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How to Play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

So you want to find out how to play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt by Evolution? Let’s explain it in simple terms first. The treasure is out there and it’s up to you to find it on the main stone wall. This wall holds 70 stones in total and there is a prize waiting behind each one. You select the treasure stones you want to find and how many picks you want to play, and then wait to see what you have won. 

A feature called Prize Drops helps to make the entertainment even more exciting. It brings the potential of winning up to 20,000 credits per stone. The Prize Drop feature can land several times during one round and that’s when you can hit some huge winnings in this Gonzo's Treasure Hunt game.

The stones and picks are the main focus for you to keep in mind. We’ll take you through the step-by-step betting process in the next section, but let us explain these two important features first.

The stones hide the prizes and there are six different payouts that you can find ranging from 1x to 65x your bet amount. The picks are what you buy with your chips and you can choose up to 20 picks per betting round. Obviously, the more picks you buy, the better your chances are of finding treasure underneath those stones.

Place Your Bets!

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt rules are straightforward and you will be fully in the know after just a few betting rounds. In short, you choose the treasure stones that you want to find out of the six options and then the number of picks to find them on the stone wall. The live casino game then plays out with prize drops, multipliers, and re-drops all becoming a possibility to help you win bigger.

Here’s our basic step-by-step betting process when playing Gonzo's Treasure Hunt casino game:

  1. Betting Stage - Pick your chips and then place them on any or all of the six treasure options.
  2. Treasure Hunt - Choose between one and 20 picks to help you find the treasure on the stone wall. These are displayed as handprints and you can choose any pattern.
  3. Bonus Drops - Prize drops and multipliers can appear along with up to 10 re-drops to win bigger cash prizes.
  4. Win or Lose - All the stones are revealed and you win the prizes that match the initial Betting Stage.
  5. Repeat the treasure hunt!

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Winnings & Payouts

The biggest winning prize available on the Gonzo's Treasure Hunt game is set at €1,000,000 in total. So, there is a lot of winning potential here, and we think a game of this stature deserves a prize that hits that magic million mark. The theoretical RTP of the main game is 96.56% but we will highlight the individual RTP and payout rates for each of the betting options below.

  • Brown Stone - 1:1 payout and 96.42% RTP
  • Orange Stone - 2:1 payout and 96.51% RTP
  • Purple Stone - 4:1 payout and 96.35% RTP
  • Green Stone - 8:1 payout and 96.56% RTP
  • Blue Stone - 20:1 payout and 96.55% RTP
  • Red Stone - 65:1 payout and 96.52% RTP

Game Features

The Prize Drop is the main bonus feature in Gonzo's Treasure Hunt game and this plays out once you have selected your stones on the wall. Gonzo will step up and turn a key to kickstart the feature with anything from zero to seven bonus prizes appearing above the wall. These could be either a multiplier (between 2x and 10x) or a bonus value (anything from 3 to 100). 

The bonus round is a bit hit and miss. It all depends on if there is a gap in the row for the bonus prize to fall into. If there is a space then they will randomly stop and increase the value of the stone they land on. Multipliers are extremely valuable as they multiply all bonus values currently found on the wall.

The Re-Drop feature is also worth a mention because this is the point at which you can quickly multiply your winnings. Basically, the Prize Drop feature gets activated once more and this can go on up to 10 times in a row! As mentioned earlier, the maximum value that any single stone can reach during the Prize Drop feature is 20,000 credits.

Once all the prize drops have played out then the stones are revealed to see if you are a winner.

Play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt at Online Casinos

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game is set to be a huge hit and all the top online casinos will be looking to integrate it into their lobbies. Evolution can be found at many of the best casinos and so you should not have any trouble finding the game. Gonzo's Treasure Hunt bonus offers may well come available. But live dealer bonuses, in general, are not as widespread as the normal casino offers at the moment. For now, you can find some of the very best Evolution casinos right here at GoodLuckMate. Feel free to have a browse and use our handy filters to find what you need.

If you want any tips on a Gonzo's Treasure Hunt strategy then it all comes down to the level of risk you are willing to take. Keep in mind that prizes over 10x your bet amount should be taken as a big win and most wins are going to be around this value. The biggest wins, although rare, are mostly found when you hit the multipliers in the Prize Drop feature. So, you don’t need to bet on the biggest betting options to make a return on this game. Balance out your bets between the betting option value and the number of picks and hopefully, you might find some luck!

Steven Ford
Steven Ford
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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