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The Fan Tan online game from Evolution is a live dealer version of the ancient bead game. It follows a simple set of rules that have been passed down from ancient Asia, and ultimately, the game comes down to pure chance. Evolution is the leading live casino provider in the world, so you can expect all types of additional bets to help the game fit the live dealer platform. We explain the rules and show you how to make the most of your Fan Tan bets.

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How to Play Fan Tan

One of the most popular features of Fan Tan is its simplicity, in both the betting options and the betting round. So, how to play Fan Tan? It all starts with the game table, which Evolution has designed with an Asian theme in mind. You then have a pile of white beads, a metal cup, a glass dome, and the bead stick, all of which are handled by the dealer.

The dealer lifts the glass dome off the table and covers a random number of beads using the metal cup. The dealer then moves the remaining beads back under the glass dome and moves them off to the side of the table. The next stage of the game shows the dealer uncovering the pile of beads and grouping them in lines of four using the bead stick. The final line will show one, two, three, or four beads.

The aim of the Fan Tan game is to predict how many beads will end up in the last line. You have a one in four chance of winning, however, there is also a selection of advanced bets available to spice things up a bit.

Place Your Bets!

The Fan Tan rules start with you choosing one of two game views. You can select the simplified view which shows the eight basic betting options. Or you can choose the advanced view that covers 28 betting options in total, including the eight from the simplified view. 

The basic bets are as follows:

  • Fan Bet - Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 beads.
  • Big/Small - Choose big which covers 3 and 4, or small for 1 and 2.
  • Odd/Even - Choose odd for 1 and 3, or even for 2 and 4.

In addition to the three bets above, the advanced bets are as follows:

  • Nim - Choose two numbers. The first number acts as the winner and the second number counts as a push with your stake returned.
  • Kwok - Similar to the Nim bets, but both numbers count as winners if they come in.
  • Ssh - Otherwise known as Sheh-sam-hong, you choose any 3 of the 4 numbers to win.

Fan Tan Winnings & Payouts

The Fan Tan casino game comes with a surprising number of payouts for such a simple design. We’ll give you a rundown of all the basic and advanced payouts alongside their bets. To give you an idea, the theoretical RTP of the game is between 96.25% and 98.75%. The difference in RTP comes from the type of bet you are making. See below for the single bet returns:

Basic Bets

Advanced Bets

Fan Tan Bet


Fan Tan Bet




All Nim Bets




All Kwok Bets




All Ssh bets

















Game Features

We have mentioned a couple of features already, but let’s outline them again to make it clear. The Fan Tan game from Evolution allows you to play with two different views, basic and advanced. It’s a handy feature that allows beginners to get used to the game without getting confused with the extra betting options. There is no Fan Tan bonus game to speak of, though. It’s purely based on you predicting the number of beads left on the last line.

You can also follow recent results via the statistics page. It’s a common feature on Asian-based live dealer games. But although these stats do not give you concrete answers on how to play the next bet, players do like to use them as guidelines. You can view up to the last 500 game rounds across three different sets of statistics - numbers, odd/even, and big-small. Players often use these results to look into where they could place their next advanced bets.

Play Fan Tan at Online Casinos

The good news here is that Evolution is the number one live casino provider in the world. What this means is that you’ll find its portfolio of games in most casinos that offer the live dealer experience. Not every casino will run the full portfolio, though. But it’s easy enough to check the casino lobby beforehand to see if this particular bead game is available.

Chances are, the Evolution game will be available, and be sure to look out for any bonuses and deals to boost your bankroll with as well. It’s worth doing the research before you sign up, and remember, we have loads of live dealer casino reviews right here at GoodLuckMate.

As for any Fan Tan strategy, the only advice would be to check and follow the payouts. Fan Tan is based on luck, and there are no moves the player can make that will affect the outcome. The Shh bets are clearly the way to go as they cover three of the four numbers, but the payout is small. The Nim bet is somewhere around the middle of the road in terms of risk versus reward. You can win on one number, while the second number offering a push with your original stake returned. An option worth considering when first playing the game.

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