Lightning Baccarat

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Lightning Baccarat is the exciting live dealer game from the number one live casino studio out there right now, Evolution. The Lightning Baccarat rules are based around the traditional baccarat game and so there is nothing new to learn in terms of how you win. However, the “Lightning” feature that has been introduced brings the potential of winning huge multipliers throughout each and every game round. Read on as we uncover how to play Lightning Baccarat, the extras that come with the game, all the payouts, and some top tips that can help you when playing the game.

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How to play Lightning Baccarat 

The Lightning Baccarat game starts like any other baccarat game, with the player picking out which selection to bet on and these are the player, the banker, and the tie. Additional side bets are also included for the banker pair and the player pair which are paid out even if you win or lose your main bet. Once you have made your bet selection and the betting timer has reached zero then an important feature of the game will take place. A 20% Lightning Fee is added to your total bet. This has been introduced by Evolution to help finance the multiplier prizes in the game, so keep this in mind from your first bet to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Next up is the Lightning Round and this produces up to five cards from a 52-card virtual deck with each of them displaying a multiplier worth 2x, 3x, 4x, 5 or 8x. Once these cards have been selected then the baccarat game will play out as per the traditional three-card game rules. The Lightning Cards are highlighted as the player and banker cards are revealed and this lets you know if you have the potential to win a multiplier prize at the end of the round. Once the rules have been played out then the prizes will be credited with any extra multipliers added on top.

Place your bets!

Placing your bets on the Lightning Baccarat online game could not be any easier and this is mostly down to the fact that the betting options are so simple in a game like this. The betting options are right in front of you with the blue, green, and red sections indicating the player (blue), tie (green), and banker (red) bets. Make sure you have the right betting limit selected and then place your chips on your chosen selection.

Use the playing interface to gather up important information such as the total wagers being placed, the number of players betting on a particular selection, and the percentage of bets being placed for quick reference. You can also view the betting roadmap which shows the complete history of the previous game rounds being played with the current eight-deck shoe. 

Lightning Baccarat winnings & payouts

The payout table in Lightning Baccarat is slightly different from that of the standard game. The player and banker bets still payout at 1:1 with the 5% commission being taken from the winning banker bet. However, the tie bet is reduced from 8:1 or 9:1, depending on where you play, to 5:1. The pair bets are also reduced down to 9:1 from the typical 11:1 payouts that you usually find. These reduced payouts are the result of potentially being able to win huge multipliers if you land any of the Lightning Cards.

So, what can you win if you do successfully land one or five of the Lightning Cards? We mentioned earlier the possible multipliers that you can find on the cards from 2x to 8x. A quick example of this would be if you won on a player bet with one of the 8x Lightning Cards in the hand, you would win 8:1 instead of the standard 1:1. These multipliers can quickly rise up to huge numbers with 512x available with three 8x Lightning Cards and a massive 262,144x your bet with six matching Lightning Cards on a winning tie bet. One important rule to note down is that Evolution cap all winnings on the game at €500,000, not including your bet stake.

Game Features

The main feature of the game is based around the Lightning Cards and their potential multipliers. The randomly generated virtual card feature can bring one to five lightning cards into play and the multipliers attached to them are always changing to keep the game fresh and exciting. As you would expect from Evolution, the game has been tastefully designed to be in line with all of their other Lightning live dealer games

The Lightning feature brings an exciting new angle to the already hugely popular casino game and the possibility of winning up to €500,000 from a single hand is something that many players are eager to try out. Maximum bets will be required to hit that maximum cap but with other worthwhile and easier multipliers to hit, the chance of landing a big win is still more than possible. It’s a simple addition to a simple game, but the prize-winning opportunities make the live dealer experience so much more exciting.

Play Lightning Baccarat at online casinos

Finding a Lightning Baccarat casino is simple enough these days and all you need to do is find a casino that partners with Evolution. The fact that Evolution is the go-to option for live dealer games does mean that their games are never far away. Playing with live dealer hosts can be intimidating for first-timers but you should not let this put you off. A lot of the game is automated and the rules are simple to understand. The game does not really play into any direct Lightning Baccarat strategy but you should always choose to play sensibly and bet within your budget

Remember the additional Lightning Fee of 20% on all your bets and that the payouts are slightly reduced on the tie and pair bets. It is best to think of the Lightning Cards as a side bet and to maintain your goal of winning the main player/banker bets, anything extra via the Lightning multipliers will then be a bonus, but of course, at the cost of that 20% increase of your total bet. If you like the idea of the game then you can find many of the top Evolution casinos here at GoodLuckMate and there are live dealer promotions and Lightning Baccarat bonus offers out there to claim to enhance your gaming sessions as well.

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