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Fan Tan quick info: 
🎲 Game provider:Evolution
🎲 Game type:Live casino table game
📅 Release year:2021
⭐ Our rating: 4.3/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
🤩 RTP:96.25-98.75%
💵 Minimum bet:€0.20
💵 Maximum bet:€5,000
💵 Maximum payout:2.85x
💖 Top Fan Tan casino:Mirax Casino

Fan Tan live casino review

How to Play Fan Tan

One of the most popular features of Fan Tan is its simplicity, in both the betting options and the betting round.

So, how to play Fan Tan? It all starts with the game table, which Evolution has designed with an Asian theme in mind. You then have a pile of white beads, a metal cup, a glass dome, and the bead stick, all of which are handled by the dealer.

The live dealer lifts the glass dome off the table and covers a random number of beads using the metal cup. The dealer then moves the remaining beads back under the glass dome and moves them off to the side of the table. The next stage of the game shows the dealer uncovering the pile of beads and grouping them in lines of four using the bead stick. The final line will show one, two, three, or four beads.

The aim of the Fan Tan game is to predict how many beads will end up in the last line. You have a one-in-four chance of winning, however, there is also a selection of advanced bets available to spice things up a bit.

Place Your Bets!

The Fan Tan rules start with you choosing one of two game views. You can select the simplified view which shows the eight basic betting options. Or you can choose the advanced view that covers 28 betting options in total, including the eight from the simplified view. 

Fan Tan bet options

The basic bets are as follows:

Bet TypeExplanation
Fan BetChoose 1, 2, 3, or 4 beads.
Big/SmallChoose big which covers 3 and 4, or small for 1 and 2.
Odd/EvenChoose odd for 1 and 3, or even for 2 and 4.


In addition to the three bets above, the advanced bets are as follows:

Bet TypeExplanation
NimChoose two numbers. The first number acts as the winner and the second number counts as a push with your stake returned.
KwokSimilar to the Nim bets, but both numbers count as winners if they come in.
SshOtherwise known as Sheh-sam-hong, you choose any 3 of the 4 numbers to win.


Fan Tan Winnings & Payouts

The Fan Tan live casino game comes with a surprising number of payouts for such a simple design. I'll give you a rundown of all the basic and advanced payouts alongside their bets.

To give you an idea, the theoretical RTP of the game is between 96.25% and 98.75%. The difference in RTP comes from the type of bet you are making. See below for the single bet returns:

Basic Bets

Advanced Bets

Fan Tan Bet


Fan Tan Bet




All Nim Bets




All Kwok Bets




All Ssh bets

















Game Features

I have mentioned a couple of features already, but let’s outline them again to make it clear. The Fan Tan game from Evolution allows you to play with two different views, basic and advancedIt’s a handy feature that allows beginners to get used to the game without getting confused with the extra betting options.

There is no Fan Tan bonus game to speak of, though. It’s purely based on you predicting the number of beads left on the last line.

Fan Tan Live Statistics

In Fan Tan, where bets can be risky, having a strategy involves using your gut feeling and understanding how the game works. But, the game also offers helpful statistics that show patterns from past games, helping players see how the game usually goes.

Fan Tan Live statistics

So, as mentioned, the statistics section has information about the previous game rounds. By sliding the stats slider, you can check data from the last 50 to 500 rounds. 

Evolution's Fan Tan statistics are shown through three scoreboards:

  • The first scoreboard is about Fan Bet results, telling you how often each number won and in what order.
  • The second one is about Odd/Even bets, showing how they turned out and the order they came in.
  • Lastly, the third scoreboard shows Big/Small results, sharing the percentage of wins and the order they happened.

Can these statistics be used as a Fan Bet strategy? Well, no. Although these stats do not give you concrete answers on how to play the next bet, players do like to use them as guidelines.

You can take a look at the numbers from past games and see if there's a pattern. If the dealer keeps doing the same thing, they might be choosing the same number of beads each time. 

Best Fan Tan Casino Strategy

When it comes to Fan Tan casino strategies for winning, it's crucial to acknowledge that while some games have strategic elements, gambling games are inherently different. So, unfortunately, I won't be giving you a surefire strategy to win at Fan Tan. Luck is what really matters in this game. There simply are no moves the player can make that will affect the outcome.

But don't worry, my aim is to guide you through understanding the bets, assisting you in making informed decisions. We'll explore which bets are favorable and which ones might not be as fruitful.

Ssh Bet Strategy

The Ssh Bet strategy can be a solid choice depending on your goals. It involves the arrangement of numbers like Ssh 3-2-1, 4-3-2, 2-1-4, or 1-4-3. Although the payout is not huge, your chances of winning are 3 out of 4 times. This strategy is suitable for gradually building a profit over time, especially if you're looking for smaller wins. However, if you aim for bigger profits, starting with a larger initial bet might be necessary.

Fan Bet Strategy

On the other hand, the Fan Tan bet holds the highest payout, with a payout ratio of 2.85:1. However, it's important to consider that this bet carries a 1 in 4 chance of success, making this strategy quite risky. You could win big, but you're more likely to lose your bets more often than not.

Kwok Bet Strategy

The Kwok Bet strategy has its pros and cons. While it increases your winning chances by covering two numbers, offering a win if either number wins, it's important to note that this bet is a bit riskier compared to the Ssh bet. Additionally, the lower payout of around 0.95 for every 1 you bet, might impact potential returns.

Nim Bet Strategy

The Nim Bet strategy can be a favorable approach for some players. By selecting two numbers—the Win number and the Push number—you have a chance to win 1.90 times your bet if the first number wins. Moreover, if the second number comes up, you'll get your initial stake back, creating a 50-50 chance for either a win or a push. 

Among these strategies, the best strategy seems to be the Nim Bet. While the Ssh Bet can win often, the prizes aren't huge. The Fan Bet might give big rewards, but it's harder to win. The Kwok Bet covers two numbers, but you might not win as much, and it's riskier than Ssh.

On the other hand, the Nim Bet lets you win almost twice your bet if your first number wins. If your second number comes up, you get your bet back, so it's a fair chance for a win or at least not losing. This mix of potential wins and not-too-big risks makes Nim Bet a good choice.

Luck is what really matters in this game. There simply are no moves the player can make that will affect the outcome.

Fan Tan Live Review: Verdict

Evolution's Fan Tan mixes old and new in a live casino game that's a twist on an ancient bead game. Even though luck is a big part, my guide can hopefully help you play better.

Good Stuff:

  • Mixes old and new for exciting play
  • Many ways to bet for extra fun
  • Easy for new players to enjoy
  • Stats help you understand the game better

Not So Good Stuff:

  • Need luck to win
  • No guaranteed way to win

Rating: 4.3/5

Evolution's Fan Tan gets a solid 4.3 out of 5 from me. The game adds new twists to a classic game with a live casino feel. Different bets mean different ways to play for different people.

Stats show how the game works, but they can't promise wins. Luck is a big part, making the game fun but not always predictable. The Nim Bet strategy is a good choice, with chances for wins and not too much risk. With these cool features, the Fan Tan table game scores a strong 4.3/5.

Play Fan Tan at Online Casinos

The good news is that Evolution is the best at making live dealer games worldwide. Many casinos with live games have their games, though not all will have everything they offer. But you can easily check if this game is there before you start.

You'll likely find this Evolution game in the lobby, and watch out for top live casino promotions that can give you more money to play with. It's smart to look around before you join a casino.

And here's a tip: I suggest you try Mirax Casino. It's a great place to play Fan Tan because it has lots of live dealer games and is safe for players. So, if you want to have fun predicting beads, check it out!

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