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How to Play Lightning Blackjack 

Playing Lightning Blackjack is very much like any other blackjack game. Anyone who has already played a game in the Lightning series will know what to expect. For any beginners who are reading this, let’s run through the basics of the game and explain how to play Lightning Blackjack. Firstly, it’s played with eight decks and a manual dealing shoe. There are also no side bets, apart from the required Lightning fee on each betting round.

  • The Lightning fee is 100% of your blackjack bet and covers the opportunity of winning top prizes worth up to 25x your initial bet.

Once your bets are placed, and the fee has been paid, you can play through the usual blackjack rules. We won’t go into the details, but we have blackjack guides if you want a quick read of how to play. Essentially, one of the multiplier values between 2x and 25x is linked to six of the predefined winning hand totals, which are:

  • 4-17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • BJ

If you end up winning your hand, the multiplier does not trigger instantly. The multiplier is carried over to the next hand, and if you win that hand, the multiplier is added to boost your winnings. And the process keeps on repeating.

Place Your Bets!

Placing your bets on Lightning Blackjack online follows a simple process. You get fifteen seconds to select your chips and put them on the table. Betting totals range from €1 to €100 per round, and that Lightning fee is automatically placed as well. So, you’ll be playing double whatever you put down as your total chip cost.

The Lightning Blackjack rules will then play out like any other standard blackjack game. Insurance is offered if the dealer’s up card is displaying an Ace. If there is no Ace, the usual Hit, Stand, Double, and Split betting options will be open to the player. 

Take note you have a time limit to make your decision, or the game will choose for you - hands under 11 will hit, and hands at 12 or above will stand.

If you match the dealer’s hand, your main bet is returned, but your Lightning fee is lost. If you lose, you lose all your money from the main bet and lightning fee. If you win, you’ll be paid out in line with your winning hand, and the connected multiplier gets carried over to the next round.

Lightning Blackjack Winnings & Payouts

Your Lightning Blackjack winnings are run-of-the-mill stuff until you start hitting multipliers. Let’s check the basic payouts first, and you can then quickly work out the boosted winnings by including the multiplier value:

  • Winning Hand - 1:1
  • Blackjack - 3:2
  • Insurance - 2:1
  • Multiplier Value - Anywhere from 2x to 25x

Remember, the multiplier does not boost your prize on the initial winning hand. You need to wait for the subsequent hand and win again for that multiplier to come into effect.

Game Features

The lightning multipliers are the stars of the show in this live casino game, and there are many different values that can boost your winnings. You’re more likely to see the lower multipliers come into action over the bigger multipliers. But still, there is always the chance of hitting that top 25x multiplier, which can instantly make a huge difference in your bankroll.

Next up is the slightly hidden feature that keeps your multiplier alive for up to 180 days! Yes, you can actually keep hold of that multiplier until you decide to play again - up to 180 days later. So perhaps you hit a winning hand and activate a big multiplier, but you feel that your run of luck has ended. You can hold back, keep that multiplier, and play another time. The next time you play, that multiplier will be ready and waiting for you.

The option to play first-person lightning blackjack is also available via the game. Basically, this option replicates the live version with RNG-based gameplay. You can use the “Go Live” button to flick between the first-person and the live dealer version.

Play Lightning Blackjack at Online Casinos

Coming from Evolution, you know this game it’s going to be entertaining. Plus, it is based on one of the most popular casino games ever invented - blackjack. Of course, the table design and background in the Lightning Blackjack game are visually striking. Add in the multipliers, and the gameplay steps up yet another level.

You need to remember a few points to ensure you make the most of the experience. A wise Lightning Blackjack strategy would consider the fact you need to win two hands on the bounce to trigger a multiplier. You’ll need to hit two multipliers of at least 4x to ensure you safely make a profit, but that’s all part of the fun. With a maximum 25x multiplier, anything can happen.

Finding a casino with the game should not prove difficult as Evolution is a hugely popular provider. We have already reviewed many Evolution casinos here at GoodLuckMate. You may also find a few handy Lightning Blackjack bonus offers along the way.

Steven Ford
Steven Ford
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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