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Game-Show Games

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TV game-shows go as far back as the early 1940s, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the concept was brought to online casinos with Evolution’s Dream Catcher. Each Game-Show game usually draws inspiration from different popular TV shows like Deal or No Deal and Wheel of Fortune. But, there are also unique twists on more conventional casino games, like roulette and slots games, where the two can even be combined. These types of games have proven themselves very popular with players in the short amount of time they have been around, providing an immersive quality that only the contestants would be able to feel in the classic TV shows.

Best Game Show Casinos

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How to play Game-Show Games 

Learning how to play Game-Show games isn’t necessarily as simple as learning Blackjack for example. It is not a matter of learning one core ruleset and then applying some tweaks to forms other varieties of the game. For the most part, each game will instead feature completely different formats, bet types and additional features. While Dream Catcher and Crazy Time are both Wheel of Fortune style titles and share a lot of common traits and rules, they are very much different games than, for example, Monopoly Live or Football Studio.

As such, Game-Show game rules can change wildly, but are kept offputting by their overall simplicity. Most titles follow the same order of events that you would expect at a card table. Generally speaking, bets are placed at the beginning of the round before the result is called, which then triggers the next round. A lot of the time you will be asked to make a specific prediction with your bets, such as a certain segment or outcome on a board. One of the reasons these games are so popular is their simple nature and instant recognition to those already familiar with the game formats. Even newer players should have an easy time hopping in after spectating just a couple of rounds.

Place your bets!

Formulating a good game-show games strategy will be dependant on your preferred game. One piece of advice you can take across all of your games is to effectively manage your bankroll. Doing a good job of managing your funds not only provides a greater potential to extend your playtime but also decreases the likelihood of disappointment. A lot of games will let you place a minimum bet of €0.10, which allows you quite a bit of flexibility even with a smaller budget. You are also free to simply spectate rounds, should you feel that there is a cool period going on. Bets are placed using chips in various denominations, making it feel very akin to other live casino games, in fact, the entire user interface will feel familiar for anybody who has played live casino games before. This means you can expect betting options like doubling your last wager or an undo button that withdraws all your placed chips before confirming your bet.

Game-Show Games winnings & payouts

Win multipliers can get rather ridiculous in these games, especially in bonus feature rounds. Crazy Time, for instance, is capped at €500,000 for its maximum winnings, as the multipliers in the bonus rounds have the potential to go way beyond that amount. Payouts can vary as wildly as the games here though and it is best that you check out our reviews for individual games to find their exact probabilities and payouts. Bonus rounds tend to have the potential to reach tens if not hundreds of thousands of euros. The most common payouts you will likely see though are one-to-one and two-to-one payouts. You can usually expect the return to player (RTP) to be in the mid 90 percent, meaning that players are on average expected to receive around €95 for every €100 wagered. Keep in mind that this is purely a statistical expectation and some players can win more or less equally.

Game features

Game-Show Games bonus features can be expected in virtually all titles, as this is where the big jackpots are found. Providers are eager to advertise the high win potentials of their games and come up with creative bonus rounds to implement into their games. One notable bonus feature is available in Monopoly Live, which is a Wheel of Fortune style game. Entering the bonus round sees players transported to a virtual rendition of the classic Monopoly board. There it becomes all about getting good dice rolls to attain high win multipliers and further bonus rewards. Crazy Time also makes a spectacle of its bonus rounds by having four very different features possible for players to enter when the specific feature is both wagered on and landed on by the wheel.

Play Game-Show Games at online casinos

It can be time-consuming to find a good site to play your favorite game-show games online. With so many online casinos out there, it is almost overwhelming with the amount of choice available and even with these types of games being a relatively new innovation, they have a consistently growing player-base attached to them. Finding the right game-show games casino can be done in a matter of seconds, but finding the right one for you may not be so simple. Gathering the information together to get a full understanding of the value and trust you can attribute to a site isn’t something most people have time for, especially when there are hundreds of sites out there. That’s why your best bet is letting us do all the hard work here at GoodLuckMate, as we provide unbiased online casino reviews written by industry veterans.

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