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How to play Deal or No Deal 

Playing the Deal or No Deal game might seem a bit complicated or overwhelming if it’s your first time, but in truth, it’s actually quite simple. The game itself can be broken down into three phases, the Qualifying phase, the Top-up phase, and the actual live section phase. 

In the qualifying phase, you will be required to spin a three-reel wheel that resembles a bank vault door. The objective here is to match three gold plates on the upper section, kind of the same way you would play an online slot and hope for three bonus or scatter symbols to drop.

The top-up phase is where players get the chance to top up one or multiple briefcases based on their preference. This section is very similar to a money wheel, where each slice has a certain amount that will be added to your selected briefcase when the wheel stops on it. The amounts on the wheel are directly impacted by your bet size.

The last section is where the main game happens. You will see the dealer in a set with 15 cases in the backdrop and one case on the table in front of him. Cases are then opened in sequences of three, four, four, and three, leaving only two cases for the final round. The goal here is that your briefcases don’t get opened, therefore keeping you in the race for the prize. After each case opening sequence, the banker will make you a cash offer, which you can take or decline. The game ends when the final briefcase on the table is opened. 

Place your bets!

Since we covered the main Deal or No Deal rules and how to play the game, let’s dive in a bit deeper and see how it looks like step by step. You can choose three difficulty modes in the qualifying phase. In the normal mode, all three rings must land on the golden section. No advantages are provided. When choosing an easier level, one or two sections will already be in place. However, the easy and very easy mode requires a higher bet. At this stage, you can also select which of the briefcases to be your high-value one.

As the name suggests, the top-up phase is where you add money to what briefcases you prefer. This is done by spinning a wheel. Wherever the wheel stops the value is added to your briefcase. You can increase or decrease your stake depending on your budget or strategy. There is no minimum number of spins that you need to perform, but there is a timer, so please be aware of that. Once the timer runs out, you will be directed to the Deal or No Deal live game.

There is no more betting in the last part, but you need to stay sharp to lock in your winnings. The only action from the player at this stage is to decide if taking the banker’s cash offer after each opening sequence is worth it. If you prefer, you can go all the way with the hopes that your case is the winning one on the dealer’s table.

Deal or No Deal winnings & payouts

Now that we know exactly how to play Deal or No Deal Live, let’s see what we can win. Payouts vary a lot in this game. The reason for that is because there are a lot of moving variables at any time. However, we could argue that the most important parts are the qualifying and top-up phases. The reason for this is simple. Selecting normal difficulty in the qualifying phase ensures that your spins cost exactly what it’s worth, keeping your cost down. In the second phase, the higher your stakes and the more spins you make, the higher your prizes will be in the selected briefcases.

Finally, the live game phase is where you take your profits. Even here, it depends heavily on how many briefcases you have in the race and how early on some of them are eliminated. The banker’s offer is calculated based on the potential prizes you have in your briefcases and the possibility of your briefcases making it until the end. The maximum payout you could get is 500x, which is very tempting, but that means everything has to go perfectly your way.

Game Features

This live dealer game has a lot of features that make it unique. One of them is the fact that you can select exactly which briefcase you want to top up, leaving room for trying out a Deal or No Deal strategy to maximize your chances. Another aspect is that you are in full control to take the dealer’s cash offer and get out at any time if you don’t feel confident in your chances of winning.

Another important aspect of the game is that on the left side of the screen, it shows your total bet at all times, meaning that you know exactly how much you have spent and whether the offer you receive is profitable or not. Lastly, the pace is not super fast. A full round with all three phases takes about four to five minutes, making it a slower game than some of the other live dealer titles offered by Evolution.

Play Deal or No Deal at online casinos

We recommend playing Deal or No Deal online and give the game a chance. It’s fun, offers good payouts and is not that fast-paced. This leaves you plenty of time to follow the action. Furthermore, you can play the game at any online casino that has Evolution games in its portfolio. Considering how well-known the provider is, the game should not be hard to find.

If you are lucky enough, you might get a specific Deal or No Deal bonus on some casinos, which could sweeten the pot even more. Even if the casino itself doesn’t offer a bonus for this game, Evolution offers them on a rotation basis, especially for its game show type of games. All that is left for you is to decide whether you should take the deal or not.

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Nerijus Grenda
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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