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Instant Win Games

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If you want something a bit more relaxing than the thrill of slot games or the growing tension of the roulette wheel, instant win games may be the answer. If you've ever played a scratch card in the real world, you'll know what to expect. A cash prize could be waiting underneath the removable surface of the card. Nowadays, the modern design of online instant games has pushed the game into new realms, and now you can find many different themes and ideas. It's a common fact these instant scratch cards provide a quick flash of excitement as players move from game to game in the online casino lobby. Playing one can take just a few seconds. Others are a little more in-depth, but the aim of the game is to be quick and easy. After all, if they are called instant, then you would expect instant results!

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How to Play Instant Win Games

Playing an instant scratch card game is one of the easiest experiences in the whole online casino. It's all about speed. Just like the physical instant games, you'll need to scratch off the surface of the card (in a virtual sense), or you can play out a mini-game. The simple, basic gameplay is at the heart of this casino game category, and the rules are clearly displayed on the game graphics. It is possible to open an instant casino game, read the rules, and find out if you are a winner all within 30 seconds. Some more in-depth games may take a few minutes, which slightly defeats the instant win factor, but the idea is similar nonetheless.

So, you can scratch the surface (in a virtual sense) and roll dice that send you around a game board. Or you may even need to make decisions that determine your winning prospects. As you can imagine, the online world has made these games a lot more entertaining than the physical ones you see in your local shops. The physical instant games are limited to the card they are printed on. However, online animation has turned what is essentially a basic gambling game into an immersive experience. This has been the case for most online game categories, but perhaps none more significantly than with instant win games.

Let's look at a couple of examples to show you what we mean.


One of the classics is the simple “scratch and match” game. It’s about as simple as the instant win game category gets. All you need to do is match three symbols on the card to win the prize. It might be a fixed prize or a prize directly linked to the symbol you matched three times. Either way, match three symbols, and you are a winner. Scratchcard games take no more than 30 seconds at the most. You click and launch the game, choose your bet amount, and scratch the game area using your mouse or mobile touch controls.

Monopoly Instant Win Games

Monopoly has been one of the brands to have made a big impression on the online casino environment. The live casino holds a unique game show tailored around the board game, and there is also the popular instant win games series. Monopoly Scratchcard Empire is one particular game that has caught the attention of players. Essentially, this is similar to the classic scratchcard we explained above, but with plenty more in terms of prizes.

For example, the main aim is to match property cards. You can also match various gold, silver, or bronze cards to the mystery card for more prizes. At the same time, there are also community and chance cards to take home additional bonus prizes. There are tokens to collect and a “Get out of jail free” feature as well. So, you can already get an idea of all the prizes and features on offer from one single scratch card. 

All this plays out on the traditional Monopoly board that most of us have at least played once in our lives. And last but not least, branded games like Monopoly Empire usually pay out reasonably well, too. This one, in particular, pays out up to 2,300x your total bet, which is pretty impressive for an instant win game when you consider the €10 maximum bet.

Slots & Instant Win Crossover Games

It wasn’t long until slot game providers realized the growing popularity of these games. It was too big of an opportunity not to go ahead and create scratch cards based on their most popular slot games. Fishin’ Frenzy, Millionaire Genie, and Irish Riches are all hugely successful slot games. They all share the fact of being successful in the instant win world as well.

Not to mention, these games are perhaps the easiest to design and develop out of all the online casino games. So, again, it becomes a no-brainer for the developers. What was once considered a low-key side game is now turning into its own outright game category with a growing community of fans.

These games will never compete with the likes of slots and table games, nor will they get to the levels of modern live casino gaming. But the instant win games category deserves its spot in the casino lobby. We look forward to what the future brings for this lucrative yet straightforward game.

Steven Ford
Steven FordUpdated: 25 May 2022
Steve started his iGaming career back in 2007 and he has not looked back since. Various job roles for both global and startup casino brands have given him a deep and thorough under...

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