online. You can either play against the computer in RNG games, which uses a sophisticated algorithm to provide truly random results in each round. These virtual games are a good way to practice, as you have the option to use virtual funds to get a feel for the game without risking any real money. It is just you against the dealer here, with no other players, which can be preferential for some. 

Others might prefer to indulge in the social aspect of gambling, which is what makes live dealer games so appealing. Using streaming technology, game providers are able to present players with a live feed of the table and dealer. Multiple players can be seated at once while interacting with each other and the dealer via live chat, providing a truly immersive experience. Minimum bet amounts can start as low as 10 cents and go all the way up into the hundreds of euros. No matter your preference, you can be sure to find something to your tastes.

Nerijus Grenda
Nerijus Grenda
Published: 17 Feb 2021
Updated: 13 Mar 2023
In addition to his role as GoodLuckMate's Founder and CEO, Nerijus Grenda is a prolific contributor to the site. With a deep understanding of the online casino industry, gained from his own experience as an avid player, he offers valuable insights on what sets the best casinos apart from the rest. As a writer, Nerijus shares his expertise through expert analysis and thoughtful commentary on various topics related to online gambling, including casino reviews, game guides and industry trends.

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