Lightning Lotto Live quick info: 
🎲 Game provider:Evolution
🎲 Game type:Live lotto game show
📅 Release year:2023
⭐ Our rating: 4.2/5
🤩 RTP:95.31% - 96.08%
💵 Minimum bet:€0.01
💵 Maximum bet:€50
💵 Maximum payout:€500,000
❤️ Top Lightning Lotto Live casino:Boomerang Casino


How To Play Lightning Lotto Live

Lightning Lotto Live Review

Lightning Lotto Live is all about simplicity and you don’t need to have any prior skills or experience to get started. If you’ve already played any lotteries online then the basic mechanics are much the same. The aim is to match at least 3 numbers on your ticket, with the numbered balls which are randomly drawn from two lotto machines.  

The first machine is responsible for drawing five balls from a pool of 25. The action then focuses on the second machine which draws one Powerball from a pool of 10 balls. In turn, each of your tickets will have 5 regular numbers and one Powerball number at the end.

This isn’t just any old lotto game though and Evolution Gaming has woven its magic to add unique features. Your winnings will be increased as you match more numbers and the Lightning multipliers can add even bigger boosts.

Place Your Bets!

Your first step is to get your hands on some tickets. You can purchase up to 500 of these and they come in groups of 1, 25, 50, or 100. Each ticket has a random combination of five numbers which range from 1-25. As well as one power number which will be between 1-10. 

You’ll need to choose the amount you’d like to spend on each ticket. But there’s no need to whip out your calculator as the total cash wager for each bundle is clearly displayed for you. 

Lightning Lotto Live

All of your winning numbers are automatically daubed red. And if you get 3+ matches then payouts are displayed above the winning ticket, which will change color to gold. As the balls are being drawn, your tickets with the most matched numbers will be automatically sorted. Those that are closest to churning out a win will be at the top of your bundles.

I really like the simple interface and even if you purchase 500 tickets you can zoom in on anyone at any time. Or simply sit back and enjoy the Lightning Lotto Live online ambiance. 

Lightning Lotto Live Payouts

The payouts are really easy to understand and I've included the table below to show you what you could win:

Matching numbers











If you match 6 numbers and get a Lightning number 20x multiplier you’ll scoop a win of 100,000:1. Or in general terms a 100,000x your bet - which is colossal when you compare it to many other live casino game shows. Even though the Lightning Lotto Live rules set the max payout at €500,000, this is still a hefty win!

Lightning Lotto Liv

Lightning Lotto Live Statistics 

The optimal theoretical RTP amount for Lightning Lotto is 96.08%. This figure is based on a single ticket played with the minimum bet amount. The range of RTP can be between 95.31% and 96.08%. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with this upper range. When you consider that most other game shows come in at a much lower amount. 

I’m sure that many of you lotto fans will make the automatic comparison to the other Evolution hit, Mega Ball Live. I did when I first started to test Lightning Lotto. But the RTP of Mega Ball is on the lower side at 95.4% though it has the same max win payout of €500,000. I recently also reviewed the Pragmatic Play Vegas Ball Bonanza game. This too has a similar mechanic but its top RTP is just 95.97%. 

At this point, I appreciate that the less mathematically minded amongst you might start to check out. But stick with me on this. Because it’s something we gambling experts always get asked: “What are the chances of me winning the top prize?”. 

Well, getting a ticket with 6 matching numbers and a 20x multiplier varies based on the total number of purchased tickets. If you buy 1 ticket then your chance is 1 in 5.6 billion. On the other hand, if you spread your purchases to 500 tickets the chance of winning the top spot increases to 2.2 million. Whilst it still might seem unachievable, there’s still a huge difference between 1 in 5.6 billion and 2.2 million. 

It’s always important to remember that whilst winning is amazing, it’s also about taking part and having fun. Enjoying the overall experience or using any bonuses that you might have scored from signing up at a new online casino. Not to forget the live chat feature where you can enjoy some banter with the dealer and other players. Either way, my best advice is to enjoy yourself and don’t get too caught up in the money-making factor. 

Game Features

Evolution has added a couple of unique features to this live casino game, boosting the intrigue and potentially your balance too. If you're the type who wants to know how to win big at Lightning Lotto Live, then the answer can be found in these features:


Just like when you buy a ticket for most lotteries in a high street shop, the Powerball gives an extra chance to win. Once the regular numbers for your ticket are drawn, the Powerball machine will give an extra number. Basically, it's a one in ten chance of matching your sixth ticket number. 

Lightning Numbers

Once the betting time is over and the lotto machines begin to fire up, 1-2 Lightning numbers are randomly drawn. If your ticket has any of these numbers on, then it’ll become a Lightning ticket and you’ll scoop a multiplier between 2x and 10x. You can also have two Lightning numbers on one ticket. This means that multipliers are added together giving a total multiplier for that ticket. 

These Lightning numbers are where the game's max win of €500,000 can be achieved. And they're easy to spot as the multiplier is displayed, and the ticket is illuminated with a cloud of lightning. 

Lightning Lotto Live Strategy

I’m not here to sell you a surefire way to win, as we all know it doesn’t exist and luck always plays its part. But there are some methods that I always stick to when playing any game. Whilst they don’t guarantee a win, they lengthen my sessions and enhance my experience and sometimes my balance too. 

  • Start Small

If you're brand new to lotto-type games then start small. Lightning Lotto Live is very fast-paced and it could be easy to get caught up in the atmosphere. You can buy tickets for just €0.01, so start at around this mark. Begin with one ticket and follow the on-screen action. You’ll soon get a feel for the process and also become more comfortable. When you're ready, bet a little more if you want to.

  • Buy More Tickets…or Not

Having more tickets is going to increase your chances of landing those Lightning numbers. But you don’t need to go all in and purchase 500. You could start with 10 and move up to 25, the choice is yours. I also found that sticking with these amounts allowed me to keep an eye on my numbers. The game will do this for you anyway, but it’s something I personally enjoy about lotto and bingo-based games. 

  • Set a Budget

Think about the amount you have to play the game with and stick to it. I know it’s tempting to add a bit more to that balance, but don’t. A good way to ensure you manage your budget is by using the Autoplay function. Set your bet amount and the number of games you want to play and then let the good times roll. 

Lightning Lotto Live Review: My Verdict

I think that Lightning Lotto Live is a great addition to the Evolution collection. The Lightning brand lends its mark very well to the bouncing ball style of gameplay. I also think that this is a great game to start with if you want to try out bingo/lotto in a live setting. It’s incredibly simple but has some powerful features and a big max win potential. 

Unlike with regular lottos, you also don’t have to concern yourself with choosing your lottery numbers. So there’s no need to try and remember your grandma's birthday and the day you got your first dog. 

When it comes to the bonus features, I like that multipliers apply to your entire ticket, rather than just one number. I also like that the minimum bet is very low, allowing you to try out the game without needing to commit too much cash. The max bet could be a little higher though and this is where higher rollers might lose interest. 

Is there enough to keep more regular players going? I think so, for short bursts of gameplay but I reckon that Mega Ball offers a bit more of a kick. The RTP of Lightning Lotto Live is higher than most of these types of live games though. 

Play Lightning Lotto Live at Online Casinos

Finding an online casino to try out Lightning Lotto Live for yourself won’t be difficult. Evolution Gaming is a hugely popular provider and can be found on the majority of platforms. This developer is at the forefront of innovation and its entire game collection can be enjoyed on any mobile device. But with thousands of online casinos hosting Lightning Lotto Live, which one is the best?

Let me steer you in the direction of Boomerang Casino. I have tried and tested numerous sites during this review and always return to this one for many reasons:

  • Trustworthy operator 
  • Fully licensed and secure 
  • Mobile optimized 
  • Play Lightning Lotto Live and First Person RNG versions
  • Generous new player bonuses and loyalty cashback 
  • Weekly live game show promotions 
  • Make payments with cryptos and standard currencies
  • Live casino tournaments 
  • User-friendly site with quick signup 
  • Fast 24/7 support 
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Nicola Wrebel
Last Update: 22 Dec 2023
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