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How to Play Casino Dice Games

Most table games you find at a casino are based on decks of cards, with blackjack and poker being the standout options. The likes of craps and sic-bo, and other gambling dice games, use two or more dice to determine the outcome of the betting round. The fairness of dice-based games is often a talking point for players, so let’s clear that up first. 

These dice-based online casino games work just the same as card-based games, in as much as the outcome of the dice roll is based on a random number generator. Depending on the dice casino games you play, you will have various betting options based on how the dice land. Total numbers, under/over numbers, and number sequences are popular betting options, so let’s look at these and the games you can find them in now.


One look at the craps table can send people into confusion, but there is only one bet to understand if you want to get involved. Get your head around the Pass Line bet, and you can step up and play at any craps table, online or down at your local casino. We won’t go into all the specifics of the craps game rules, but a lot of the game revolves around the number of seven.

The online RNG version of craps simulates all the dice throws and betting rounds, but there is no need to be the person who throws the dice (the shooter) in real life. You can simply place your bets on the dice that the shooter throws. The outcome of those two dice will then determine whether you win or lose your bet.

Craps is one of the most popular two-dice gambling games around, and the beauty of playing online is that you can enjoy various game formats. Take on Simplified Craps or enjoy the live dealer version of the game, which is well worth playing. You can enjoy the throw of the dice in real-time, which helps you get closer to that classic craps entertainment.

Sic-Bo Dice Games

If you want to expand your dice gaming experience, then sic-bo should be on your to-play list. We mentioned that the craps table looks a lot more complicated than it actually is, but sic-bo is a game that looks as easy as it plays. There are two aspects to the game, and these are the betting board and the three dice. The dice are often shaken inside a glass housing to keep them together, and this all adds to the excitement as the dice crash into each other before they come to a rest.

Sic-bo is one of the most famous three-dice gambling games, and it offers fast-paced betting rounds for those who prefer that style of gaming. Strangely, the phrase “sic bo” actually means “two dice,” but you can be sure that there are three dice when playing the game. The fact that you have three dice does result in bigger odds and more betting options. The betting board displays all the options. These range from betting on the total of the three dice to predicting the exact number of each dice. There are also plenty of options in between.

Play the Most Popular Dice Gambling Games via GoodLuckMate

If you like the idea of playing this type of game, then there are always options available. If you want the quickest route to finding the best casino games, then look through our list of recommended casino sites at GoodLuckMate. Many top casinos are available, and we help you find the most trusted and secure sites available online.

Dice-based games are not the most popular, but they offer just as much entertainment as many of the other table games. Both craps and sic-bo come with entirely different gaming experiences, but both include dice at the heart of the game rules.

It doesn’t matter if you are after single-player dice games or if you’re looking to enjoy the experience via HD streams in the live casino. There is a dice-based game waiting for you, and we can help you find it right here at GoodLuckMate.

Steven Ford
Steven Ford
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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