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Mega Ball – a Live Casino Game

As with all games offered by Evolution (formerly known as Evolution Gaming), you can expect the Mega Ball game to tread the path of successful TV-show releases. This live game is a Bingo release at heart, but with a nice twist. Here, you receive a multiplier near the end of the draw! The game itself offers high payouts. It consists of purchasing bingo cards to complete as many horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines as possible, increasing your prize. However, for the highest payouts, you need the Mega Ball to fill your lines. Let’s find out more about the game…

How to play Mega Ball 

Playing the game and understanding the Mega Ball rules is quite easy. This is because there are not many differences between this and regular bingo games you would see in a dedicated hall. The game starts with the player purchasing bingo cards that will be yours in the draw. You can purchase up to 200 bingo cards, therefore increasing your chances of a huge payout.

The machine will then draw 20 balls out of a total of 51 at a relatively fast pace. Don’t worry, as the numbers are marked automatically on your cards, so you don’t need to keep track of all the numbers as they are being drawn.

After all of the 20 balls have been drawn, the presenter will turn on a multiplier reel. This will enhance your potential winnings even more if you’re lucky. In order to get the multiplier applied, the Mega Ball (the last ball drawn) must complete one or more lines on your purchased bingo cards. The highest multiplier on the wheel is a massive X100, while the lowest one is X5.

The game round ends when the last ball, known as the Mega Ball, is drawn from the machine. 

Place your bets!

What makes playing Mega Ball online more exciting than offline bingo is that you can purchase up to 200 bingo cards for the same session for as little as 0.10€ each. In a regular bingo game, you would not be able to keep track of all the cards as the balls are drawn as it’s physically impossible. By the time you had marked the first number to be drawn, the game would’ve moved on.

Once you have purchased your cards, you can click refresh, which will automatically randomize the numbers on your cards. Just in case you don’t like the numbers given to you. Just be sure to do this before the betting period is over for that round.

After betting ends, your job is pretty much done. You just have to wait for the balls to be drawn. By the time the multiplier kicks in after the 20 balls have been drawn, you have a pretty good idea of where you stand. Although the Mega Ball can change everything if you are one number away from filling a line. The last ball drawn can be the catalyst for a multitude of your bingo cards, getting completed lines to increase your winnings and getting the multiplier applied.

Mega Ball winnings & payouts

The game offers really high payouts. Plus, if you take into consideration the fact that you can purchase so many cards (up to 200 of them per round), it leaves a lot of room for any Mega Ball strategy you might want to try.

With that being said, the minimum bet on a card is 0.10€, with the maximum bet being 100€. As you probably deduced by now, the goal is to get as many lines completed or near completion before the multiplier is applied and the Mega Ball is drawn to really get some nice payouts.

Once the Mega Ball is drawn, you get notified of how much you have won, and the session ends.

The house edge is around 5% for this game, which might seem high at first glance. But, when compared with a regular bingo game where the margin is closer to 10%, it’s more than fair.

Game features

The game has a few unique features that make it so entertaining. One of them is the Mega Ball bonus itself, where you can get a multiplier to apply to your winnings. Another interesting feature is that a second Mega Ball is drawn on rare occasions. This results in even higher payouts for players if they happen to be lucky that round.

An impressive trick is that you can change the numbers on your bingo cards while betting is still active – just in case your usually lucky numbers are absent. Additionally, with so many numbers to keep track of, the game notifies you exactly where you are by bringing your most completed cards upfront if you play with many. It displays what numbers you need for the higher payouts.

Add to all the above the fact that the game is interactive, really cool graphics, and nice sound effects, and you have a recipe for success. You can see why we quite rate it.

Play Mega Ball at online casinos

Now that you have learned how to play Mega Ball and have seen how fun it can be, it’s time to go play it at your favorite casino site The game should be easy to find as most of the top online casinos have it in their portfolio. The reason for this is because it’s offered by Evolution, which is the leading company for live casino titles, as well as many other areas of the iGaming industry.

Mega Ball, therefore, is definitely a game to try. It is easy to follow and offers much more incentives than your average bingo game. And if the above did not convince you already, the potential 1,000,000x your bet in winnings definitely should. There are not many games out there that can pay that high. Good luck!

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