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Mega Ball is a modern version of the classic bingo game set in a live environment within the Evolution studios. The rules are super simple to learn and follow the typical bingo game but, of course, there are some twists and turns to expect through the bonus multipliers and mega bonus balls. The game is based on 51 balls in total and you can buy multiple cards to try and win multiple payouts, so there is a lot of winning potential. All the details are explained below, so read on as we show you how to play Mega Ball Live.

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How to play Mega Ball 

Your first step in playing Mega Ball online is to purchase your bingo cards. These come in bundles of 1, 10, 15 and 25 cards. You can purchase a total of 200 cards per betting round if you want to give yourself the best possible chances of winning. Take note that each card can cost anywhere from €0.10 up to €100. This part of the game is very much like traditional bingo, but as we mentioned at the top, Mega Ball brings some interesting twists to the game.

First up, you can refresh the card numbers that you have purchased if you don’t think they are right for you. Hit the Refresh Numbers button to bring up a new set of numbers, however, this feature is only active while the betting stage is open. Secondly, you do not play against other players and so all of the cards that you purchased will be active until the betting round ends. Lastly, the traditional Full House payout is not available because not all the balls are drawn. Once you have purchased your cards and you are happy with your numbers then you can wait for the betting stage to end and the main game to begin.

Place your bets!

Now you know some of the basic Mega Ball rules, let’s talk about the bets. Placing your bets is simple and this is thanks to the player-friendly interface across the bottom of the screen. From left to right you have the potential payouts, your active cards, and the most recent ball history. A useful bar across the top of the cards also shows you which of the numbers you need to win and so everything is in front of you to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

The Mega Ball online game does not provide you with many betting options as many of the typical casino games, and this is what makes it such a simple gaming experience. The Multiplier and Bonus Mega Balls hold the key to the bigger prizes but in terms of any Mega Ball strategy then our best suggestion would be to keep track of how much you are spending. This way you can play and enjoy the game for as long as possible.

Mega Ball winnings & payouts

Mega Ball Live provides a top prize that is capped at a total of €500,000 and that is a huge, tempting amount. It will take a lot of luck to match up all your balls along with the top multipliers, but there are still plenty of other prizes that can be won during the game. The main base game payouts are linked to the number of winning lines that you can match and to make things clear, the more lines you cross off, the bigger and better the prizes will be. The potential payouts in the game are as follows:

  • 1 Line: 1 - 99:1
  • 2 Lines: 4 - 499:1
  • 3 Lines: 49 - 4,999:1
  • 4 Lines: 249 - 24,999:1
  • 5 Lines: 999 - 99,999:1
  • 6+ Lines: 9,999 - 999,999:1

As we mentioned, all payouts are capped at €500,000. The free space in the middle of the bingo cards acts as a wild space that will help you hit more winning lines and edge ever closer to the bigger prizes. The second stage of the draw brings the multiplier and bonus mega balls into play. Due to the various prizes that can be formed using these bonus features, we will leave it at the fact that the multiplier can be anything from 5x up to 100x on top of your prizes already won.

The house edge is around 5% for this game, which might seem high at first glance. But, when compared with a regular bingo game where the margin is closer to 10%, it’s more than fair.

Game features

After the main draw of 20 balls has taken place, the Mega Ball bonus feature is activated for the chance to boost your prizes. First of all the Mega Ball multiplier needs to be generated and this is played out via the digital wheel in the center of the studio. Various multipliers are available that range from 5x to 100x. The Mega Ball is chosen at random from the remaining 31 balls that are left in the machine. Keep an eye on this ball because if it helps you to complete a winning line on your bingo cards then the payout for that card is multiplied by the Mega Ball multiplier that was generated on the digital screen. 

To add to the entertainment there is the chance of a second Mega Ball appearing and if this also helps you to complete any winning lines then you will take the higher of the two multiplier payouts. Once the Mega Ball bonus round is over then all your winnings are rounded up and displayed in the middle of the game screen, and the betting round begins again.

Play Mega Ball Live at online casinos

Finding yourself a Mega Ball casino will not be difficult due to it being supplied by Evolution. All online casinos want to partner with this leading live dealer studio because, in simple words, their games, hosts, and casino environments are some of the very best around. Evolution specializes in the live casino format and the Mega Ball game is one of the many examples that showcase their obvious live dealer talents. 

The ability to take a simple game like bingo and to spin it on its head to create Mega Ball is exactly why Evolution is at the top of the list for live casino suppliers. The Mega Ball game is about as easy as it comes as you simply purchase your cards and let the host take over for the rest of the game. You may not find many Mega Ball bonus deals but there are many other bonus promotions available and we have the best ones listed right here at GoodLuckMate.

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